The Universit: Farm Guide and How to Collect All Plants

Farm at The Universim is the safest way to get food for your nuggets, but the seeds of the plants in the farm are scattered all over the planet, and they need to be collected. For all its simplicity, this task is not the easiest one.. In this guide, I am explaining, what all plants look like and where to find them, how to do it more conveniently and fastest, and also just explaining, how the farm works at The Universim


What is a Farm and how to open it?

The Universim Farm Is a building, with which you can get food for your nuggets. There are three ways to get food in the game: fishing, hunting and farm.

Fishing, like the farm, does not produce food in winter, but the fish in the lakes is gradually ending.

Hunting available all year round, but while hunting, your nuggets may be crippled.

Farm the safest, and most importantly: inexhaustible way to get food. The truth is for that, to profitably use this method, you need to collect plant seeds around the planet.

To open a farm you need to research "Farming" in the skill tree. After which the farm can be built and used.

How a farm works and what biomes affect?

On the farm nuggets grow the crop, which has three stages of growth: preparation of beds and planting of plants, culture growth and collection.

Moreover, the farm works most efficiently then, when you placed a plant on it, biome-appropriate, in which the farm is built.

You can re-select a plant at any time., but nuggets will plant a new one only after collecting the previous culture.

Biom, where your farm is located, can be seen during its construction:

Total at The Universim 5 biomes:

  • Plain
  • Forest
  • A rock
  • Desert
  • The mountains

Most plants “lives” in the forest and on the plain, there are two types of plants in the stone biome, in the desert alone, but nothing grows in the mountains.

Inappropriate biome penalties

You can plant any plants in any biome, but, if the biome does not match, in which the plant lives, the farm will start working much slower. In the download of the game you can see the information, that water will be required twice as much:

However, this is not true! In fact, the penalty will not only be on the water, but also in time, and the water will not go away in two, and in 4-5 times more, than usual. About that, that the plant does not fit the biome, warning exclamation mark:

Which biome is the most profitable to build a farm in?

It is most profitable to build a farm on the plain, there is also a medicinal herb. (devil's cabbage) and fruitful food (crystal crablock), plus a lot of space for construction.

Not a single medicinal herb grows in the forest.

Not a single edible grows in the desert. (only a deadly grain grows there)

The most fruitful plants grow on the stones, there are only two of them.: medicated cotton candy and dragon egg edible fruit, but it is not profitable to build there, because there is very little room for farms in the mountains.

Since nuggets do not need a variety of fruits at the moment, you can just build farms with the most fruitful plants. You can read about them in the corresponding section..

Plant species in The Universim and how many there are?
There are two types of plants in the game: food and herbs.

Food serves to feed nuggets, and from herbs they make medicines, which are needed to cure diseases.

Total in the game at the moment 10 plant species: 7 of which are edible, but 3 - medicinal.

Between themselves they are nothing, except for yield, they do not differ. Ie. no more nutritious or more medicinal plants. You can sort the plants in the list, where is the plant chosen for planting:

By the way, did you know, what even if you don't have a farm, nuggets will still harvest from nearby wild bushes?

The most fruiting edible plants at The Universim

The maximum yield of edible plants in the game is 24. And here are the plants that have this parameter:

  • Crystal Crablock (plane)
  • The fruit “Dragon egg” (a rock)
  • Life raspberry (Forest)

And in the desert there are no edible plants at all..

The most fruitful medicinal herb at The Universim

Herbs are used to prepare medicines at the pharmacy, they are not good for eating nuggets. There are three types of herbs in the game and they grow in different biomes:

  • Deadly grain (desert)
  • Cotton candy (a rock)
  • Devil's Cabbage (plane)

Most Fertile Herb - Sahranaya Vata. But in my opinion +2 the herbs are not worth it, because Vata grows on stones, and there it is very difficult to find a level place for a farm.

How to complete the seed quest and find all the plants in the Universim?
After that, how do you build a farm, only one plant species out of ten will be available to you (it seems, this is manbrough, aka HusbandFruit), and then the game will offer you to collect the remaining plant seeds yourself.

To do this, you need to look for bushes on the planet and drag the fruits to the farm using the "Telekinesis" skill:

It would seem that, what's so complicated?

  • Choose "Telekinesis"
  • You find a bush
  • Pluck the fruit
  • Take him to the farm
  • You throw it down
  • You repeat it 9 time

However, in practice, there are several nuances., which complicate everything:

  • Plant icons don't always match, what does the plant look like
  • The name of the fruit and the name of the bush are sometimes different
  • While looking for the right bush, spinning the planet, and then it is very difficult to find at least one farm in the game (and generally understand, which way is the city).

We will solve all this now!

1. Position the farm correctly!

Previously, you could find a farm using building filters, however, this method does not work now, because when you turn on the list of buildings, "Telekinesis" stops working and the fruit falls to the ground, becoming food. What to do?

Place one of the farms as close as possible to the Epicenter (aka "Settlement Center"), this location will help you not to get lost and as quickly as possible to find your farm on the map:

  • We take the fruit
  • Press the English "H"
  • The game takes us to the center of the settlement. And then it remains only to turn the head.

Done! You are gorgeous! And the farm, if she pisses you off in this place, after completing the quest, you can demolish.

2. Choosing the right time of year!

Best to look for plants to farm in the spring and summer. In autumn, they bear less fruit.. And in winter they don't grow at all.

3. We carefully look at the bush!

Kustik, we need, must be with fruit! it, sure, visually visible on the plant, but in some of them the fruits merge strongly with the leaves.

Remember: If you apply Telekinesis to a plant without fruit, it will just collapse and disappear. You need a plant with fruit!

You can see it not only visually, but also in the properties of the plant. There must be at least one in brackets next to the word "Food":

4. Making your search easier!

I will be as CEP-ohm as possible, if I say, what plants are best seen during the day. But that's not all. If it is easy to look for these bushes on the plain and in the desert, then the mountains and the forest can become even more test, to make it easier for yourself to find, use the skill "Rain Effect", then a drop icon will appear over the plants, and they will be easy to see even from a distance:

5. We use a piece of paper and a pen!

In order not to get confused about, have you already found a plant or not, write down their names on a piece of paper and tick the boxes. There are only ten of them, so it's not difficult. This is what the BUSTS are called, that grow on the planet, fruit name (on the farm itself) in the Russian version are different, all this can be seen in the section “ALL plants at The Universim”


  • Life raspberry
  • Panda Brain Plum
  • Juicy Acorn


  • Devil's Cabbage
  • МужаФрукт
  • Fruit Bloodthirst
  • Crystal Crabloco


  • Cotton candy
  • Fruit Dragon Egg


  • Deadly Seed

Plant screenshots, their names and characteristics can be found in the section below.

ALL plants in The Universim and what they look like

Here is a list of all the plants in the game with screenshots of one, how do they look. And at the bottom you can see their characteristics without biome penalties.


1. Life raspberry:

2. Panda Brain Plum:

3. Juicy Acorn:


4. Devil's Cabbage:

5. МужаФрукт:

6. Fruit Bloodthirst:

7. Crystal Crablock:


8. Cotton candy:

9. Fruit Dragon Egg


10. Deadly Seed:

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