Melvor Idle: Guide for beginners

Development guide, translated from ang wiki games. Here is only basic information on the game.



Interface divided into three parts.

Left menu

The panel on the left side of the screen is a menu, filled with sections. There are sections for each skill, a couple of information pages, your bank and settings page. If you click on the eye icon next to the Combat or Skills field, the list will be hidden / displayed. This window is scrolling.

Top panel

In the top bar, you can see, what page are you on. The potion and helmet icon on the right can be pressed, to view the currently selected potions or equipment. In the upper right corner, you can also see, are you currently signed in to Melvor Cloud . If you see the letter C in oblong green, means, you are logged in. If the oblong image is red, you are not logged in. You can find the login button in the Preferences window or by clicking on your username in the upper right corner.

Main window

The selected section opens in the main part of the screen.(skills, the fight, deckhouse, etc.).


The bank stores your belongings. You can improve, sell or equip your items, choosing them on the bank screen. Weapons and armor have characteristics, which can be viewed, first by selecting them in the Bank, and then choosing "View item statistics" in the menu that appears. The item statistics screen will display information about this item and compare its characteristics with any item, which is currently in the same slot. for example, if you have a pair of bronze gloves and are viewing item statistics for Iron gloves in your bank, next to the attack statistics of Iron Gloves will be green (+1), showing, that Iron Gloves offer a higher attack. compared with bronze gloves. Bank slots can be purchased at the store. You can sell your items on the menu, by clicking on an item in your inventory.


Score – here you can spend your hard earned gold. Here you can buy the best picks and axes, more bank slots, some skill ingredients and more.


On the settings page, players can change various game parameters, including notifications, automatic restart of dungeons, dark mode and save management. These options can be accessed from the left menu at the bottom. There are four categories of settings in the settings area. You can hover over the settings, for a more detailed description of their effects.

Using basic skills

One of the main aspects of the game is collecting resources using various mining skills, and then processing these resources into products with various production skills.

One of the simplest production lines – this is fishing and cooking. To get started, go to the "Fishing" section in the left menu. To start fishing, select fish, you want to catch, then click "Start Fishing". On the first level of fishing, you only have access to “raw shrimp”, so start with them.

After starting fishing, the window changes slightly. At the top of the window, you will notice, that the experience bar is slowly moving around the window, showing, what are you getting Fishing experience. The name of the selected fish is also displayed in the window., experience, which you earn for successfully catching fish, fish skill level and progress to the next skill level. When fishing raw shrimp you get +5 XP to your fishing skill level and +1 XP to your Raw Shrimp Mastery Level. On the left menu, you will also notice, that Fishing is now displayed in green, which indicates, that this skill is active.

Now, when did you catch the fish, it's time to cook it in the section Cooking. The cooking page has three parts. There is a drop-down menu on the left tile for choosing products, which you want to cook, only raw products from your bank will be displayed here. The right tile displays the Cooking Fire available to you. After that, how the fish is chosen and the fire is lit, you can click "Cook". note, what do you need logs, collected by skill Forest felling, to light the fire.

Autonomous progress(AFC)

Offline progress allows your game pump skills not running before 12 hours. If the game closes during an action, eg. mining copper ore, on return, the game will count, how long have you been away, and provide you with experience, subjects, skill experience and other miscellaneous things, which you would get, if the game was left running. Can be accessed through a browser or mobile application, to update afk timer.

Basic fight
To fight the monsters, go to the fight page, by choosing any combat skill in the left menu. The battle page contains three tabs, containing locations, where can you fight monsters, above the gear and combat statistics section. Select combat zones to view, assassin or dungeon areas, to open the menu, containing all relevant locations. When choosing a location, enemies are displayed, which can be redeemed in the Store.

Combat skills


Attack increases your accuracy rating for melee weapons, what affects your chance to deal damage. Higher levels of hand-to-hand combat require a higher attack.


Strength increases your max hit with melee weapons. Max. damage determines your maximum potential damage on a successful hit.


Defense increases your melee rating, ranged and magic evasion, which reduces the likelihood of melee hitting you, ranged and magical attacks. Higher tiers of some armor require higher protection.


Health affects the maximum number of lives and the rate of passive regeneration. After taking damage, you will slowly recover over time, speed, with which you are treated, depends on your health level. In addition to passive regeneration, your hit points can be replenished, consuming any food, which you equipped. Health EXP is earned, taking damage from enemies with weapons or spells.

distant battle

Ranged combat increases your accuracy skill and maximum damage of ranged weapons, what affects your chance to hit and damage the enemy. For higher levels of small arms, arrows and some armor require higher level equipment.


Magic allows you to cast spells from the spellbook provided, that you have the necessary runes and magic weapons in your bank. Magic skill is increased through the use of spells, increases damage and accuracy. Magic also increases your level of magic evasion of enemies. Higher levels of magic weapons and some armors require a higher Magic skill.


Prayers – these are passive bonuses, who spend prayer points, to stay active. You get prayer points, burying bones, that drop from monsters after death. Prayer experience is earned for damaging enemies and is further increased, if prayers are active while dealing damage.


Assassin EXP is earned by killing enemies in assassin areas or completing assassin missions. For Assassin missions you also get Assassin Coins, which are used to buy Assassin Equipment in the Shop. Assassin areas open up when you level up your Assassin.


Wood cutting
Forest felling – the best way to get wood for building fire and plumage. You can cut two trees at the same time, bought in the Store upgrade Multi-Tree for 1000000.

Cutting yew logs and magic trees for sale for GP – not a bad strategy for making money at the beginning of the game. It will bring you from 150 000 to 220 000 per hour with the Dragon Ax depending on your skill level of the tree. At the level 99 "Lumberjack" you can buy a woodcarving mask in the store, to increase the speed of working with wood and increase your profit.

Fishing – a good choice as the first skill for the first level and allows you to catch raw fish, which can be prepared for food. Treasure chests – these are special items, which can be found by chance while fishing, thieving fisherman or killing giant crabs. Treasure Chest will contain Fishing Amulet 1% time, which increases the base fishing speed by + 20%. Fishing – also the only way to get the Ancient Skill Ring, which gives a bonus + 8% experience for non-combat skills. Fishing for raw whales (fishing requires 95 level) – one of the most profitable money making strategies.

Lighting the fire
Ignite fire level increased, to unlock higher level cooking lights and create coal ore. Culinary lights – these are skill improvements, store-bought and used in Cooking for a Cooking Experience Bonus. You will only receive coal ore in 40% incidents due to log burning and other methods, such as coal mining, which are more efficient for coal mining. Firemaking Skillcape Grants Global XP Bonus + 5%, what is unlocked for purchase at the Firemaking level 99 Firemaking.

Lighting bonfires gives a bonus to the experience of lighting a fire only in an active state.

Cooking is used to turn raw fish into edible food. Cooking lights can be purchased at the store, and they can be unlocked, by increasing your skill of kindling a fire. Cooking Fires let you cook, without starting a fire by hand, and give an experience bonus to cooking.

The food is on fire 30% time before 50 skill level, when the food is on fire 1% time. Burnt food is inedible and can be sold at the bank. Cooking Gloves, which can be bought in the store, prevent food from burning when worn.

Mining – another good option for the first level. Mining is used to extract ore, rune essence and gems. The mastery level of each ore affects how, how many times can you get it, before it depletes and needs revival. The more valuable the ore, the longer the respawn time will be from 1 to 120 seconds. Everytime, when you mine ore, with probability 1% you will find a random gem in addition to your ore.

Mining with Gem Gloves – one of the most effective strategies for making money, available at the beginning of the game. Gem Gloves do not work when mining Rune Essence. On 99 At the Mining with Gem Gloves Mining Level and the Mining Skill, you can earn up to 500 000 per hour during downtime. When purchasing multiple gloves with gems, the charges are added.

blacksmith craft
Blacksmithing is used to turn ore into a weapon, armor, headless bolts, arrowheads and throwing weapons.

Armor, made by blacksmithing, are powerful, although the best armor in the game can only be obtained for killer coins in the store or by killing enemies.

Stealing allows you to steal GP and items. Thieves' gloves, sold in the Store, when put on give you + 10% to your stealing success. Theft – the only way to find the Chapeau Noir hat and, possibly, the best way to get seeds. At the level of theft 30 Farmer theft will be unlocked, and it will be the main target for early seed production. You will only gain experience on successful attempts to steal.

Skills (continuation)

You can farm and do other tasks at the same time, fertilization, planting and harvesting does not interrupt other skills. Farming – one of the most efficient ways to get food, which is used for healing in battle. Agriculture – also the only way to get herbs, used in making potions with Herblore.

Seeds, planted without fertilizer, have 50% a chance to give a crop after growing. To increase the chance higher 50%, you have to fertilize the seeds, using compost. Every compost, used for seed, increases his chance of survival by 10%, raising the compost level to 5 guarantees the survival of your crops. Compost must be used every time, when the seed is planted, so that it has an effect. Any culture, attained mastery level 50, will always survive without compost, and any culture, attained mastery level 70, or grass, attained mastery level 50, on average will give enough seeds, so that they can be transplanted constantly.

To start farming, you need seeds, 3 of which are required to grow one crop, 2 – for herbs and 1 – for trees. The Most Efficient Way to Harvest Seeds Early – get to the Thieves' level 30 Theft and Pickpocket from the Farmer. Seeds can also be found, killing enemies, such as Junior, Adult and Master Farmer, on farms, from bird nests, found during logging, and from the chests, obtained in dungeons. It is recommended to start pumping agriculture at an early stage, since the pumping process is quite active and takes a long time.

The plumage is used to make bows, bolts and arrows.

Plumage Magic Bows with Magic and Bowstring Logs is one of the most lucrative earning strategies, although this method requires a level 99 and woodworking fletching , to be most effective.

Craft used to make leather armor, rings and necklaces. Leather and hidden armor is used to increase the power of ranged attacks. Using crafts to turn ingots and gems into rings and amulets is less lucrative, than just selling raw materials.

Runes making
Runes making uses rune essence to create runes, which are used to cast magical spells using magic or making elemental potions using herbs. It is also used to make staves and magic armor..

Herblore is used to make potions. One potion has many charges and can be used in a potion slot, accessible to every skill, accessed in the upper right corner of the screen. After that, how the charges from one potion were used up, new can be used automatically, if the option "Automatic reuse of potion" was enabled in the settings menu. Bird's Nest Potions – a good example of that, how useful potions can be at the start of the game when leveling up the Lumberjack for extra seeds or GP.

Performing a skill action, you earn two types of experience; "Skill Experience", which increases your skill level, and "mastery experience", which increases the mastery level of the particular skill action being used. Mastery levels will give bonuses only for a specific action, for which they were earned, and they can be viewed, by selecting Mastery from the left menu. Each successful action of the skill usually brings 1 an experience point to the skill level of that action. for example, making an iron dagger with blacksmithing will bring 1 experience point to Iron Dagger Mastery.

Early Game Items and Equipment

Mastery Tokens
Mastery tokens are randomly dropped when gaining experience for non-combat skills, except Alt. Magic and can be used, demanding them at the bank. Upon receipt of a mastery token, the mastery pool for that skill will be filled by 0,1% from the maximum pool of experience.

Skill improvements
Skill upgrades in the shop increase speed, with which you can cut wood, fish and mine ore. Higher tier skill upgrades are unlocked by upgrading the corresponding skill and purchasing any lower tier upgrades already available.

When any skill reaches the maximum level 99, Skillcape will become available for purchase in the Store for Coins.svg 1,000,000. Skills often have very powerful effects, eg, give you a bonus coal ore for each mining action or double the production of potions.

Black hat
Chapo Noir has a chance 1 of 10000 be found on a successful pickpocket with Theft. Chapeau Noir gives you 10% chance to get double loot from Theft or Combat.

Gold ring with topaz
Golden Topaz Ring gives + 15% gold , when to defeat monsters. However, this ring has another special effect.: every monster, whom you conquer, and every skill action, which you are doing, has a very small chance of giving you half of the Aorpheats Signet Ring.

Golden Emerald Ring
Golden emerald ring gives + 7% combat experience. You can craft it with Level 50 Crafting or find, killed the Mummy – Combat level 29 – in Poluteni.

Amulet of plunder
Spider Chests have a chance to drop Amulet of Looting 4,55% , that can be obtained for completing the Spider Forest dungeon. This amulet allows you to use autoload, although you, most likely, can't grind the boss, who throws him, until the middle of the game, when you are strong enough.

Gloves with gems
Gloves with gems – it is the main product for making money, they can be bought in the store for 500000 pieces and you need to pay for them 2000 charges. After that, how all charges will be used by the Mining Ore and the gems found will be sold, expected, what do you get about 762000, what is 262000 profits from your 500000 shopping.

Improving armor

Some types of armor can be improved with silver ingots, gold bars and GP. A piece of armor must first be upgraded to (S) using Silver Bars and GP, before it can be improved to (G) using Gold Bars and GP. Once the armor is prefixed (G), it is fully updated and cannot be updated again. Low tier armor parts are relatively cheap to upgrade, so there is no lack of it.

Early Game Purpose

Skills at Melvor Idle often follow a natural order of development., you need mining, to get ore for Blacksmithing, allowing you to craft armor and weapons for combat. Decision, which skill to improve first, becomes more intuitive, if you understand, what items are needed for your chosen purpose. Usually players choose the Lumberjack level first., Mining or Fishing, because they are an excellent starting point for several development routes, and also have effective money making strategies associated with them.

If your goal is – prepare for battle, probably, need some equipment and food. You can find equipment, fighting monsters, however, he will slowly start the fight without any weapon or armor. Firstly, you need to mine some ore, to collect ore, as soon as you have some ore, you can go to blacksmithing, using freshly harvested ore to craft weapons and armor. Now, when you have basic armor and weapons, you can equip them from the bank and start fighting monsters.

Without food, you can only fight for short periods of time., before you have to wait, until your health is restored naturally. Food allows you to heal during combat, so you can keep fighting without interruption. You can get food through cooking, which requires fishing and some felling, or through Agriculture, which requires seeds, obtained by stealing at the beginning of the game. To use Cooking for food, you will need to do some fishing, to catch raw fish, then cut some logs with Woodcutting, to light the fire with Cooking, to turn raw fish into edible food.

Now you have food, which you can equip from the bank, and along with other equipment you are properly prepared for battle.

Getting pets

Pets by skill:

There is a pet for every skill in the game. There is a chance to get a pet with any skill action, calculated by the formula:

Boss Pets:

Everytime, when the player completes the dungeon, he has a chance to get a boss pet for this dungeon. The chance of getting a pet depends on the dungeon:

For lower-level dungeons, the Chicken Coop up to the Dragon's Lair, a chance to get a pet – 1 to 350.
Pet chance for Volcanic Cave and Hellish Citadel – 1 of 200
For Dungeons of the Gods, the chance to get a pet is 1 to 150.
For Into The Mist And The Approaching Darkness, the chance to get pets is not accidental. Instead, the player is guaranteed to unlock the pet after completing the dungeon five times., while Looming Dark Event Pet is guaranteed after a one-time completion.

Other pets:

There are several pets, which do not fall into other categories:

Golden Golbin – this is a guaranteed lunge after, how Golbin's total kills reach 42 069. Both hand-to-hand combat (monster) .svg Golbin to Golbin Village (CombatArea) .svg Golbin Village and all the Golbin in the Golbin raid .
Ty (pet).svg Ty throws himself every time, when an action is performed, which rewards Mastery.svg Mastery xp, chance to get the same, just like skill pets.
Mark (pet) .svg mark is obtained, when the player reaches the maximum level 4 in each of the draft ratings .
Perry (pet) .svg Peri drops with a chance 1 of 7500 for each killed monster Dangerous peaks (CombatArea) .svg Dangerous peaks.
Otto (pet) .svg Eight drops with a chance 1 of 7500 for each killed monster Dark Waters (CombatArea) .svg dark waters.
Deer Ripper (pet) .svg Ripper Deer was available as part of the Christmas event 2020 years and currently unavailable. The Ripper is not required to achieve 100% completeness of the pet.
Giraffe Jerry (pet) .svg Giraffe Jerry and Platypus Preston (pet) .svg Preston the Platypus can be bought at the Golbin Raid store . Neither that, neither is required to achieve 100% pet completion.


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