Terraria: About the update 1.4.3

Complete update information 1.4.3


New content and changes.

Added seed Constant and The Constant
Now you can play with shaders and lighting from Don’t Starve game.
Walking in the dark, now dangerous to health.
Torches and bonfires can no longer be restored if they are extinguished by rain.
Players must eat, otherwise they will be overcome by hunger and die.
Added some features from Don’t Starve generation, such as surface marble and surface spider nests.
Added Boss Deer. Is a mid-end do-it-yourself boss.
Added background clouds, as characters from Don’t Starve.
Added some emotes from Don’t Starve.
Links to Terraria sites have now appeared in the main menu.
For the seeds mentioned earlier, changed the picture in the world selection menu, to make searching easier.


Added new pets from the Don’t Starve universe:

Teddy bear that follows the player. Can be bought from the Princess for 25 gold.


Follows the player. Can be summoned with Monster Meat, which drops from corruption / crimzone monsters with a chance 0.1% (using the previously mentioned seeds 0.5%)

Chest with legs(those who play Don’t Starve, write what it is called).

Can be summoned with the eye bone. Eyebone drops from Deer with a chance 33%. The chest is an improved version of the piggy bank, as it always follows the player.

Little deer.

Follows the player. Can be summoned with the Deer Eyeball. Eyeball drops with a chance 25% from a deer only in Master fashion.

Weapons from the Don’t Starve universe:
Ham bat.

The weapon of the beginning of hardmode. Dropped by a Pygron with a chance of 4%(with the aforementioned seed 10%). Best Enchantment Legendary. Applies 50 melee damage. Has high knockback and very fast attack speed.

Abigail flower.

Is a pre-modern draft weapon, who summons a ghost minion(Abigail). Abigail attacks by flying over enemies and making flashes above them. Like other minions, Abigail can fly through walls. Like the Stardust Dragon, Abigail can be summoned of everything 1 time, and each subsequent use, will increase damage. Can be found as an unusual flower in a cemetery. It has 6 draft damage, very weak knockback, very slow speed of use and wastes 9 mana per use.

Bat bat.

Dohard melee weapon. Drops from the Bat with a chance of 0.4%(1% with seed). Applies 18 damage, strong knockback and high attack speed.

Spiked Tentacle.

Dohard melee weapon. Drops from corruption / crimzone mobs with a chance 0.19%(with seed 1%). Applies 19 damage, has fast speed and fast attack.

Willson & Willow Costumes

Just Makeup Suits. Created from 20 silk for 1 part of costume.

Cosmetic hats and accessories

Just hair with flowers :3

Magiluminescence(too difficult to translate)

Accessory that increases movement speed, acceleration and deceleration on 20%. When used in conjunction with Hermes boots or similar, a glow aura appears around the player. Made from 12 crimtan / demonite ingots and 5 topaz.

New food
Frog sandwich

Crafted from 2 frogs in the cauldron. Strongly increases all stats. Act 8 minutes.

Monster Climbing

Made from 8 vertebrae / rotten flesh in the cauldron. Increases all stats moderately. Active 8 minutes.

New boss Deer

The whole drop has already been written like.

4 new paintings associated with Don’t Starve.

Paintings and paintings, what else to say.

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