FIGHT KNIGHT: Walkthrough Tips

I noticed that some people have problems with the complexity of the game., so I decided to write some tips to make life a little easier for them.

Defense (or how not to get in the face from the skeleton)

Battles with enemies take place in an endless corridor with a width of 2 cells. At the moment of the attack, the enemies are aimed at the cell, on which our knight is at the moment, therefore, you can dodge the attack by going to another line or back, AFTER the enemy starts the attack animation. You can dodge endlessly and anywhere, there is no wall behind and never will be, and dodges themselves do not add any cooldown to attacks – you can keep hitting right away.

However, for some enemies, attacks can hit an area or pierce the entire line, so dodging doesn't always help. In such cases, you can use the block, either parry. To parry, you just need to block, hitting a small time window just before taking damage (the parry window lasts about the same, how long does the animation go from the edges of the screen to the middle). In short, pressed the block right before the attack – paired. Parry completely removes attack damage and stuns some enemies. However, some attacks cannot be paired., usually in such situations you need to dodge.

Meanwhile, the block REDUCES damage, but doesn't take it away. However, you shouldn't neglect the block anyway., if you are tightly pressed and you do not have time to react to everything – better block and retreat, even if you get hit, then you will lose much less health than you could.

Attack (or how to kick the skeleton in the face)

so, we have three buttons to deal damage – hit, auto attack and special move (ака Specialty/Special, I will call him hurried). Attacks themselves are completely customizable when using different types of gloves, however the fundamentals and governance remain roughly the same, therefore, I will consider control using the example of our knight's Orthodox starting gloves.

Hit button (by default space on keyboard or A on gamepad) – our main button is beating everyone in the face. Briefly press the blow – make an easy attack, if you poke a button a lot – let's make a lot of light attacks. However, lest you ruin your controller from hard fiddling with buttons (although you still have time to do it using some specials) there is an auto attack button, holding which our knight will independently quickly beat opponents with light attacks.

Auto Attack replaces Quickly Plugging the Hit Button, however, she does nothing else. Meanwhile, the hit button in the right combination allows us to use a wide variety of attacks., namely:

If you hold down the hit button, then our knight will make a heavy attack. The longer we hold the button – the more painful the blow and the further our enemy will fly away. By the way, if you launch one enemy into another, then the second will also take damage.

If you press the hit button after moving in a certain direction, then we get directed attacks:

Blow after step to the side – dodge hook. Not very strong, but fast, and also launches weak enemies into the wall (although it is not particularly noticeable that it does damage). It should be noted that while testing this attack when writing a guide, I learned that you can dodge right into the wall (and dodging works while deflecting the camera). So after dodging into the wall, we send the enemy in the opposite direction, and the hook also becomes noticeably stronger.

Blow after step back – uppercut. Works exactly the same as Heavy Attack., charge as much as you need and hit. Right before the blow, the knight takes a step forward, so the uppercut hits one square further.

After pressing the forward button twice (or after a step back, and then forward) knight raises his fist, and when you press the attack, you can make a blow from above. Does more damage than hook, useful when chasing distant enemies.

And the last attack – this is an attack after a parry. Just hold down the attack button immediately after parrying and the knight makes a criss-cross with his hands.. The damage is about the same as the blow from above.

Finally, I will note, that all of the above applies only to the FIRST (starting) gloves. The technique changes with different gloves., new ones appear and some are missing, however, the combinations are almost always the same. So try, experiment, and read what the blacksmith tells you when you equip new gloves. He fully describes their abilities..

Hurry up (or how to gracefully kick a skeleton in the face)

Specials window opens, suddenly, hurried to the button. In it, the game gives us a small timer to select the desired technique and slows down the time while we choose. At the end of the timer (or by pressing the button again, hurried) the technique itself is actually used. Shortly speaking: pressed the button in a hurry, aimed at the desired reception, pressed the button hurried again – and welcome comes into play.

During the most hurried, our knight is invulnerable, therefore, a quite adequate strategy is to leave long specials (например STAR-EYED SPECIAL) on especially steamy attacks to use invulnerability to avoid damage.

The bar for using the hurry fills up when you deal damage (damage from the specials themselves does not count) or when parrying.

As for the specials themselves, I will write down further under the spoilers what and how separately for each technique. Now I will just say that everyone was in a hurry to be and there are no frankly bad or useless among them, application can be found for everyone and for everyone there is a time and a situation.

Study (or how to find new ways to kick a skeleton in the face)

Passing the floors of the tower, we will periodically be greeted by so-called random eknounters, that is, random squads of monsters. The floors themselves are typical dungeons. – mazes, puzzles, npsy and angry.

My top tip for research – do not rush and do not take risks. If you are not sure that you will survive the following 1-2 contractions – better go back to town and save, refuel with heals. Your progress on the floor will not disappear anywhere, and it's better to spend one minute to play safe, than dying and losing ten or more minutes to get back. After passing the second floor, this process will accelerate (the cannon will open, from which you can immediately launch yourself onto the stairs between floors), and the slots for potions will increase, so you don't have to run back so often.

About loot, if you don't want to miss anything – on each floor lie:
One Potion Kid
One recipe for the Captain Cook (except for the fourth floor, it has two recipes)
One set of armor (except for the first floor)
One Broken Night Guard (except the last floor)

Well and periodically scattered hilki, so that you even less have to go back to the city.

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