Chill Corner: 100% Achievements

We complete the game one hundred percent…


It will take a day to complete the game. It is not necessary to buy dlc for this.

Choosing a weather

Select the weather with the buttons on the right.

Sunny Day
Choosing sunny weather

Choosing sunny weather

Snowy Day
Choosing swnovy weather

Choosing snowy weather

Rainy Day
Choosing rain weather

Choosing rainy weather

New Room
Changing to another room

Go to the settings and change the room to a new one.

Choosing to next or previous track

In the player, select the previous or next track

Choosing a pet

Choose a free cat from the menu, and at the same time a pose for him.

Five Minutes
Chilling in 5 minutes

We spend in the game 5 minutes.

Creating a todo task

Create a new task

Breaking Time
Choosing to pause your activity

We pause at work (rest)

Favourite Track
Choosing to loop your faviroutite track

Looping our favorite music track.

Choosing to shuffle play an album

Choosing a random order of music playback.

Feediing a pet

When the food icon appears above the pet, push it and feed the animal.


Unlock a decorator

We accumulate the necessary number of minutes of relaxation and unblock 1 unlock in the menu.

Place a decorator

We place the purchased piece of furniture in our room.

My Album
Creating your custom album

Create your own music album.

Thirty Minutes
Chilling in 30 minutes

Cigarettes 30 minutes in the game.

My Own Room
Decorating your custom room

We go into an empty room and put any decor item (like a bed)

Green Room
Placing a tree or tree pot

Placing greens in the room.

One Hour
Chilling in one hour

Cigarettes 1 hour in the game.

Placing a christmas tree

We buy and install a Christmas tree.

Perfect Collector
unlock all decorators

Unlock all decor unlocks.

Three Hour
Studying or working for 3 hour

Select "Work" or "Study" as the activity. After you swipe in this mode 3 o'clock, the achievement is unlocked.

Hard Working
Spending more than 24 hour in Chill Corner

Spend more than 24 hours.

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