Heaven Dust 2: Lock codes, a few secrets and a couple of useful tips.

Lock codes, doors and some tips for passing. With time, the guide will be supplemented. Knock out achievements yourself)))
Many thanks to everyone, who unsubscribes in the comments, thanks to you, this guide turns into a real guide, not random notes, made on that occasion, if you want to replay the game in a couple of years.
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1. Lookout code.

You need to put film C into the projector and count, Attention, NUMBER items, which are shown in the photos – Chairs, generators, tables and statues.

Password 2182

2. Opening the gate to the cemetery.

The cemetery will have the same gate, like in the new building of the research institute, which you need to indicate a certain combination of characters. But the clues, where to get these symbols – not. Or is there?
Pay attention to the columns at the entrance:

We repeat what we saw:

3. We get a cool shotgun

The local weapons development department was engaged in some bullshit development, surprisingly, weapons. You can find it in parts and assemble. This is done as follows:

PART B is on the shooting range. It's simple. Use a sniper scope on your pistol, shoot the third target – get shotgun part.
I managed to shoot the third target like this: need to stand in the middle, between the fences. Hold and do not let go of the sight (I played with the gamepad) and don't fuss, and wait, while the third target goes. The pistol with optics converges on the target's head before, how will she almost leave, there will be a window for about a second per shot.
Do not rush, do not twitch and you will succeed.

PART A harder to find. After that, How do you solve the puzzle with lasers and statues with metal shields and open the gate, pay attention to the passage, marked in screenshot.

Yes, he is there. Following a rather long path, you will find yourself in a small courtyard, where will you find the second part of the really cool – a rather dubious shotgun and, when you return there later with a shovel… however, more on that later

4. Small keys

1 key.
After you have selected the two parts of the lecture notes, you will be able to use it, walking up to the lecterns with a microphone in the park, to push speech. Doing this in a pulpit near a projector in the park, you will get the first key.

2 key.
After a ride on a trolley and shooting a giant worm, you will arrive at some technical rooms. Van needs to go to the room indicated on the map.

The key you are looking for will be quietly waiting for you in your suitcase

3 Key.

After defeating the boss “Blue guy” go to the stove LEFT, the key will be inside.

4 key.

A little higher, I wrote about getting spare parts for a cool Not really shotgun.

When you get a shovel, return to the same part of the park, see the grave. Dig it up and get the final key you are looking for..
P.S. Thank you _KraiPPK_ per comment, reminded me that there are still four keys, not three)))

5. For speedruners, fools and lazy – all codes in the game.

1. Cryochamber code at the beginning of the game – written on the back of Steve – 518

2. After the room with three small statues, there will be a fountain, and near the fountain there is a door with a combination lock. Ideally, you want to find a round plate., insert it into the fountain, count the number of bursts, but kind i just leave you the code – 645

3. Above in the guide, I already showed where to look at the solution to the riddle in the cemetery.. There is a similar puzzle on the second floor of the new research institute building.. Decision:
Sheet top left
Feather top right
Fishtail bottom left
Fire at the bottom right
Thanks for the screenshot Qresurge

4. A box with a combination lock near the billiard table on 2 floor – 8617

5. Lookout code – look 2 guide point. Or don't look, code – 2182

6. The code from the box near the house of the cemetery watchman – 0147

7. The code from the drawer in the billiard room in the old building of the research institute – 5186

8. Pool code – 1991.

9. Code on the board in the aisle to the left after the spotlight puzzle. 2013 – code from the lock in the hallway on 2 floor. 2617 – code from one more lock.

10. 2891 – code from a chest with an extremely important quest item. The chest is in the room, into which you are prevented from passing by two statues of angels (I'm too lazy to do a skin shot)

11. The code from the second fountain with a round hole – 326

12. prompt, how to arrange statues in a cemetery (Thanks again for the screenshot Qresurge) :

6. How not to miss a good ending.

To get a good ending, you need to do so, to keep this lady alive.

To do this, you must bring her the security key BEFORE, how will you bring the prosthesis to Alexander (or even earlier).
It remains to find the key. Find it easy, if you read the notes carefully.
After finding the key with a fish tail, we go down to the basement to Ket and open the previously locked door. In the next room we pull the lever and let the fog into the room.

Filigree bypass the lasers and find ourselves in a laboratory with cameras in which many zombies and a cryocapsule are locked, in which the zombie lies, not reacting to you in any way. That's just the thing to throw at him with an electric grenade (lying there) and get the necessary key from the monster.

If you miss the time, then coming to jail, you won't find a girl in her, and when you open the door with the security key, you will sadly understand, that she became a zombie and you won't get a good ending, like me on my first playthrough.

7. We get a cool magnum.

I do not know, why is he called in the game “army”, magnum he is magnum. It consists of two parts, as well as a shotgun.

1 part is behind the fourth door, openable with a small key. How to get these snide keys, written above.

2 part I didn’t find it myself in the comments to the manual (thank you so much for that Damin72) they wrote to me the following:
“There is a room between the saws in the catacombs. It also shows how to rotate all the statues.. If you do it, then in the fountain, whose body is gnawed by zombies, a drawer with a part will open.”

Thank you very much for the screenshot. Qresurge)

8. I make a sound.

If you played the game before 3:30 in the morning, and the next day we decided to play it, but in the main menu suddenly heard the sound of an explosion and hiss instead of sounds – dont be upset, game broke, but not completely. Just go to the settings and drag the volume slider left-right. The sound should be back to normal.

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