Super Meat Boy Forever: 100% achievements

Story achievements
Machine Puncher – beat Big Slugger

Brain Puncher – defeat the Manipulator

Door Puncher – Defeat the Lab Guard

Mean Guy Puncher – defeat Doctor Fetus

God Puncher – defeat the Omega Alpha

Second time’s a charm – complete the New Game +. Selectable on save screen


The key to it all - pick up a dummy. Local analogue of plasters, required to unlock new characters.

Total in the game 90 pacifiers. To collect all, you need to complete the game 3 times from one save - New game, New Game + and New Game ++, by 30 for every playthrough. (by 6 for each chapter)
Since the game has a seed system, pacifiers will always be scattered across the levels of the light and dark world, so collecting them can sometimes be easier / harder.
there is 3 type of pacifiers:
Blue-just take and run to the next segment

Pink-have a timer to disappear

Green-teleport to another part of the segment, to collect you need to pick up 2-3 times, depending on the level.
Example. Picking up a pacifier will move it in the direction of the arrow:

Punch Drunk- Score 1000 opponents. Just push the buttons. For the first playthrough, it will certainly open

Looks familiar - find the warp zone. Its location on a segment of the level is accompanied by screen glitches, music and freezing at the entrance, do not be alarmed 🙂

Similar yet legally distinct - Complete all Warp Zones

Characters (edit)
Unlocking characters requires several conditions, one of which is collecting dummies + additional secret condition

Characters for Collecting Dummies:

2014 - Discover the Protitip-boy from the build 2014 of the year.
Just collect 3 pacifiers

Not a real doctor - open Fetal Doctor for 31 dummy.
Collect all 30 pacifiers in the first playthrough, go to NI + and collect another one

A race against Time - open Brownie.
Requirement-collect 50 pacifiers. As the Meat Ninja, a chance encounter will occur in the fifth world with Brownie and a remake of the race from the original, where do you need to win.

For the vegans - open Tofu Boya.
Requirement-collect 60 pacifiers.
There is a random chance, that at the beginning of the level your hero can turn into Tofu Boya, all you have to do is pass the level. TB runs slowly, jumps poorly and needs a break at each wall.

Warp Zone Characters:

I remember you - open the Classic Meat Kid and the Wench Band-Aid.
Find a warp zone in the first world, select in advance MP or PD on the character selection screen and go to the warp zone, the character will take on the appropriate appearance.
Beat the warp, typed 43000 glasses.

Insurance Fraud - open the Classic Fetus Doctor. Do the same, but playing as Doctor Fetus

Green Screen Hero - unlock the most damned hero in the game Meatsona.
Requirement-collect 6 pacifiers. In the second warp zone, defeat all three worms in a row.

We have a new champion! - open Lil Meat.
Requirement-collect 9 pacifiers. In the third warp zone, hit your opponent at least once during his charge and defeat.

Pink Bomber - open the Mega-Patch.
Requirement-collect 12 pacifiers. Beat the fourth warp zone.

What even is this game? - open F-Meat.
Requirement-collect 15 pacifiers. The hardest warp zone hero. It is necessary to break the race record, after driving in the opposite direction. Do a double turn right from the start, it usually takes 2 seconds. Now you are required to have a clear knowledge of the track and skill of turns, accelerators can be used, even though they point in the opposite direction.

NI + and NI ++

S has come to - open Belka.
(NO +) Requirement-collect 35 pacifiers. It is necessary to get an S grade in each light level - meet the given time and not die.

Afraid no more - open the Manipulator.
(NO +) Requirement-collect 40 pacifiers. I play for Squirrel, defeat the Manipulator.

Relationship Goals - discover the Meat Boy duo and the Wench Band-Aid.
(NO ++) Collect ALL 90 pacifiers and complete all levels of the dark world on S

Endgame Chapter Six
After completing the story, you will be presented with the sixth additional chapter 0xDEADBEEF, which also contains 6 levels, but you have yet to unlock them.

1. The first 5 levels are opened for passing warp zones
2. Complete these levels and the sixth will open for you.

Buffer Overrun – go through the whole chapter

Page Fault – complete the chapter without death, die-start from the first level

There is no dark world in this chapter

Immortal Walkthrough
As in the original, there are achievements, demanding to go through the world (light or dark) no death:

If you die, start from the first level

Chipper Grove




Other Side

Golden God!

  • Unlock all characters
  • Collect all the pacifiers

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