Enter the Gungeon: 100% Passing achievements

Detailed and simple description of achievements and how to get them!!! As well as awards in the game for completing achievements!!! In Russian


EVERYTHING is simple and clear!!!

Armsman Acolyte
Take training
Reward: Horohostrel

I knew, that someone will do it
Push the table into the hole
Reward: Table technology rocket

The thickest wallet
Dial 300 sleeves
Reward: One crown

Roll over a frozen enemy

To spend 100 Hegemony credits

Lord of the pit
Kill 100 enemies dropping them into pits
Reward: Pit Lord Amulet

Sworn at Arms
Kill Blocker
Reward: Traitor's Shield, Token

Experienced debater
Win a bet with the Archer King 5 time

Cartographer's assistant
Draw up maps of five halls for a lost traveler
Reward: Escaliber

Sly shot
3 win the Winchester dash once
Reward: Seven-flowered flower

Strange story
Complete the trial of Freifle and the Gray Mauser

Deliver Golem's Spare Hand
Reward: Clone

Not just a box
Shoot the impersonator before he attacks the player
Reward: Book “Anatomy of chests”

Rage mode
Flip 500 tables

Ruined day
Kill the boss, covered in glitter
One of the shots from the Mailbox covers the enemy with glitter. If you shine the boss, and then defeat him, then the player will receive the Bad Day achievement.

Way down
Open a shortcut to the Second Floor
Reward: Shoe boots

Open a shortcut to the Third Floor
Reward: Р2Г2

Lower and lower
Open a shortcut to the Fourth Floor
Reward: Engine

Last stop
Open a shortcut to the Fifth Floor
Reward: AK-47 and Boss Throw

Behind bars
Enter the Secret Cellar
Reward: Flame cannon

Respect for the dead
Get to the Abbey
Reward: Bloody brooch

Lion jump
Fall into the abyss on the way to the Cannon, killing the past

Enter the Black Market

Great Halls
Bring all possible characters into the Gap

Kill 100 enemies, sitting on a miner's cart

Lord of the beast
Complete the game in Beast Mode
Reward: Bait thrower

Forest lord
Steal 10 items
Reward: Skeleton Key

Money pit
Kill 100 enemies with abandoned candelabra

Time paradox
Die in the past

Kill High Gunsnake
Reward: Drakopushka, Shotgun Soul

Create Bullet, killing the past
Reward: Alpha patron, Omega Cartridges

Double punishment
Kill the past Outlaw
Reward: Briefcase with money, The photo, infuriating

Dangerous hunt
Kill the Huntress's past
Reward: Wolf, Dog

Squad leader
Kill the Paratrooper's past
Reward: Galactic Medal of Courage, Military training

Kill the Pilot's past
Reward: Slave, Disarming Personality

Kill the past of the four main gunsmiths
Reward: Unlocks access to the Patron Hell, Slippery Hydra

Destroyer of fortresses
Clear Ground Floor 50 time
Reward: Brick Breaker

Gunslinger Diver
Clear Second Floor 40 time
Reward: Staff of firepower

Mine Master
Clear Third Floor 30 time
Reward: Mining cutter

Clear Fourth Floor 20 time
Reward: Polaris

Clear Fifth Floor 10 time
Reward: Cobalt hammer, Ancient Hero's Bandana

Open Robot

The case is in the sleeve
Open Bullet

Weapon Master
Kill the Lich
Reward: Weapon plan, Lead sieve

Kill the jammed boss
Reward: Sixth hall

Gun play
Complete the game with the blessing.
Reward: Gunther

Dial 10 curses

Lead God
Collect five Master Cartridges for 1 time
Reward: Very hot hours

Complete the game in Challenge Mode
Reward: Chaotic bullets

Defeat the Robot's past
Reward: Left Arm of the Robot, Teleporter box.

Cannon Hero
Defeat Bullet's past
Reward: Whistle-bird

Defeat Resourceful Rat
Reward: Sharpie Rat Ring

Fast dog
Complete Turbo Mode
Reward: Crisis stone

Advanced Assassin
Kill 3 High Gunsnake phase
Reward: Leaky grail

For the plot
Get all other achievements
(PS4 only)

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