Enter the Gungeon: How to get cursed? All about the curse

In this guide, we will learn how to get cursed.. You will learn about all the advantages and disadvantages.



  • After receiving the curse, the game will become even more difficult, the main side effect of this stat is cursed enemies. Such enemies have in 3 times more
    health, move and shoot faster and deal damage in 1 health container.
  • If the enemy has not previously dealt damage with their attacks (e.g. Chicken), then its cursed version will do half heart damage.
  • Upon receipt 7 curse units cursed Bosses begin to appear, their mechanics will not change, but the attacks will get stronger. Moreover, their health increases by the formula: (base health * 1.2 + 100). After killing the cursed boss, the Sixth Hall opens.
  • The curse increases the chance of spawning a chest with a wick on 5% for each unit of curse.
  • The curse reduces the chance of receiving a reward for cleaning a room by 1% for each unit of curse.
  • The game does not display the level of curse in any way, what can play a cruel joke. The thing is, what after receiving 10 curse level, the Lord of the Jammed will appear. He will not stop until he kills the squire. You can only get rid of it by removing the curse..
  • The chance of imitators spawning instead of chests on 2,1% for each unit of curse, allowing you to save keys for other chests or trade with Flint.
  • Killing Cursed Enemies is double-paid with shell casings.
  • Slain Cursed Patron Key drops 2 key instead of one. Cursed Luck's Patron will also drop two items instead of one.
  • You can freely enter the Black Market, even if the dealer doesn't have 100 sleeves. Requires at least 1 curse level.
  • With the Sixth Hall, increasing the Curse Level increases the Toughness by 2 for each unit of curse.
  • When Cursed Bullets are present, increasing the Curse Level increases the damage by 10% for each unit of curse.
  • Increases the chance of getting a box of ammo for 5% for each unit of curse.
How to get a:
  • Interaction with the Temple of the Old Shooter at the very beginning of the race. Curse level becomes equal 9.
  • Get cursed weapons and items, since some of them are cursed initially.
  • Shoplifting gives 1 unit of curse.
  • Buying things from Curlyatella gives 2,5 curse units.
  • Using the Temple of Gilzebub gives 3,5 curse units.
  • Using the Temple of Puffed Up Bullet grants 1,5 curse units.
  • Using the Temple of Icosaedrax can increase the curse level by 5 units.
  • Changing weapons at the Witches increases the curse by 2 units.
  • Using the Mirror increases the curse by 3,5 units.
  • A conversation with a deceased police officer increases the curse by 2 units.
  • Using Spice increases the curse by 0,5 for the first use and for 1 for each subsequent.
  • Transformation into Cormorant increases the curse by 3 units.
  • The effect of the Cursed Urn gives 1 unit of curse.
  • Raising an item, from the Complaints Song.
  • Getting Cursed by Using Complaints Song.
How to clear a curse:
  • Using the Fountain of Purification nullifies the curse for the casings.
  • Using the Temple of Icosaedrax can lower the curse level.
  • Throw away cursed item or weapon.
  • If you lower the curse level below 10, when the Squirer is pursued by the Overlord
  • Jammed, then he will still chase the squirer to the end of the current floor. At the beginning of the next he will not appear.
  • Some enemies and bosses have cursed attacks, and regardless of whether, has the squirer a curse or not. These include:
  • Imitator. During “awakening” the simulator fires one damn bullet, which, upon collision with a wall or during a long flight, splits into several ordinary.
  • Pumia. She summons a cursed enemy, resembling a huge expense. He throws a lot of damn bullets around him.
  • Phantom Weapon Maniac. He fires a wave of ordinary bullets and one huge damn, which when hitting a wall “splits” for a few ordinary.
  • Old king. This boss fires a ring of cursed bullets, which is chasing the gunslinger. Also in one of the other attacks, fires a circle of cursed bullets from itself.
  • Assassin Pillars. One of the Stolbov attacks is, that they spawn many common bullets and 4 a number of damned, forming a rotating cross. At regular intervals, they will release a ring of cursed bullets around them., which must be avoided by rolling.
  • The Conjurer and the Conjurer are able to temporarily curse all enemies in the room.. The curse is canceled if they take damage, die or start to run away.
  • One of the Lichs in the past Archer is always cursed.
  • At the Abbey of the True Cannon, Damned enemies always appear in Cartridge Hell and Forge, regardless of, whether the curse is a squire or not.
  • Silver Bullets increase Damage against Cursed Enemies by 225% (Some weapons have before 487,5%).
  • The Cursed Chamberlain is featured in the Level 5 Steam Icon.
  • If you deflect damn bullets with Casey, Eye of the Roller or Sword Cannon, they will become common. However, the attacks of the Phantom Weapon Maniac and Imitator will still split into multiple bullets..
  • If you hit a cursed enemy with a Hell Blaster, then the enemy will become common.

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