Empyrion Galactic Survival: Characteristics and statistics

Little (for now) boring, but useful figures in tables and considerations on them, to make it easier to choose a useful thing from a variety of others


Guns and turrets

Table with the main characteristics of the armament of the structures.
Later I will add a reload time to clarify the damage / time.


  • Turrets outperform coursework weapons by damage and range of fire. It makes sense to put coursework only to save space and / or “entourage”.
  • Machine guns lose only to heavy guns on BS and BA, being more powerful damage per second, than everyone else. They are the best choice in terms of damage / cost ratio and, perhaps, the best choice for close range. Of the shortcomings, only the minimum radius and some spread. Cheap and angry!
  • Lasers are the best choice for fighters to replace machine guns, however, they are slightly inferior to them on large structures. Expensive-rich!
  • Large caliber guns 30 mm it only makes sense to put for shooting infantry due to sufficient damage for them, high accuracy and sufficient distance. For drones, and even more so for structures, they work noticeably worse.
  • anti-aircraft guns – I don't know why they. Damage/sec sucks, shells are relatively expensive. The only plus is the distance., splash and, possibly, accuracy. Generally, lose guided missiles.
  • guided missiles are not the cheapest. but, not a single supporter of protecting his ship with the help of maneuvering will argue, that these vile rocket launchers are almost all attempts to maneuver nullify. Ideal weapon against maneuverable targets
  • unguided missiles these are the brothers of the anti-aircraft gun on a small grid. Are mandatory for an attack aircraft, but useless for the interceptor. Purpose – break large structures.
  • Plasmatop weapons to suppress large structures. Limitedly applicable against low-maneuverable small targets.
  • Artillery – for big vs big. Max Damage. No one else has this. On hovering ships, they are only applicable for firing turrets at bases, because they lose to plasma in terms of damage per second.

Armor-piercing hand weapons

Here I compare manufactured weapons in terms of effectiveness for destruction “strong” blocks, that cannot be damaged by conventional weapons. (Concrete, but, can be damaged by conventional weapons, but, due to its strength it should also be considered)
Epic weapon me too for now I don't consider, because. it is too rare.

  • Explosives (S4) – has the most damage and splash, however, the high cost makes it unprofitable.
  • Rocket launcher (uncontrollable) – the least damage, average price. Not much better than conventional explosives, but can be applied, if there are many missiles (from somewhere), but no plasma yet, but you have to blow it up “Here and now”.
  • Plasma Cannon – large hand bobbins. Damage sufficient, production cost tolerable. Of the shortcomings – requires high level resources. The most optimal damage / price ratio.

crop production

Table of characteristics of sprouts.

It's simple – the higher the yield, all the better!

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