The Elder Scrolls Arena: Maps and other tips

I present to your attention maps of all story levels + game tips.


What will I see here?

In this guide, maps of all story dungeons will be laid out + game tips. This guide will be gradually updated, although, in truth, I am categorically against this approach of gradual creation of leadership, laying it out initially empty. This is done in connection with, what I do not know, how many people will need this information, since in the first two parts either notorious old farts will go, or ardent fans of the series => try on the guide, which may be useless, I do not see the point.
So I look forward to your comments on this.! If anyone even comes here…
(So far no screenshots, but this is fixable)

Briefly about character creation and skills

In the first two parts of TES, it is extremely important to decide on the race, class and characteristics of the character, because it depends, will you suffer for hours or will you complete each dungeon in a maximum of 20 minutes.
P. S. I will make a reservation, that I may be wrong about some things or not know something.
Let's start…

Warrior, mage or thief?
A very important choice, which can spoil your whole experience of the game. I will describe each class from my personal experience.:

  • Military classes – Strong, almost all military classes can wear absolutely any armor and hit with any weapon (they have access to all the best weapons and armor i.e.). Not everyone can score a critical hit.. They die like flies from the very first magic fireball, even in the best armor in the game, and if we take into account, that beings, spamming magic in the game is 99%, then imagine, what will it be like for you 20 dungeons. Can't use magic.
  • Magic classes – haemorrhagic, but the best class to pass. Why? Because only they can use magic, which means, what can use magic shield, making you completely immortal even against magic, but extremely weak to normal attacks. Cannot wear strong armor and attack with any weapon. It could seem, more cons, than pluses, but believe me, that the shield will constantly save your nerve cells.
  • Thief classes – Only leather armor, not all weapons, no magic. Has a high chance of successfully opening locked doors and stealing valuables from people. Huge chance to deal a critical hit. Farming with breaking into someone else's house and stealing valuables from merchants will happen, remind, once, so I don't see any point in taking the class, alternative military.


  • FORCE (Strength) – Affects character's damage, how many things can you carry and the character's jump range.
  • INT (Intelligence) – Affects the amount of your magic, on it, how good you are at picking locks and bargaining with people.
  • VOL (Will) – Magic resistance. An extremely important parameter in the game. I would even say, what MOST important, because the magic in the Arena can (and will do it, if you are a warrior) kill with first hit.
  • LVK (Agility) – Before resetting the ventilation, close the left door and the top ventilation, that an enemy strike will not hit you, affects picking locks and thefts. Some things in the Arena are simply impossible to steal even with maximum dexterity, consider this.
  • TFR (Speed) – How fast can you run and shoot a bow?.
  • VNS (Endurance) – Affects health and stamina, as well as the effectiveness of restoring health during rest. Moreover, resistance to poisons and other substances depends on endurance, which you may encounter in the course of your travels.
  • FIRST (attractiveness) – influences that, How much discount can you get. This skill can be useful to you only once when buying and selling things a little further after the start of the game., therefore is the most useless skill.
  • УДЧ (Luck) – Indirectly affects all attributes above. To be honest, then in no part could I notice this very “influence”, but if the game says so – the way it is… probably…

From ❤Dasha❤

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