POSTAL 4 No Regerts: All achievements

Guide to that, how not to piss when getting all the achievements.
blah… That won't work, means ssm on everything and everything !!!
I will supplement the guide as I enter new achievements and edit old ones..
All achievements can be obtained ONLY on NORMAL difficulties or higher !
General achievements
Here achievements, which can be done at any time, without reference to certain plot points.

And remember, respect is everything!

Survive on max wanted. Nothing complicated: just bring down the cops, until the wanted bar is full, and then hide your skinny ass somewhere and sit it out, until she falls.

The achievement is a reference to GTA

Don’t forget to wash your hands!

Just flush your stool down the toilet. I know, hard, but you have to step over your pride. While the achievement does not work with oblong toilets, but only round. Ie. you need a toilet in some eatery, not a private house.

-No Way Trailer Home

Go through the mission, for each of the main character's understudies. While there are 3 of them: Corey Cruz, John St. John and Rick Hunter.

To speed up the process, you can just start monday, ask 3 people using a sign – how to live on ?! And run to the job search agency.

One Side, Gramps

Gotta crush 50 man riding scooter. I think during the race on Tuesday you will have the opportunity to do this many times ) Set the maximum number of people in the settings, to speed up the process.


Census… Not, not so. FUCK 10 toilets to the brim, and you can even lower a little bit into the tank !!! Urine is not displayed on them unfortunately, so just aim more accurately 😉

Achivka – pun on Pablo Picasso

Wanna Dance With Somebody

We need to find a hidden passage under this building., close to prison. The achievement will unlock when you climb into the van..

It is a reference to the Whitney Houston music video..

We still ain’t got no budget!

Kill 100 pigeons from discarded cages. In fact, it’s enough to throw out one cell and throw hammers into a bunch of flying bastards.

It is a reference to the famous video with Vince.

-Yippee Chi-Yay

Need to kill 7 human, with Colt's full clip in cowboy shooting mode.
To accumulate it, make kills with a revolver, until the red bar is full. Next, you need to set the maximum number of people in the settings

Then we look for a place with a large number of candidates and bang bang bang !

The reference goes to Die Hard and his famous line.

Achievements by day
Achievements, associated with certain tasks on any days.

-Look ma, I’m a HOBO!

At the very beginning of the game you will find a sign and a marker, write whatever you like and start begging.

Highscore, what does that mean?

On Tuesday, in the very south of the map, an event with scooter races will open for you, you need to break the record of first place: 2:35.38
Pretty hardcore achievement. Now I will write you ways, which will make this achievement easier for you.
First of all, set the number of inhabitants to a minimum and reload the location. Next you need to study the route, she's not complicated, but the essence of the race is, that here in the yellow car you should have approximately 1 minute +\- 2 seconds.

Not much more on this trampoline 1:45

But the point is, that here you have to manage to move exactly to the checkpoint. It plays around 10 seconds of total time, when compared to ski jumping. I didn't get here, but you have to understand the essence. And from that, how do you pass this place, your result will depend.

At my good congress, but given that, that I was slightly stuck in the blue fence, i got this result.

Can we fix it? No we can’t!

On a mission, where you will need to shoot from a catapult at flying flags, you will have to hit 3 barrels: the first two are immediately on the left side, but the container will appear almost at the very end on the right.

Mean Kitty

On a mission, where you will be turned into a cat, you have to kill 5 chickens. Nothing hard. Alone opposite your reincarnation – up, 4 others around the house with a dog. Run on the grass, they are almost always by her side.

-Breezy, not sleezy

At the beginning of Wednesday, ask any 3 people and you will open an additional quest for a sexy costume.

You need to dress it up and collect 10 signatures. Do not be afraid, Neo's costume will also open.

Is a reference to Marilyn Monroe

-4 can play that game!

Kill 4 Fast Food Workers with the FOURnicator. If you haven't found it yet, you can buy it from the weapon vending machine in the same area. Achievement crooked, I did it for about an hour. Here is the only scheme by which it was fulfilled for me:
Just before the first van, save, run straight through the center, if there are no weapons and ammunition, if there, we run to the heaps in the field on the right and dig them up (3 pieces)

Will spawn 4 dear mexican, what we need. We run away from them, to line up and bring them down with an ALTERNATIVE ATTACK. This is the only way that worked for me. Good luck.

-Lame of Thrones

Don't kill anyone while installing Mike's Bidet.

Very hard on Hard.. But probably. Gather mints for slowmo and dofiga zhrachki.
electric stick – your best assistant. Run into the room, make a save, loading, to throw off opponents, stand everyone in the room, eat mint for fidelity and put a garbage can.
The boss runs in circles, just calculate when he runs behind the wall and calmly put the accessory.

Is a pun on Game of Thrones, as by name, also throughout the location and the boss.


Early Thursday, you are in the forest, you have to kill all the local public until then, until you get back to the city.

Achievement is a pun on David Lynch

-Scooter Tutor

During the scooter race, you must kill all participants.

It is a reference to Karmageddon..

-Holocaust: Part Three

Seems like a plot – not skippable. Until he came.

Collectible Achievements
I'll tell you right away, until all items are found, it's better not to collect anything at all, except for the golden Larry, then you have to look all over again, not to miss anything. For now, I'll throw a link to a general guide, but I don't like the way it's done, then I will make a general map with everything at once, to be visual.

So far there is a very NOT FUN glitch – Pick up a toy, do an autosave on F5 (his, does not work with others) download and voila, drop all items as weapons, as well as toys. I so robbed everyone in different places – does not plow. Looks like the game counts exactly who you have collected. But raise so golden Larry and ammo – the most 😉

Still playing with dolls!

Collect all Larry, Krochi and Kunni

Dude Vinci Code

Collect all paintings. You can start right from Monday, they are all in the first location. Are you interested in paintings with purple frames?.

All of them 17 pieces, map made, but something with numbers cant, but you can get the gist, so doable. Then I'll do it like a human.

The achievement is a reference to Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man..

One of Uwe’s Best

Complete all rampages. Some will have to be missed, until you find the right weapon, like the M60 on Tuesday in Mexico.

Achievement is a reference to the movie Postal[] Uve Bola.

Special types of passing the game

Complete the game with only a kick. Basically, it's a pacifist mode., so we just get to the end and after making a save we kick someone to death.

Passion of the Christ 2: Crucify This

Complete the game without killing anyone. Until I got there, I will update as I go.
But remember, the main way to get money for bribery – ATMs. For ~50 dollars from the snout.

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