The Stanley Parable Ultra Deluxe: achievement 100%

Most of the achievements are the same as in The Stanley Parable 2013 of the year.
But there are a couple of new.


Your first achievement

Achievement will be received along with the first achievement received. For instance, can be done with “You can't jump”

Welcome back!

Just log out of the game and log back in.

You can't jump

The game does not include jumping.. It is enough to press the spacebar several times and the achievement is yours..

talking to mom

You need to finish the game with the first ending.
Enough to follow, what does the voice say, and turn off the Mind Control Machine.

Click on the door 430 Five times

  • Find the door 437 and click on it 5 time;
  • Click on the door 437 20 time;
  • Click on the door 437 50 time;
  • Find the door 417 and click on it 20 time;
  • Come back to 437 door and click on it 2-3 times;
  • Find 415 door and press 10 time;
  • Come back to 437 doors and press 1 time;
  • Click on the copier in the same room;
  • Return to 417 doors and press 1 time;
  • Find the worker's desk 419 and climb on it (climb sideways through the box);
  • Find 416 door and press 2 times;
  • Go back to the copier and click on it 1 time;
  • Return to 430 doors and press 5 time.

It's enough to listen, what does the voice say, also read subtitles.

Test achievement, do not touch

Achievement is done before opening the door in the chief's office.
Entering the office and waiting, when the voice says the desired combination, on the remote enter 8888 twice in a row.

World Champion in Settings
Go to the settings menu and in each slider move the arrows on the keyboard from the minimum to the maximum value.
Sliders are in tabs “General” and “Audio”
IN General Settings must be included “Show object labels”. Another slider will appear “Background transparency for captions”.

For speed

You need to complete the game for 4:22.

This is done in the first ending..
First you need to go through the first ending, so that in subsequent races the door in the boss's office opens immediately upon entering.
On subsequent passages, you must be in front of the blue, room, what will help you in running against the clock.
When passing, you must turn off the Mind Control Machine

Video attached


Must play all Tuesday.
Start the game on Monday at 23:59 and leave it until Wednesday 00:01

Break so break
Don't play The Stanley Parable for ten years.

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