NARUTO SHIPPUDEN Ultimate Ninja STORM 2: Hyde 100%

Greetings, expensive, naruto amateur, surfing the Internet, I did not find a single Russian guide to achievements “NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Ultimate Ninja STORM 2” в steam, Guide to Finding Bosses, or rather, translate the existing one into Russian, maybe it will come in handy for you someday.


Story mode
Each of the following achievements will be unlocked, when you complete one of the eight story mode chapters. Just complete the main campaign, and you unlock them all.

Clear Prologue
You cleared Prolog.

Clear the first chapter
You cleared the first chapter.

Clear Chapter Two
You cleared the second chapter.

Clear Chapter Three
You cleared the third chapter.

Clear Fourth Chapter
You have cleared the Fourth Chapter.

Clear Chapter Five
You cleared the fifth chapter.

Clear Sixth Chapter
You have cleared the sixth chapter.

Clear Final Chapter
You cleared the last chapter.

S-rank boss fights part 1
Getting S-rank in any mission is measured mainly by, how much health (HP) you have left at the end of the match; you are more likely to get S-rank, if you have more 80% from your base HP. No healing items, which you can use, however, successful chaining of fast time events (QTE) restore some of your HP. Ninja and bento tools can also be used to damage enemies from a long distance., temporarily slowing them down or briefly increasing their performance (damage, protection, etc.). Keep in mind, that all bosses are immune to your ultimate abilities. Defeating all these opponents shouldn't be too hard., but you can always lower the difficulty of the game, if you're having trouble with the boss, as it won't affect your overall rank. If you have taken too much damage, to get S-rank, just restart the round from the pause menu and try again. If you don't succeed on the first try, you can always restore the boss battle crystal in that place, where did you meet the boss for the first time, and try again in Tsunade's office (Hokage).

Secret Factors

Unknowable Moment
Have you seen all the secret factors.

Every boss fight has a secret factor, which is automatically triggered at the end of the battle, if the player has collected a certain number of stars for each boss. This is done by successfully chaining QTEs as quickly as possible., to unlock the secret factor of the player character. You don't need to get every star in a mission, to reveal her secret. View all 9 of which will give you the above achievement.

Kakashi boss fight

Bell Theft Expert
You received an S rank in “Bell Stealing Exercise”.

Phase 1
Kakashi is straightforward and rarely dodges your attacks.. Attack head on and summon Sakura once or twice, to quickly initiate his QTE.

Phase 2
Hit Kakashi with a flurry of shadow clones and forge your Rasengan with basic attacks. Avoid his water dragon; his appearance is clearly indicated by the telegraph, and don't forget, that he dives back to you. From time to time he spawns another water dragon or tries to electrocute the entire playing field. If the latter happens, just stand on one of the platforms, to avoid this. As soon as he jumps back to his perch, use Sakura, to knock him down, then continue with your combination, before ending with another QTE sequence.

Deidara boss fight

village guard
You received an S rank in “Sand and art explosion”.

Phase 1
As Deidara chooses an aerial attack, you will have to keep your distance and use your throwables (you can also enhance them with your chakra), to inflict minimal damage, avoiding his attacks. Finally, he will try to drop a dive bomb on you. Dodge to the side and keep harassing him with your basic attacks, simultaneously binding jutsu. Finally, you will call a short QTE.

Phase 2
This time the fight moves to the air shooter “on rails”, when you chase Deidara through Sandy Village. You will have to avoid the clay bombs flying in the air., dodging or destroying them, to get extra chakra. Your best choice – use charged shots for maximum damage. In the lower level, you'll have to avoid Deidara's explosive mines., that cause a volcanic eruption shortly before the end of the fight with one last QTE.

Sasori boss fight

Powered by Puppet Jutsu
You received an S rank in “Sakura dancing”.

Phase 1
Same, He gives a long chuckle before attacking., knock him out quickly, before starting a short QTE.

Phase 2
Quickly dash towards it and interact with the cord, to pull it down, as indicated in sign hint. Once you knock him down, he will be stunned for a few seconds, that will give you enough time, to take a few hits. When he recovers, Sasori will build a wall of dolls, so you can't knock him down. You can either circle around his incoming attacks, until he finally gets to you, or you can call Chie, to dispel his defenses and knock him down again. Whichever option you choose, your second encounter with Sasori will lower his HP enough, to trigger the final QTE.

Orochimaru boss fight

Unstoppable Fury
You received an S rank in “Forbidden fury”.

Phase 1
Like the rest, try to wear down Orochimaru as quickly as possible, to call QTE. Avoid his head when attacking the snake, because you can't block it.

Phase 2
it, in fact, arcade shooter. You will have to manage shooting at Orochimaru, avoiding his snake projectiles and calls. Snakes linger in the open for long enough, so you can shoot them, and even if you get hurt, they will hardly lose your HP, which can be restored later with QTE. You can also use charged shot, which will absorb your chakra in exchange for a very powerful beam attack. Sometimes Orochimaru summons a giant snake, which you have to knock down, before it robs you of a decent amount of health. Finally, the game will change the camera angles and fire one big volley in your direction, before finishing the QTE fight.

Sasuke boss fight

Height difference
You received an S rank in “Showdown between best friends”.

Phase 1
wear him out, to call QTE, but watch out for his fireballs and substitutes.

Phase 2
The second part of the battle continues without any drastic changes in the gameplay, except for switching between past and current fights between Naruto and Sasuke. Keep in mind, that pre-timeskip Naruto works differently, чем timeskip Naruto, and that PTS Sasuke has more aggressive attacks. As before, just wear him down, to start the second QTE.

S-rank boss fights part 2
Kakuzu boss fight

The Fourth Hokage is back
You received an S rank in “Storm and battle”.

Phase 1
Kakuzu will constantly block your dash attacks and use substitutions frequently, to be behind you, but even then, his first phase won't cause too much trouble. wear him out, to call your first QTE.

Phase 2
The second phase begins with Kakuzu in his awakened state.. Avoid getting hit by his combo, otherwise you will take serious damage.. When you deplete it to the last two health bars, Kakuzu will wrap his strands between two nearby trees and hurl ranged attacks at you.. These include:
Three vertical shots in the air, that fly across the earth to you. Just stay in between shots, to avoid them.
from 3 to 5 individual fireballs, from which you will have to constantly evade, jumping at the last second
Downstroke of the Giant Whip, which will later hit the player. This ability has a long way to go, giving you enough time, to dodge to the side, and then jump over it.
Multiple threads, which Kakuzu will bury underground, to launch a surprise attack. Threads will quickly crawl towards the player, before quickly appearing from below. These attacks are signaled by rising mud and a cloud of dust., and they can be avoided, just bypassing them.
His fifth and final attack is, that he combs fire and wind, to create a giant beam, which will slowly move towards Naruto's location. To avoid this, stand to their left or right and run in the opposite direction.
Once all his attacks are exhausted, Kakuzu will be temporarily stunned, which will allow you to rush to the nest and pull it out of its threads, to link multiple attacks. Once Kakuzu recovers, he will rush back to his threads and start chaining all of the aforementioned attacks in quick succession, except for his giant beam, before reuniting with their nest. Game process, along with his attacks, keeps repeating until, until you deplete him to a third of his last health bar, after which the final QTE will begin, final battle.

Itachi boss fight

Overflowing Hatred
You received an S rank in “Two Uchiha”.

Phase 1
Itachi will either block, or avoid your attacks all together, as AI tends to keep its distance. Be careful with substitutions, as he often combines this with a throw. Throwing chakra shurikens at the AI ​​will cause it to respond with the same attack, causing a short optional QTE. Winning the exchange will inflict decent damage on your opponent. Once you wear him down, the main QTE sequence will work, moving the fight outside, now ruined, Uchiha hideouts.

Phase 2
Susanoo acts independently of Itachi and will attack you regardless of Itachi's status (ie. stunned or knocked off his feet). Right off the bat, you'll have to move to the side and avoid being hit by his giant blade., then rush to Itachi and continue with a quick attack. Even if Itachi blocks, his defenses should break easily, which will allow you to link a combo and use a hint, to cause a stun, before Susanoo gets a chance to swing his blade again. Then Susanoo will lower his shield, to push you out of Itachi's reach and protect him from ranged attacks. While waiting for his sword stance, Susanoo will either hurl a barrage of boulders at you, either follow three consecutive sword attacks: two vertical cuts from top to bottom and one horizontal cut. The location of the boulders is determined by the falling shadows, which allows you to dodge them ahead of time. Two sword attacks can be dodged, rushing to the side, and you can avoid the horizontal strike, jumping over it. Last attack – it's a shock wave, generated by Susanoo blade after, How does he get into midfield?. As in the case of the slash, you can just jump over it, to avoid taking damage. Attacks from this point are repeated until, until you deal enough damage to Itachi, to trigger the final QTE.

Pain boss fight (in the role of Jiraiya)

Overwhelming Sage
You received an S rank in “The battle between the wise god”.

Phase 1
Side with the Pain Crab and freely parry your attacks. Follow that, when he dives under the water again. Your camera will be directed to the spawning point of the crab, before he pops up, and the area will be marked with water splashes. Be sure to move to the side and avoid this attack, since the crab will fully float to the surface and try to grab Jiraiya. Continue your side attacks on the creature, until the pain triggers a mini-QTE. Successfully completing it will temporarily stun the crab. The pattern will repeat until, until Pain deals enough damage, to initiate the main QTE.

Phase 2
Controlling Sage Jiraiya Mode, you will need to remove everything 3 Pain at the same time, otherwise they will keep coming back with health replenishment. Your best approach – lower all their health stats as low as possible, than use two toads, to stun 3. Once they get knocked out, you will need to use one last hint, to initiate the final QTE.

Pain boss fight (like naruto)

Vision of a new wind
You received an S rank in “Earth destruction”.

Phase 1
Pain – the only boss, which you have to follow, as he will actually fight and repel your attacks. However, it's still relatively simple. wear him out, to start the first QTE.

Phase 2
Pain will cause a barrier, surrounded by rubble. You need to break through it with Nine Tails long range shots, that will stun him, which will allow you to land some powerful blows at close range. When he recovers, Payne will rise to the platform above the play area and will throw boulders at you. As before, you need to avoid them, knocking his HP back with your long shots from a distance. Once Payne's HP is low enough, it will lift nearby debris into the sky, leaving them to fall in your direction, like a meteor. Meteorite landing sites are clearly marked with large shadows and red heat marks on the ground. Just run in circles, until they show up, and run in the opposite direction. Once the meteor shower stops, shoot Payne a couple more times, to knock him off the platform, and fight him in close combat, to initiate a second QTE.

Phase 3
You will start with Sage Naruto (without his cloak) against awakened Pain. The same applies to him., what's up to the fight phase 1; watch out for his attacks and don't get caught in his combos. When you are going to drop his penultimate health bar, the pain will be numb, which will allow you to start the penultimate QTE. After that, your character will again be replaced with a regular Naruto. As soon as you deprive him of his remaining health, last QTE will work, and with this you will complete all Storm boss fights 2.

Fragment (Killer Bee)
Fragment (Killer Bee)

Clear Fragment
You cleared a Fragment.

For, to get this mission, you first need to execute:
Story mode
Find all the gems of Taunton (for more information see. Taunton gems elsewhere in this guide).
Fill out a request “Cursed dolls” (for more information see. “Cursed dolls” elsewhere in this guide).
Some time after that, how do you fulfill all the requirements, messenger bird will send you “Regular update email”. Go and see Tsunade in her office. Once their discussion is over, you will get a short cutscene, before switching to Taka Sasuke, to face Killer B. The first fight will be against B in his regular form., and second – in his awakened state. Both of these battles should be easy.; in the second, if you have any problems, just keep your distance and use your jutsu. As an alternative, you can accumulate benthos, if you need an extra boost. The achievement will be unlocked after, how the player character will turn back into Naruto.

Unlockable characters
Storm points (SP)

All characters, except hokage naruto (alternate costume for Naruto Sage Mode) and several types of support, Requires a certain amount of Storm Points (SP), before they can be unlocked, although some characters will also be awarded by you, defeating story mode. These points are 999 999 SP and are awarded to you only for winning battles. Sum, you earn, determined by your performance; the higher your rank at the end of the round, the more points you get. They are not in-game currency and cannot be exchanged for anything else.. Additional unlocks for maximum points include titles, ninja info cards and support types for your characters. Support types, which cannot be unlocked with SP, unlocked through Friendly Events in Ultimate Adventure Mode (For more information see. All friends are here! attainment).

This is what, what you want to leave to the end and focus on finishing everything else first, since you will get a lot of SP and Ryo (in-game currency), just by completing main missions and side quests. If you have conquered everything, and you still don't have enough SP or Ryo, just go to Vs. mode without any support and do the following:
Downgrade enemy AI to the easiest difficulty level.
Increase your handicap in your favor (AI will take more damage this way).
Choose a character with a fixed ultimate ability, random opponent and start the match.
Use your Ultimate twice in a row, and you should finish your match within seconds. This guarantees you a fast and easy S-rank., and you will get a decent amount of Ryo and SP. Just repeat this process, until you reach the desired amount.

Unlock Hokage Naruto

hokage naruto – this is an alternate costume for Sage Mode Naruto and the only one, which cannot be obtained with SP. To unblock it, you first need to finish the main story mode. When you're done, talk to the toad in front of the Hokage Residence (Tsunade), and it will teleport you to Mount Myeboku. Once there, go to the steps, and on the right side of the room you should see a statue. Come and pray to him, and hokage naruto will be unlocked.

I have already purchased Hokage Naruto, so the statue no longer appears on my end, and i couldn't find her picture anywhere on the internet. This is just a rough visual guide., pointing, where should the interactive object be located.

Character unlock achievements
Achievements, related to unlockable characters

Friends of Naruto
You can now use members of the Naruto generation.

Naruto teachers
Now you can use Kakashi, Yamato, Gaia and Asumu.

Friends from Sandy Village
You can now use Gaara, Kankuro, Temari and Chie.

Legendary Sannin
You can now use Jiraiya, Tsunade and Orochimaru.

Secretive Akatsuki
You can now use all Akatsuki members.

Hebi on the move
Now you can use Sasuke, Suigetsu, Karin and Yugo.

Assassin from Tekken 6
Now you can use Lars.

All the ninjas are gathering!
Now you can use all characters.

Scroll collecting
Collecting the Scrolls

When you get past a certain part of the story, numerous scrolls will spawn in this developed area. there is 3 type of scrolls, collecting each type, you will get the following:

  • Cut-scene in story mode
  • Battle replay, allowing you to get back to fighting, related to history (including boss battles).
  • Scroll of Remembrance (sometimes called shard, crystal or fragment), which serves to repeat the story from the first part of the series. These clips are footage from the original series with voiceovers.

Scrolls are easily visible, as they are quite large and will float above the ground. Every area, related to history, which you cleared, will have corresponding scrolls, distributed on the map, so you can pick them up. Collecting them goes hand in hand with various side effects, especially with the quest Cursed Dolls, since you will have to go back through all these places, to complete additional side quests and hunt down the cursed dolls. It's best to explore each area manually first., instead of using items for teleportation (they can be purchased at the village shop), to reach your destination and skip some scrolls. Don't forget to log out and back in some of these areas, since not all scrolls will be present at once, if you completed several story missions in one location. You can view your scrolls, interacting with NPCs in the Hokage's office. If you're missing something, view those, that you already have, and look, which ones should appear before or after the missing scroll and where that particular event should have happened (eg, if you're missing a story scroll “Gaara and Deidara 1”, remember, that the fight took place in the Sandy Village at the top of the Kazekage observation deck, where do you find this particular item).

Despite the rarity, “Story Assembler” is one of the most buggy achievements in the entire game. If you have completed all, and the achievement is not showing up for you, try following this guide (this is the most common solution, which i found on the internet, and is often considered, what works best).:
Play the entire story again in a different save file, without taking any of the scrolls and crystals (especially avoid memory crystals and red scrolls).
After completing the main scenario, first collect all the blue scrolls, then defeat all cursed dolls, to unlock the chapter “Fragment” (see details. chapter “Cursed dolls”).
Complete “Fragment”, then talk to the ninja in the hokage's office and go through the list of stories.
Go to the area, where did it happen “Fragment” with Naruto, and collect all blue scrolls nearby, while still avoiding red scrolls and memory crystals (it is recommended to choose scroll no. 108 last).
When you are done collecting the last blue scroll, return to the hokage's office and talk to the ninja again, and there should be an achievement.
Be sure to use warp scrolls to teleport between areas, to save yourself some time, as well as avoid random selection of memory crystals and red scrolls (if you accidentally picked one of them, just reload your previous save).

History assembler
Collected 100% stories.

Once you have collected all 108 story scrolls, approach the NPC in the Hokage's office and open the history section. This will achieve the goal.

Review Completed!
Have you seen all the memories.

Once you have collected all 15 memories, approach the NPC in the Hokage's office, open the memory section and view each one. You don't have to sit on them, so feel free to exit right after that. Once you unlock all 15, achievement will be unlocked.

Side Missions/Requests
Query Wizard
You have deleted all requests.

Total received 26 requests and 4 missions. You will discover, that most of them are out of order, and some of them will be completed next to each other. Other, such as the “Cursed Doll Search”, require you to meet certain conditions, before you can complete the last task. You only need to complete requests, to earn “Query Wizard”, but you will need to complete the remaining missions, to get all events! attainment. 4 missions are tied to the main story and cannot be skipped. The following tasks are listed in numerical order:

1. Retrieving the Cursed Doll: See detailed guide. In chapter “Cursed dolls”.

2. Concern Konohamaru: Konohamaru asks 3 Seed of the Storm, 3 Herbs for Shaping and 3 Ninja Pills. You can collect them, just progressing through the story and collecting things from all over the world. As soon as you collect your things, go back and talk to him, to complete the task.

3. Find the lost child: Go to the postcard shop, and you will find the child in front of the store.

4. Peekaboo: Go to the left side of the Leaf Village cafeteria, and you will find Konohamaru, turned its back on you. Interacting with him will complete the quest.

5. Revenge hide and seek: Konohamaru will make you look for Sai, Shino and himself. Sai is located in the open air next to the barbecue area, Shino will be near the entrance to Hidden Leaves Village., and Konohamaru is opposite the Ninja Tool Shop, slightly darkened.

6. Pay off your debt 1: Go left from the flower shop, talk to the man and pay 5000 Re, to release him from his debt.

7. Pay off your debt 2: Same, but now you have to pay 10 000 Re.

8. Pay off your debt 3: This time it 50 000 Re.

9. Pay off your debt 4: When you return for the 4th time, he will disappear along with all the money. Go and find him behind the Tenchi Bridge. Once you discover it, you will return to the Village of Hidden Leaves and complete the quest.

10. Collect Ninja Tools 1: You will find Ninja Tool Freak in the Ninja Tool Shop. Interact and show him 10 ninja tools, which you own.

11. Collect ninja tools 2: The same place, as before, but now you have to show him 30 ninja tools.

12. Collect ninja tools 3: This time he asks you to show him everything. 48 ninja tools. This is the maximum amount, which you can collect in the game. For more information see the section “I love ninja tools!” In chapter “Various achievements”.

13. Find Taunton's Pearl: See detailed guide. In chapter “Pearl of Taunton”.

14. Messenger bird hunting: See detailed guide. In chapter “messenger birds”.

15. Code for clearance: Go to the Collector's Store and talk to Ebisu. He will give you a code, which you must decrypt, to find the next. The first location is on the roof of the Hokage, the second – in front of the Amaguriama store, and the third – in front of the bird communication tower. Once you have three, go back and talk to Ebisu, then go and meet him at the training field. As soon as a short dialogue scene plays out, task will be completed.

16. Adored: Win a match against Sakura in the practice field.

17. Workout with Lee: Located in the area in front of the training field. Just like with Sakura, everything, what do you need to do, is to win a fight.

18. spectacular match 1: Go to the Collector's Store and talk to the man, hosts of the tournament. Win a fight with your opponent and get your reward.

19. spectacular match 2: Also, as before, but this time the tournament takes place in the Sandy Village. Defeat your opponent and get your reward.

20. spectacular match 3: Return to Hidden Leaf Village and fight Tsunade in the same tournament.

21. Hunting for your favorite pen: You will receive this request on your way to the driving range.. Tsunade will ask you to find her favorite pen, but Naruto accidentally breaks it. Choose the option of not telling her about the broken pen and head to the ninja tool shop, to fix her. The store owner will ask you to buy “Well made pen tip”, found in the Hidden Leaf cafeteria, and “Well Made Pen Shaft”, perched atop a communications tower. Go back to the store, salaries 1000 Re, to get it fixed, and exit the store, to find Tsunade, standing outside the store. and find any clues there, and the task will be completed.

22. hot workout: Defeat the Guy on the Training Field.

23. Team training: Defeat Ino and Choji at the Training Field.

24. promised flower: You will meet Sakura in front of the Village of Hidden Leaves., who will ask you to go and look for the missing girl. Head to the Uchiha's hideout, and you will run into her. After a short conversation, you return to the Hidden Leaf., to complete the task.

25. Karenbana: In Hidden Sand Village, talk to the nearest merchant after, how does temari end a conversation with him. Then head to the Northern Sanctuary, and on the way there you will run into Shikamaru and Chouji. Defeat them, take the flower and complete the task.

26. Ten Trials: See detailed guide. In chapter “Ten Trials”.


1. Consulting session: After completing the Kakashi boss fight, return to the Hokage's office and talk to Tsunade about your next assignment.. The former will specifically ask Naruto to go to the Forest of Hidden Leaves., where he will encounter a copy of himself. After being defeated, Naruto picks up the doll., left by a copy, then heads back to the village, before a man intercepts it, who asks to be shown, before giving you a list of cursed dolls, which you must take for him (see details. chapter “Cursed dolls”). Go back to the Hokage's office and talk to Tsunade, to complete your mission.

2. Licensing work: Once you complete the first mission, you will be given a second license to distribute throughout the Hidden List. Talk to Shizune, then head to the BBQ, Bandai General Store and Card Store in that order, to speak to the manager of each store. When you're done, go back and talk to Shizune, standing at the entrance to the Hokage's office, and your mission will be completed.

3. Definite match: Once you complete “Gaara's life arc”, Tsunade will give you a task to go to the training field and fight Kiba with Hinata and Shino as his support. Defeat the group once, and you complete the mission.

4. secret mission: At some point in the story, Tsunade will give you a task to travel outside the Forest of Hidden Leaves.. There you will run into an old woman., which will give you a secret code, so you can get past the man, that blocks your way. Code goes like this: “Desert Grains, collected by the wind, desert rose”. As soon as you pass the guard, Gaara will challenge you to spar. Defeat him, and the mission will be completed.

Pearl of Taunton
You took all the pearls of Taunton.

Total 30 pearls are scattered over too many areas and places that are difficult to describe, so this is best explained with a proper video guide, showing you all their exact locations. Use teleportation scrolls (you can buy them at the village shop), to save yourself some time. Once you have collected them all, go and talk to Izumo at the entrance to the Hidden Leaf, and he will take you to the Hokage's office, to give you an award. Video guide credit goes to GamingBrosification.

Cursed dolls
Cursed dolls destroyed
You brought back all the damned dolls.

After completing the boss fight, Kakashi Tsunade will give you a request, asking Naruto to go to the Forest of Hidden Leaves, where he will encounter a copy of himself. Defeat him, and then return to the Hidden Leaf Village Bridge, where you will meet Cursed Jutsu Master. Once you complete his request, it will give you a list of 37 damn dolls, which you must return. These dolls are scattered all over the world. (you can view your “Wanted List”, to find their exact location) and take the form of numerous playable characters, illuminated with an ominous red glow. Once you have defeated all available opponents, go back and give the dolls to the Master at the gate, leading to the Hokage's office, and he will give you a small reward for dolls, which you have collected so far. To the extent, how will you collect more dolls, additional ones will be added to the list using messenger birds, until all are found. 37. Difficulty will also increase with time., as the enemy puppets will become more aggressive, but even then they shouldn't cause too much trouble. As you progress through the story, you will encounter most of these dolls along the way., so it won't be a problem to miss them.. You can also use teleportation scrolls (you can buy them from your village's tool shop) and teleport to a specific location, to save yourself some time.

Once you have collected all 37 dolls, return to Jutsu Master, and he will reveal his true face, forcing you to fight 2 sets of opponents 2 support in every. When you defeat these two, fix the vase, and there will be a short dialogue scene in the Hokage's office. After that, you will need to complete the Fragment (for more information find “Fragment” elsewhere in this guide) and collect all of Taunton's pears (for more information find “Pearls of Taunton” elsewhere in this guide). When you finish two, Tsunade will summon you to his office and instruct you to destroy the Jutsu Master in Orochimaru's old hideout.. Gather your team, pack your things and go to the hideout.

Once there, you have to fight Sai, killer bee, Deidaroy, Jiraiya and, finally, with Naruto in Sage Mode (although this black and white). Sage Naruto's attacks will deal poison damage, and your chakra will deplete on its own over time. Once you defeat the last curse doll, mission will end, and you will be taken back to the Hokage's office, to get your reward, thus unlocking your achievement.

10 trials
Trial completed!
You passed 10 trials.

Once you complete the quest “Cursed dolls” (for more information see the above section), you can find the old man in front of the gate, leading to the Hokage Mansion (where the man from the Cursed Dolls used to be), and he will give you the task to fight Orochimaru with Kabuto as support. Once you defeat them, you will be taken to Tsunade's office, where will she explain, What Grandpa Gene wants, for you to pass 10 tests on the roof of the hokage house. These 10 tests consist of, that you fight an opponent with two supports every time. They are all much more aggressive compared to your regular AI opponents, as they often use replacement and support, that accelerate their support level, and have additional reinforcements, which give them faster chakra recovery, increased attack and defense, attacks, that poison you and break your defenses more easily. On rare occasions you will fight them, while your chakra is constantly depleted (you can still charge it back, but this time you need to be more careful with the controls). In the 10th and final battle, you will face Jiraiya., while he constantly regenerates his health, so you'll have to destroy it quickly.

Each battle lasts only one round., and it gives you time to prepare for the next, healing, gathering your team in the Hokage's office and buying additional items, such as attack boosts / protection and bento, which you can use before the battle, to increase your stats. All this can be purchased in various shops throughout the village.. You do not need to use any of these items to win. (Most of them – simply improve the quality of life), and you can destroy your opponents, destroying them as quickly as possible or keeping your distance and spamming them with ranged jutsu and ultimate jutsu (such as the abilities of Sai). It's usually best to choose characters, with whom you are most familiar and comfortable.

Once you pass the final test, a short dialogue scene will play before you get your achievement.

messenger birds
Message Ninja in shock!
You have collected all the messenger birds.

This achievement can be obtained after, How do you complete adventure mode?. Related quest “Messenger Bird Hunt” – Task #14 upon request will be given to you at the Message Station in the Village of Hidden Leaves. To complete it completely, you must collect a total of 10 messenger birds, scattered around the world. All areas, in which they may appear, include:

  • Training Field
  • Hidden Leaf Forest
  • forest of death
  • Tenchi Bridge
  • desert wind
  • Silent Movement Forest
  • forest of dead trees
  • Akatsuki Sanctuary (Country rivers)

Keep in mind, that their spawn locations are randomized, so it's best to use a scroll of teleportation (you can buy a set from the local shop in the village) and teleport to each of these specific areas. Because there are more birds 8, you will have to exit and re-enter the area, for them to reappear (this also applies to birds, that you failed to catch, their spawn locations do not change, if you screw up). When you stumble upon the messenger bird area, song que will shift, and you will be able to clearly see the bird in the center of the map with the speech bubble, hovering over her head. To catch one of them, gently lean on your left thumb, to make Naruto walk slowly behind the bird; approaching the bird from the front, you will scare them away. If they suspect your presence (labeled with a speech bubble “?”), just stand still for a few seconds, and they lose interest. Once you get close enough, click interactive prompt, that will appear above their heads. The indicator will then appear., and you have to place the cursor in the colored label. The more birds you get, the smaller the colored area becomes. If you screw up, just exit and re-enter this area, and the bird will respawn in the same place.

Note: This task cannot be completed without a controller, since you have no way to actually sneak up behind the birds, without tilting the thumb slightly. You can use any controller, since Steam has a compatibility option for them.

Ninja from letters
Ninja from letters
You cleared all chat events.

At some point, you will be given the task to collect messenger birds. Once you get your first bird, you will be able to send scripted messages between Naruto and his comrades. You must complete at least one task with each person, before you can send messages to each other. Moreover, you can give them gifts, to increase their heart meter, which reaches a maximum in 5. Heart counters also increase with each successful response, which you give to your friends, what is 3 extra hearts for everyone. If you accidentally reply with the wrong message, you will either have to complete another mission with them (if any), to get an extra heart, or find them somewhere in the village and give them a certain gift; “Ninjutsu reference books” for men and “Beautiful bouquet” from the Ino store for women. Their location is static and never changes throughout your entire run.. If you ever looked / read “naruto”, you will be able to successfully answer them yourself, since each message corresponds to messages from the series. It will take some time to receive messages, so your best bet is to take a little walk around the village or complete other tasks, waiting for an answer.

Note: You can't have any of your friends on your team, if you want to keep getting messages from them.

Friendly events
All Friends Here!
Have you seen friendly events for everyone.

Continuing with Ninja of Letters, you should be close to the maximum heart rate of each (the maximum value is 5). To get the missing hearts for your counter, or complete additional missions with a specific character (if they are available), or buy gifts for them; “Ninjutsu reference books” for men and “Beautiful bouquet” from the Ino store for women. Each gift is for one heart, so you can keep giving them the same item until then, until the counter reaches the maximum. Character placement is static and never changes throughout your run.

This is what your friends list should look like.

At maximum use, an individual or group can be found somewhere in one of the two villages (Hidden Leaf and Sand), standing in front of a shop or restaurant. Interaction with each of your friends will encourage them to ask you to meet, followed by a short dialogue scene between all the characters present. Completing these side activities will reward you with various support types and additional items..

Note: You can't have any of your friends on your team, if you want to meet them.

Titles – these are notations, which you can place next to your name in an online match, and all of them 157, which you need to unlock:
Titles since 10 by 50 require, for you to use the assigned character 30 times in battle. Since the adventure mode is quite stingy with characters (limiting you to a few characters, related to history, which you can play, but basically you're stuck with naruto), you will have to use Vs. mode, to get the remaining titles. One cool trick, which you can use to save time, if you have a controller, – it's set up mode 2 player against. and choose the same character for both players, set the timer to 10 seconds, hit your idle opponent once and wait, until the clock runs out. The game will then count, that the character was used twice instead of once in the same match, which will reduce your requirements in total to 15 instead 30 matches. note, that it only works with the system for 2 players, and not with Vs. A.I. The title will also not be unlocked, if the match ends in a draw.
All sections 87 – 157 associated with obtaining Storm Points (SP). You will use them naturally over time as you progress through the adventure mode..

Moreover, you can check out this Steam guide by K $ U $ HA to save file, containing all titles, if you don't feel like grinding. Be sure to back up your own save file beforehand. note, that this method does not award you titles, related online. They must be completed with someone online..

Also known as…
You have conquered 50 titles.

What name should I use?
You got all the titles.

Ninja cards
Ninja Information Cards
There is a total 200 ninja information cards. You will earn them all, completing the following tasks:

  • Beating Adventure Mode
  • Completing all side quests (for more information see. Side Missions / Requests)
  • Max Storm Points (SP)

Buying all accelerators in the card store (you should save this for last, since you are going to work on enrichment, to move the nation! attainment. Once you purchase it, you save enough money, to buy the whole store)

Card store location

First Edit
Edited Ninja Information Card.

Granted. Just open the ninja map editor, save your changes, and you will unlock this achievement.

Card collector
You have purchased all Ninja Information Cards.

Online achievements
On the way to the ninja!
you won 1 times in online ranked matches.

Agile Ninja
you won 10 times in online ranked matches.

The following applies to both online achievements. Keep in mind, that both players need to run the game at the same frame rate in order to play: 30 or 60 frames per second. If you two are out of sync, the match will automatically end. If one of you cannot reach 60, just ask the first one to lower the fps through the steam settings, since there is no in-game option. one more thing, which I saw on the forums, but could not confirm, – It `s that, that the game will not allow two people from different regions to queue up together. I dont know, how true is this, so i'm including this as a rumor. To join an online match, just ask one person to create a ranked lobby and invite another player to it via Steam.

Considering, no one plays this game online, you have to find another person, who is ready to help you with this, because you have no way to achieve these two goals on your own. Fortunately, Steam Forums 2 quite active, and you can always ask for help from people in the community center. If you can't find anyone in the foreseeable future, it's best to buy your friend a copy of the game on sale and ask him to help you.

A little reminder of, what, if you are already perfecting online achievements, you, possibly, want to work on getting Titles as well, because you need to win 50 and lose 20 times in the ranking, to earn the remaining Titles (given that, that you have already collected all the rest) and get What name should I use? attainment. For more information, check out the above achievement elsewhere in this guide..

Note: You are welcome, do not leave requests for online play in my guide. There are many active Storm forums in the Steam Community Hub 2, where people can help each other.

Various achievements
Nothing escapes you
you have collected 500 items.

This is what, what will naturally happen over time. Picking up items from the ground or placing them inside fragile items – a good way to replenish your inventory with decent gear. Items, you don't need, can be sold later to various merchants around the world (though keep in mind, that each seller accepts items, related to their business), and in several side missions you clear the area in search of items, based on quests. Each location will replenish its random items over time. It is recommended to do this from the very beginning of your playthrough..

dot tycoon
you have accumulated up to 999999 storm points.

Wealth, to move nations!
Saved up to 999999 Re.

The following applies to Storm Points (SP), and to the achievements of Ryo. As you progress through the story and various side missions, you will accumulate a large amount of SP and ryo. As with character unlocks, you must leave this until the very end of your run, since you, probably, get it, just on 100% repeating the main story. While SP cannot be exchanged for in-game currency, ryo can be used to buy various items. Avoid overspending your money, until you reach the required amount, since you won't need too many items, and you will be able to find useful items along the way or be rewarded with some at the end of your missions. You should also save up ryo for other collectibles, related to achievements, until the end of your passage.

General Store Thrives!
You have collected all the items in the collection.

It's best to do it at the very end., when you finish the main story (so that all items are available for purchase), Unlock all characters and accumulate enough money, to earn the achievement first “Wealth to move nations!”. Then go to the General Store and buy all Ultimate Jutsu videos, boss fight scenes and game music. If the achievement does not appear after, how did you buy everything, just switch through the menu or try to save and re-enter the game.

I love ninja tools!
You have purchased all combat items.

In the game of everything 48 various combat items. You need to collect as many items as possible throughout the campaign, go through the story mode and complete all your requests and side activities. The most frequently skipped materials are:

  • bell branches
  • Flower of the New Moon
  • Sparkling Ricoris
  • Leaf from the tree of life
  • fang viper

The first four are obtained from the side action of Ninja of Letters. (see more information. in the above section). Last, Viper Fang, is a bonus condition for Sasuke vs. Killer B (Transformed) from the Fragment chapter. You will have to go to the Hokage's office and talk to the NPC there., to replay this fight. If you missed a replay, you will need to find it scrolling replay.

Once you give all the materials to the ninja tool shop owner and craft every single battle item, you will need to purchase one of them. Before buying out the store, make sure, that you have accumulated enough money to achieve “Wealth, to move nations!”.

Note: This is the only missing achievement in the entire game.. Don't sell items, quest related, and ingredients for ninja tools before, how do you earn this achievement, as some of these items are unique and have no replacement. If you have lost an important item, required for this task, you will have to start over or get another save file.

Conquered all events!
You cleared all events.

For this achievement you need to complete the following tasks:

  • Story mode
  • Fragment / Killer Bee
  • Answered all emails / messages (cm. List of letters for more information)
  • All friendly activities (see more details. in the section Friendly events)

Thanks for all your time!
Your total playing time is over 30 hours.

The actual timer only measures your time, conducted in the main story mode. You, probably, complete the entire adventure mode on 100% even before, as you reach 20 hours. Your only solution – leave the game running in the background for a few more hours, to complete the achievement.

Perfect Master of the Storm.
You have received all trophies.

This one will be unlocked automatically, when you earn all the rest 49 achievements.

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