Hollow Knight: Keyboard controls

Comfortable in my opinion control on the keyboard



Up – W
To the left – A
Down – S
To the right – D
Bounce – Space
Quick Map – Tab
Inventory – E

Then everything on Numpad
Attack – 1
Dash – 2
Focus/Spell – 4
Overburden – 5
dream nail – 6
quick magic – 3

The only inconvenience that I found about the nail technique I have to forget, when attacking Attack(1) and space, the middle row of buttons A S D, etc. simply do not work or when pressed 1 and any button on the middle row is already a spacebar does not work, but this is a specific feature of my keyboard and you can check it differently here key-test.ru

If you have a castrated keyboard and there is no Numpad on it, then:
Attack – ,
Dash – .
Focus/Spell – K
Overburden – L
dream nail – ;
quick magic – /

From Nisheu

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