Soda Crisis: how to get a rare achievement

A guide on how to get a rare achievement.


Denden scooter
In order to get this achievement, we just need to complete the challenge on one of the vehicles in a special location. So, how to get to this location?

First we need to move to the level “City center”.

At this location, you can safely run through all the rooms until that moment, until you come across a chest with +1 energy.

(like this)

After that, you will enter a room., where you will need to destroy all opponents, we are not interested in this level, but on the next one you need to be more careful because we were looking for it.
There is a cable car just before leaving the room., on which you somehow ride, you need to stop about half way and jump up, you should notice the transparent platforms for the hook.
(though the game tells you to go down, but you have to look at the top right corner)

Use the hook to climb to the top and move to the right. And so you must get here.

Enjoy an easy meat grinder on this wheel.
(p.s You must pass all the locations on it and do not forget, that this vehicle has a double jump)

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