Ken Follett’s The Pillars of the Earth: Walkthrough and achievements

Walkthrough Guide “The Pillars of the Earth” with all achievements.


Book I. From the ash
Go right, inspect the window several times. We take instruments, use them on the gargoyle and stop the ball on the green area. Talking to Sally, we wave to her and ask her to come with us. Leaving the Cathedral.

After the cut-scene, apply flint on firewood, choose an option, that we are capable of more. Inspecting gnomon Toma and study it. We take bowler hat, go right into the forest.

We apply bowler hat on a frozen puddle, stop the ball on the green area three times. Let's go back, we hang kettle with water over the fire. I'm talking, let's get to work. Next, choose in order : (Start from the walls), (Insert windows), “Means, we need doors”, “He will fill their hearts with hope”. We need to help Agnes with the birth. :

1. Looking around, take raincoat and wrap them around Agnes. 2. Ask Alfred to get more water. 3. We ask Martha to collect the reeds. 4. Telling Agnes a story. 5. Telling Agnes another story. 6. When Alfred returns, we ask him to make the fire hotter.. 7. Looking around, dip your hands into the pot. 8. Hugs Agnes. 9. Keep talking to your wife. 10. Walkthrough of the full walkthrough of the game “everything is fine”.

We get the achievement “skillful midwife“.

skillful midwife Provide all possible assistance during childbirth.
Chapter I
At the beginning, we stroke the pony and point out the novelty to the mistake. We offer cheese, we get the cloth and bible. Let's go down the road, then to the gate. Walking around the cathedral, let's go to the cloister.

We pass through the door to the cathedral, when we are in the cloister we choose the option about, that everyone in the monastery is healthy. Asking about the devil, go to the cathedral. Extinguish four candles, get the achievement “Let there be darkness“.

Let there be darkness Put out the lights in the cathedral.

Talking to Francis. We choose, that we are glad to see him, then about the devil. We get Francis's notes: “Fight for the throne” (1 part). We look at the cross and ask, how can you help. Click on the altar, we leave. We examine the map and go to the kitchen.

Click on the painted pot, let's go to the bridge. Go left, take from the meadow beech nuts and plant them in a pot. We get the achievement “Garden of Eden“.

Garden of Eden Help Milia make his garden dream come true.

Wrapping up a rock near the hearth the cloth and give it to brother Paul near the bridge. Walking around the cathedral, we talk to Arnald and overhear the news conversation. Let's go to the cathedral, from a crack in the wall we get the keys.

We go to the prior's house and say Remigia, that brother Mark stole the keys (also needed to achieve “Brother Mark” in the third book). We get the achievement “Donoschik“.

Donoschik Report the crime to the monks in Kingsbridge.

We leave, go to the mill and open the door keys. We get the achievement “And another secret“.

And another secret Find the secret room in Kingsbridge.

We remove the rag, inspect the carving and study message. Now we go to the crypt in the cathedral, open the gate keys. We examine all four darkness, shadow in the corner, sarcophagus and owl.

We go to the cloister and to the chapter house. We support the idea and ask for forgiveness, we talk about all topics. Leaving. Let's go to Remigium, talk to him on all topics. Now apply the new key item on Andrew, we are talking, that books should not be burned, we quote the message. Then apply a new key item on the following characters :

1. Two young monks in the cloister. 2. Brother Arnald in the cemetery. 3. Brother Paul near the bridge. 4. Brothers Milia and Cuthbert in the kitchen. 5. Brother Francis at the altar. 6. Choir in the cathedral.

We get the achievement “General fee“.

]General fee Invite all brothers to the meeting.

Let's go to Andrew, we tell him, that the meeting of the chapter is more important. Further, At the meeting, we do not choose any options, just waiting, to be silent and say nothing, let others say. We get the achievement “Silence – gold“.

Silence – gold Let others speak.

Further, when we are in the prior's house we get Francis's notes: “Fight for the throne” (2 part). Opening the tablet and folio, studying letter. Asking about the bishop and Francis's motives. Then we accept Francis's plan, get the achievement “Reluctant politician“.

Reluctant politician Participate in your brother's intrigues.
Chapter II
We examine the prints of the hooves on the left and the wild boar. We apply I'm sorry on a deer, stop the ball on the green area twice, then apply again I'm sorry on a deer. We examine the carcass, find ourselves in a cave.

Walkthrough of the full walkthrough of the game “remember the words”, then “look in the book”. We get the book, take logs, inspect the castle and take doll. We take from the equipment bow ellen, kidaem wood into the hearth. We take near the cave branches, throw them in the hearth. Let's go to the forest.

We knock on stone, go left. Choose any option, take bloody rag and dig up the ground. Go right, see the boy, growl at him. We answer, that the monk took the baby and our name is Jack. When we're on the map – keep.

There are two choices here : become Alfred's friend or his enemy. Achievements are given for this, but in the third chapter.

The enemy
Following in the footsteps of the monk.
We walk along the river, admit defeat.
Go ahead, talking to Alfred (budim).
I'm talking, that the fog is rising and we are the hunter.
I'm talking, that we know how to kill.
Examining the frozen deer.
In the cave, we pass the stew first to Alfred.
Following in the footsteps of the monk.
We walk along the river, silent.
Go ahead, use the sling on the snow.
We look at the carcass of a deer.
We are in a cave.
We will be ordered to pass the stew.
We pass the stew to Alfred last.

Pour stew to everyone else and listen to the dialogue, we choose to stay here.

Chapter III
We knock on the door, we are talking, that we came to the bishop, we Philip and give the reason for the visit. We take from the barrel apples, and from the stable hay. Feeding pony food, get the achievement “Help an old friend“.

Help an old friend Take care of your pony.

Bursting notes in the right order, let's go inside. Mention the new king, telling the truth and mentioning Francis. We go out and sit on a pony.

Let's go to the cave, showing Marta I'm sorry and go through the mini-game. We give to Marta doll and we talk, that we will always be there. On the map we go to the exit from the forest, then to the city, to the palace, after that we go to Earlcastle.

Showing Martha I'm sorry, successful mini-game. Crossing the yard, climb the wall. We start talking with the red-haired knight, but choose nothing. We get the achievement “Peeping Champion“.

Peeping Champion Don't look away.

We talk with the knight about the battle, then we silently look at the question. Asking for a secret, then about the bricklayer. We nod, asking questions. We go down, cross the yard.

Let's go to the donjon, pick up from the floor letter. We apply I'm sorry of the count, get the achievement “Rebellion for no reason“.

Rebellion for no reason Getting in trouble with the Earl of Shearing.

Click on the button “again”, we select letter. Talking to knights on the street, in the dungeon we take chicken leg and show it to the knights. We get the achievement “One day I'll be a knight“.

One day I'll be a knight Try to become a knight.

If you have already taken the path of Alfred's enemy – we just don't do anything, so that later Jack eats a chicken leg. At the end of the chapter we get the achievement “lone wolf“.

lone wolf Become an enemy of Alfred.

But if you took the path of Alfred's friend – talking to Alfred. We answer the question about the father “he is kind”, apply a new key item on mom.

We show I'm sorry March, successful mini-game. We go to the stables and apply a new key item on Tom, then give to Alfred chicken leg. We get the achievement “Seems like friends“.

Seems like friends Become Alfred's friend.

We speak with the sweeper in the dungeon, we are talking, what do we want to see lady. Asking the same question, but more cultured. Asking about Lady Aliena, get a new key item. Talk to Martha, show her I'm sorry and apply a new key item on Martha.

In the princess room, we greet Aliena, cross our arms and lower them. I'm silent, once again we are silent on the question of the father. I'm talking, to leave us alone, we are on the balcony.

Showing Martha I'm sorry, talking to Tom next to the stables, asking about work. Talk to Tom about the attack, then we talk with him on all topics. Asking, what is he looking for, we're leaving. We need to find things, in need of repair :

1. Walls near the passage to the donjon.
2. Well near mom, Martha and Alfred.
3. Battlements of the walls near the red-haired knight.

Showing the New Key Item to Tom, listening to dialogue.

Chapter IV
Walkthrough of the full walkthrough of the game “we shouldn't beat the novices”. Let's go to the cloister, talking to Francis and strangers. Protecting the child, go right and go into the prior's house. I'm talking, that the soldiers invaded the monastery, we get Prior James' rosary, talking about courage and change.

Turning out to be Jack we ask, what happened to father, then ask, why didn't they tell us about my father.

Chapter V
At the beginning we speak, that we give people shelter. We get bread, we give it to children without parents, a man with a child and hungry women and children. We get Philip's notes on refugees, we say that the repair will cost too much.

Asking as Jack, do people know mom, then about the church. We give to Marta I'm sorry, get the achievement “brotherly attitude“.

brotherly attitude Teaching Martha how to shoot with a sling whenever possible.

We walk along the path around the cathedral, go through the door. We approach the good monk. I'm talking, our name is Jack the Builder. We get the achievement “Mystery Guy“.

Mystery Guy Keep silent about your past.

We pass through the door inside. Listening to a lullaby, take from the table candle. We go upstairs, apply candle on the nest. Walkthrough of the full walkthrough of the game “To do nothing”, get the achievement “twist of fate“.

twist of fate Get smarter before that, how to make trouble.

We study inscription on the wall, go down and try to go up twice, everything will burn. We go upstairs, look through the hole in the wall and go down.

We are writing a letter for Philip : “My dear brother…”, (Francis is not to blame), (finish the letter). Trying to get a letter. After, we are talking, that someone set fire to the roof. We look into the staff, we are talking, what do we see the burned cathedral, then dawn.

Chapter VI
First we get the key item, talking to two bishops. Communicate with groups of nobles, go left. We speak with the jailer, then with the lord and lady. I'm talking, what should we be called “Holy father”, blame the lady for the same. We demand proof.

On the map we catch up with William, we tell him, to get on a horse. Pick up the phone and dial the number, let's go closer, we arrive at the palace. Opening the gate, look at the silhouettes. Checking out the construction site, go through the palace door. Walkthrough of the full walkthrough of the game, that he doesn't have to say anything. I'm talking, that William – sinner, it's time for us to leave and that William – beast.

Being in the room keep. We take cup, knife and plate, put them in their place. We get the achievement “Everything is fine“.

Everything is fine Eliminate the clutter, hosted by William.

Loading the last save. We take cup, knife and plate. Making William look into the fire, we show him a stone bas-relief and again force William to look into the fire. Asking Timothy about the construction site, after we get the achievement “thieving monk“.

thieving monk Stealing from the Bishop at Every Opportunity.

Choosing options in Winchester Yard : (Not sure), (Disagree with the offer), “you need me”, (divide the county). We get the achievement “Diplomat“.

Diplomat Negotiate the best deal for Kingsbridge.

Let's go to the citadel, I'm talking to the bishop about traps. Use the key item about Henry on the jailer. In prison we say Bartholomew, that we are guilty of his fate. Asking, why did he go against the king. We talk about recognition, and responsibility for the arrest.

I'm telling the bishop about it, that Bartholomew confessed. Talking about the Bartholomew kids, leaving the castle. I'm talking, that we are concerned about the fate of the cathedral.

Chapter VII
On the board with the drawing, we point to the plan. Point to all parts, ask, can't they afford to make the cathedral bigger. We answer “no more 3000 pounds (optimistic)”, specify the section, central nave and tower. We answer, which is one and a half times higher than the central nave.

Indicate everything on the lateral projection, answer about 15 years of service and 30 masons. Then we answer “because it gives meaning to my life” and “remind them of God's mercy”. We study lease agreement, we are on the street.

We talk with mom, we get herbs. We go into the aisle and give them to brother Paul. Chat with Aliena, after passing you get an achievement “End of the first book“.

=End of the first book Complete the first book
Book II. Sowing the wind
Bursting notes in the right order, asking about brother. We're talking downstairs “what will you sow, then you will reap” and about the ability to speak for Matthew. We're talking about getting married, then “it will ventilate me?”.

We go to the storeroom, take rotten meat and give it to William and say, that he won't get anything else.

Chapter VIII
We call Richard three times, to wake him up. We ask him to throw us a horseshoe, we select horseshoe. We throw it in the hammer, we get a hammer. We break their chains, climb the wall.

Trying to go to the fabric, studying minions of William. We remove the fabric, we get dagger. We cut the bag on the horse, take oats and feed it to the horse. We are on the map.

Jumping through the forest, then to Winchester. We trust the robber, we insist on help. Fight and head to Winchester.

Chapter IX
We approach the city house near Richard, knock on the door. We approach the house in the lower right part of the map, we're leaving a little. We agree on the issue of shelter.

In the morning we try to get into the citadel, we tell Richard about the ear and about help. Let's go to the jailer, talk to him on all topics. We leave and go through the gate, we are on the market.

Talking to Meg, please lend us coins, asking about prison. Click on all bags RMB (them 22) and I'm talking to Richard, when he finished counting. We invite him to tell the result, choose “twenty two”. We get two pennies, trying to get wool, studying Meg's case.

We give away two pennies jailer, we tell him, that they did not expect this from him. I'm talking, what did you think, that he is a decent person. We enter, talking to father, that everything is fine with us and Matthew ran away.

We take jug, apply it to running water, then on Richard. We apply jug of the father, ask, what should we do. We swear quickly and without hesitation (needed to achieve “Countess Aliena” in the third book), we leave.

Let's go to the citadel, we get poster “wanted”. We go to the market and quickly leave it. We get the achievement “Encounter with death“.

Encounter with death Escape from the knights.

We go to the mug with the inscription “women”, we go to the tavern at the top of the cathedral. We approach the stable boy, then to the church on the right. I'm talking, that the father gave the money to Ralph, Ralph on the brink of mortal sin and about the proof, that he is lying.

Selecting all options, apply dagger on a barrel, take from under it belt. Apply it on Ralph, order to give the money and leave. We apply dagger on Ralph, put it on your throat. We get money, we're leaving.

On the map we go to Aunt Edith, in Huntley. Let's go buy boots, give up and leave. Let's go until sunset, looking for aunt and uncle.

Click on all active items (except Alfred) LKM. We go outside, studying burnt house. Go right, we ask the shepherd what he is doing and ask him to take the wool to Winchester, then we offer to buy wool.

We apply money of the shepherd, offer to buy 1 pound twice, please check the quality of wool. We look into the bag, insist on the price 1 pound per bag, the shepherd will agree. We go into the house, we are talking, that we will survive this and start trading in wool.

The robber breaks in, apply on it dagger. We get the achievement “Two“.

Two stay together.

We bring wool to the market, we get Aliena's trade records. We speak with the merchant, then with Richard. Click on the wool cart, we get sample and show it to the merchant.

I'm talking, that we just want to sell wool, we are talking, what are we for 1 pound wool and bought, give word to Richard. Click on the cart 4 times, we speak with the merchant and praise the wool in all respects.

We offer the merchant a price for wool 1 1/4 pound, then for 1 1/2 pound. The merchant will say, let the price be better 1 1/4 pound, get the achievement “First profit“.

First profit Get profit.
Chapter X
At the beginning, stop the ball on the green area, we continue to work, until we are told to look after Jonathan. We enter the market, we talk about all topics. Leaving, we get Ellen's note.

Let's go to the mill. On the way to her, we answer Tom, that the work will be finished later and ask about Alfred.

Near the mill we communicate with Aliena and raise the heads of both, inform Aliena, that we like her. Selecting all options, after we end up in the cathedral.

Shoot down sling wasp nest, they are in these places (use key “space” for highlighting) :

1. In the cathedral.
2. At the cemetery.
3. Near the mill.

After, get the achievement “Disinsector“.

Disinsector Solve the insect problem in Kingsbridge.

We go to the mill, take from Jonathan ants. Let's go to the bridge (path near the tree), talking to brother Paul. Let's go to Jack's quarry, talking to Ellen.

Let's go to the cloister, Jonathan will write something. Apply on Alfred I'm sorry and ants, studying Alfred's replica. Writing something on the floor next to Jonathan, get the achievement “Revenge“.

Revenge revenge.

At the cemetery, we talk with quarreling workers, choose “Tom Builder”, then “Prior” and “think of someone else…”. Generally, sorting through all the options (correct – assistant prior).

We go to the scriptorium, apply key item “can, “Love elegies”…” on a young monk. Getting a new key item, we leave.

Approaching Jonathan, select all options. We speak with brother Arnald, studying the fate of Cuthbert.

Let's go to the road, talking to the felters. Let's go to mom, talk to her and get herbs. We grind them in a mortar in the kitchen, received balm we give it to felters. We get the achievement “Union of Workers“.

Union of Workers Help the workers.

We approach Aliena's house, asking about a guest. Let's go to the cathedral, talking to Philip. Entering the Cathedral, choosing “back to work immediately”.

After the conversation, we find ourselves on the roof, choose the option about the monk in black on the market. We choose, that he stepped on some chickens. Follow the monk in black (to Ellen). Shoot the monk with a sling, get the achievement “Detective novel“.

Detective novel Catch the suspect.

We study letter from Gloucester, follow the road to Shearing. We continue the way to Shearing and go to it.

Chapter XI
At the beginning we get a new key item, talking to Meg. Walkthrough of the full walkthrough of the game “diplomacy”, when they show us the board, we point out the problem. We get piece of wool, let's go to the map.

We apply piece of wool on the Flemish merchants. Back to the market, offer the buyer near Meg to arrange a public auction. We offer a compromise, we get money and achievement “skillful trader“.

skillful trader It's good to haggle.

We apply money of Philip, give him the same (money), how much and Richard. Talking to a Preacher, let's go to the map. Talking to monks, bread seller and blacksmith.

Let's go to the tavern, talking to the innkeeper. I'm talking to Richard, then about money management. Richard and Alonso fight, get the key item and use it on the innkeeper. We get bread, give it to the girl on the map.

Apply the key item on the girl, get a new key item. Apply it on the monks, we get french checkers. We give them to Richard and agree on everything, with no exceptions. We get the achievement “Team player“.

Team player Provide moral support to knights.

We give away money Richard, go to the map and give checkers monks. Let's go to the market, I'm talking to Philip. Answering business questions “Yes”, for Philip, we ask for access to materials.

On the map we travel with the knights, passing through the camp. Walkthrough of the full walkthrough of the game “Keep out”, go to bed. Walkthrough of the full walkthrough of the game “God didn't do it”, we get to Lincoln.

Chapter XII
At the beginning we get a new key item, go to Richard. Leaving the Cathedral, talking to the knight. We study Lincoln Castle and the coming battle, we go into the cathedral and click on King Stefan. We approach it, get a new key item.

Use a key item on a knight on the street “Stefan wants…”, get a new icon. Use it on King Stefan, we offer to dress up as a peasant, choose nothing.

On the street, I talk about the agreement with the Hamleys, then we choose the option about the construction of the cathedral and about Aliena and Richard. On the balcony we pray for peace, in the cathedral click on the monster.

When the camera is at Jack's quarry, select Jack's option four times.

When we find ourselves near Lincolsky Cathedral, click on King Stephen. Then click on all : lincol castle, people by the fire, clouds and captured knights ; We study permission.

Chapter XIII
I'm talking to Philip. Walkthrough of the full walkthrough of the game “Yes. I want…”, get a new key item. Leaving the scriptorium. Talk to Martha, get a new icon. Leaving the market.

We are on the market, let's go to the cathedral. Approaching Jonathan, William will arrive. When asked about death, choose “Yes, he died”, we are in the cloister. Let's go to Jack, get a new icon. We walk along the road to the mill, we are near the bridge.

We apply bible to Martha and Mary, from Ellen we get grass. Give it to Mary, after we pass the mini-game. We are in the cathedral.

We apply bible of Thomas, select option in crypto “talk about saint”. We inspire confidence, talking about attack, then honor the memory of the dead and the wounded. After we try to inspire confidence again and finally we inspire it.

Chapter XIV
We knock on the door of the mill, choose an option “may be…”. We knock on the door of the mill three more times, we see the invention and say, that it is shiny. Then choose “William Hamley”, after choose “I'm getting married. To support Richard”.

We choose “hide feelings”, talking to Jack, that he is selfish. Leaving, we are talking, that we'll marry Alfred. In the scriptorium, select the option “often”, express doubt, that God exists.

We choose “then, what Abbot Peter taught us, was wrong”. In the monastery cell we use I'm sorry for all things, we will be shown a butterfly in the water on the floor. We see Ellen at the top, get a new icon.

We take bowl, use it on a small stone slab. Remove another stone slab, get out. We study “who was Jack's father?“.

Playing as Aliena close the door. We open the door in the morning, show our feelings. I'm talking, that we were all wrong. We will reply in three days, that three days have passed. We take spices.

We will reply in two days, that Aliena and Alfred have been married for five days. I'm talking, that we need time, apply spices on a bowler hat. We take eggs.

In twenty days we speak, that it would be a very kind act. We choose “seventeen days”, throw eggs in a bowler hat.

One day we talk to Philip, we are talking, that there is no need to be such a cynic and that Alfred has a good plan. We choose “Alfred will lose his job…”, filming pohlyobku.

We deliver in August pohlyobku March, choose “he worries about kingsbridge”. Change the subject, we are talking, that we are not in a hurry. We choose the option about the fox.

In September, we pass a mini-game, choose an option, that Aliena is pregnant and then, that she married Alfred was a mistake. We choose the option about the efforts of Alfred and then, that Aliena is trying to be a good wife and she doesn't know, what to do.

Choosing options “you despise me for that, what have I done?” and “I will return Jack”.

Choosing options in October “she fits like that…”, “she can't go on…”, “with his mother?”, studying coat of arms of Aliena. We leave, talking to Martha several times.

Leaving home in March, sail away on the ship and get the achievement “End of book two“.

End of book two Finish the second book.
Book III. Around the storm
At the beginning we speak, that we are looking for one person. Then choose the option “joy?”.

Chapter XV
We study white ship, talking with a bricklayer on all topics, we're leaving. Go right, talking to the driver. Ask her to take us to Barfleur, then in Lesse, after in Mont Saint-Michel. Let's go to Le Mans, then to Tour.

We speak with an important gentleman on all topics, going to Limoges, then back to Tour. Let's go to Greece, then to Kingsbridge. In the guest yard in Tours, the baby will cry, trying to feed him.

In Tours, interact with the statue of the Virgin Mary and the modillion, choose options “Yes, we know him”, “What was he doing here??” and “Master said…”. After we play for Jack.

We take candle and small container, apply it to a bowl of water. We put candle for fastening and container in the mount. We study Banu Musa, explain to friends about the device. We take container, fill it with water.

We apply water container on the picture, explain to friends. Walkthrough of the full walkthrough of the game “And that's a bad idea”, take statue of the Virgin and put it on the table. We answer, what we don't know.

Ask Aisha to continue, after we will play for Aliena. We apologize to the pilgrims, we continue the conversation and go to the river bank. Talking to a blind woman, looking for a ring, when the night comes it will glow. We take ring, give it to the woman.

We talk with a woman on all topics, choose options “To leave like this…” and “You are too hard on yourself”. We study way of saint jacob, we are on the map.

Moving on down the road five times, choose an option “stay with her”. We continue the path. Warming up by the fire, talking to the owner several times. Show him child, asking about father.

Selecting all options, pointing to the inn. Asking for help from a person, pointing to the cathedral. Asking “Jack went to Toledo?”, going to Toledo.

We are in the yard, go right and go inside. We take I'm sorry, get the achievement “Jack was here!“.

Jack was here! Find traces of Jack.

We leave, talking to a woman, that we're looking for someone and we found Jack's sling. Choosing options “May be, he introduced himself by a different name?”, “I want, to my son…”, “You talk about him like this…”, “It was a mistake” and “Thanks and all the best to you”.

On the way to Paris, choose the option “I wanted to talk to him”. In Paris, we go to the right and look at the multi-colored light. Talking to Jack.

In the harbor we speak with the priest, open the chest. We get figurine, show it to the priest and put it in a shady place. We apply figurine with drops of liquid to the angry crowd, order to watch.

Next, select “Because we need to get on a ship”, making up a story. After that, we meet Jack's grandmother (What a twist, I'm a freak myself..).

Chapter XVI
In the beginning, we suggest pulling out the weeds, then loosen the soil, plant a seed and water it. In the cathedral we declare, that the church is not needed, human – the God, listening to Jonathan.

Learning on the street letter, asking a person, what country is he from, what is Africa and what are fig trees. Click on bards, explore the district.

Approaching Strange Animals, talking to the juggler (2 times) and foreign monks (2 times). Talking to Jonathan (3 times) and Remigiem (1 time). We get the achievement “Lead me on straight paths“.

Lead me on straight paths Find all clues.

Look at the back of the cart, talk to the boy and leave. We listen to the priest further and follow the man in the mask, ask “Where have you been?”. I'm talking, that there is still not enough money for the cathedral.

In the kitchen, we approve of deceit, listening to dialogues.

Chapter XVII
At the beginning we study Aliena and Jack's family, get a new key item. We take instruments, apply them to vaults. After, choose an option “Crypt”.

We study Philip's second book, go to the crypt in the cathedral. We apply instruments on a crack, find ourselves in a secret room. We interact with all things : grave, broom and goblet. We get a glass, confess to setting fire to the cathedral, studying whip.

In Erskals we study end of the war. Playing as Aliena, move to the right, enter the hut. We leave, go right and study “???”. We take in the house a blanket, we give it to Elizabeth and look for something to eat for her.

We take bowl, apply it to the pot. We give away a bowl of soup Elizabeth, get the achievement “Request for help“.

Request for help Take care of your soul mate.

Asking, Earl of Shiring whether Elizabeth has a husband and why she married him. Softening the truth. Walter arrives, give the dagger to Elizabeth (one of the choices). We get the achievement “Desperate Measures“.

Desperate Measures Prepare Elizabeth for the Worst.

We speak to Walter, that Elizabeth will stay with us, studying wife of William.

Chapter XVIII
In the beginning we write about everything, finish the letter and leave. We walk along the path, let's go to the kitchen. Click on the robber, charge in one stone. If we betrayed Brother Mark Remigius in the first chapter of the first book, we get an achievement “Brother Mark“.

Brother Mark Reap the fruits of your past.

Choosing an option for Jack “Calm them down”, for Tom “Turn to the new king”, for Jack “Speak out with the protection of the robbers”, for Alien “I'll talk to the robbers”.

Heading south on the map, trying to find allies. Let's go to Wigley, then to Shiring. Asking about the leader, going to Monksfield, in Huntley. We will be sent to find “Butcher”, we go to an abandoned quarry.

Approaching Carefully, going to Monksfield. We speak with a battered bandit, ask about the Butcher and say, that they can lead them.

I'm talking, that they, too, lived in need, and that their father was a worthy earl. Talking about Philip's support, get the achievement “The voice of the people“.

The voice of the people Gather an army.
Chapter XIX
At the beginning we study Earlcastle, in the courtyard talking to women. We take from the basket Apple, apply it to a woman, old woman and again at the woman. She says she wants to go home.

We walk along the path, click on the knights and approach them. Getting a new icon, we talk about all topics. Crossing the yard, talking to Elizabeth. In the pantry we tell her, that we need to talk to Regan, avoid a direct answer and speak, what can we try.

Getting new key items, climb the wall. We tell Walter to take us to Lady Hamley., choose “Elizabeth said…”, “Prove it, what…”, “I can handle…”.

We explain ourselves in Regan's room, appeal to conscience, we are talking “If you don't listen…”. William will come, cut him with a knife. After the flag raising cutscene, we get the achievement “Oath“.

Oath Fulfill the promise.

I'm talking “William killed himself” and “You will be able to leave”. Further, if in the second book you swore an oath to your father quickly and without hesitation – choose an option “Thank you, brother”. We get the achievement “Countess Aliena“.

Countess Aliena Become a Countess.

We study reinstatement of Aliena of Shearing.

Chapter XX
At the beginning we speak, that we are guilty. We blame Walleran, we speak for Jonathan, that Philip had always been his father, then “Philip won't lie” and “My brother found him in the forest”.

For Aliena we forgive Philip, we're talking about Jack “Jack Jackson” and show the cup. In the scriptorium in the picture we show father Jack and the bishop.

Click on the image of father Jack and drag the icon onto the bishop. Use the white ship on Percy Hamley, and king to bishop. Apply James on father, cup for James and cell for James. We get the achievement “Everything fell into place“.

Everything fell into place Reveal the conspiracy.

We approach a lot of people on the map, then to the big house and church. We pass the mini-game, listening to dialogues.

Chapter XXI
Go left across the bridge, Let's go home. We speak with the prior, after all the dialogues we do not answer. After the dialogues, we get the achievement “the end“.

the end Finish the third book.

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