How to easily defeat Malenia through shield and bleeding

The easiest way to defeat Malenia for a Shield Warrior using the Ashes of a False Tear (or co-op with a friend).

I explain tactics, how to defeat Malenia from the first run and in less than 3 minutes without glitches and bugs + character leveling.


Parents, who win solo only through a shield in both hands – it's not about you. Here is my way of defeating Malenia from the first tray (using this method). No trade secrets will be revealed – ordinary ordinary victory through tactics. A guide for those, who wants to make it easier to pass the boss, not for that, to complicate things.

my way + build for an easy win
so, for, to defeat Malenia easily and simply, you will need the following:

  • Shield with high stability and 100% physical damage – eg, stone shield with prints (you can use the big golden shield, in case of emergency – special big shield, but both of these shields are complemented by a talisman of a large shield).
  • Blood screw on +10
  • Rivers of blood on +9/+10
  • Ashes of False Tears on +10
  • Medallion with green amber on +2
  • ~ 45 resilience
  • ~ 40 life force
  • ~ 35-40 sorcery
  • force – on demand for a shield.
  • ~ 40 dexterity
  • Least – average load level (at least for you).
  • Balance indicator >51
  • Protective pills – the more, all the better.

The rest is optional, but I'll give you a hint – bring the missing characteristics with talismans and clothes. If possible, add a talisman “Triumph of the Lord of the Blood”, greatly increase the pressure.

All magic and other ways to increase attack – I didn't use them, did not even increase the stability of the shield.

For the easiest victory over Malenya, entering the arena, immediately summon the ashes. Wherein, in the hands is a shield and rivers of blood. Further, when the call took place, quickly change weapons to a bloody screw. We hit from under the shield, you can not lower the shield at all. The shield blocks absolutely all attacks of the first phase + during attacks allows you to additionally stab the boss. We try to beat the boss at the same time as a tear. It is easy for Malenia to knock down the balance with a hail of blows.. Take care of your phantom. Ideally, it should be enough for both phases, but taking damage, he will, as it were, treat Malenia, try to redirect her aggression to yourself more, while holding a shield. The main role in causing damage will be played by a tear.. In the second phase, protective pills will prevent death from red rot. In my opinion, as a precaution, much easier to use, than having a spell.

so, playing in such tactics, we will use all the weaknesses of Malenia: Rivers of Blood deals fire damage, to which the boss has no resistance + bleeding is constant; a hail of blows helps knock the boss off balance, as well as interrupt his attacks; if everything is supplemented with a talisman “Triumph of the Lord of the Blood”, then the boss can be destroyed without harm to one's own health (health bars in the game) provided a sufficiently stable shield.

From E1nher1

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