Chivalry 2: The best weapon

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Weapon classes in Chivalry 2

  • one-handed

    performs well in one-on-one battles due to speed. But it does relatively little damage per hit.. Also it is a good choice for a spare weapon.

  • two-handed

    used against the crowd (swords and axes), or when playing on defense (hammers). All weapons of this class are heavy and not too fast.. Therefore, in one-on-one combat with two-handed weapons, only, when the enemy opens up. Also, heavy weapons are good for finishing off enemies., already wounded by the allies.

  • Swords

    faster than axes, and they, in turn, are faster than polearms (various hammers and maces). But the faster the weapon, the less damage it deals per hit.

  • Luke

    deals a lot of damage to the head, and crossbows pierce any armor well, but take a long time to recharge.

The best weapons in Chivalry 2
Messer (two-handed)

Messer is the best two-handed sword in the game (though rather a combat knife). It has a long range attack at the same time., quick strikes and high damage even against heavy armor.

Hammer (two-handed)

Hammer - slow, but incredibly powerful two-handed weapon. They can quickly break through the enemy's shield, knock the weapon out of the hands or even kill with one blow, if the enemy is already wounded (by you or allies) or wearing light armor.

Alebarda (two-handed)

Halberd - the best weapon for combat in the ranks. Moreover, it is universal.: deals a lot of damage with a slash from above, can stab and help fight back, if you are surrounded.

Crossbow (small arms)

The crossbow well penetrates heavy armor and helps to thin out the ranks of the enemy storming the wall, and also kills anyone with one hit to the head. But remember, what is this weapon for ambushes and shooting from shelters. And in an open field, you can take a pavese with you and put it in front of you, to recharge safely.

short sword (one-handed)

The best dueling weapon in the right hands due to its speed. While the enemy is trying to deal as much damage as possible in one hit, you will have time to chop it from different sides.

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