Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Shredder’s Revenge: Achievement guide

Achievement guide in Russian. A drop of old school, humor and childhood.


Greetings 8-bit oldies and those who just came here. This guide is for educational purposes only.. I'm not trying to offend anyone with what I said., I don't copy anyone, getting information out of my head. I hope I cheered you up and not only him, Oh, forget, let's get into the mood.

If your shell is more than 15 cm – like it
If your shell is more than 20 cm – reward leadership
If your shell is more than 25 cm – it's not normal anymore

The fitted body armor, we start.

“Story achievements”
In this section I, the best, strongest, the most beautiful, I'll drop all achievements, which YOU, the best, the strongest, most beautiful, receive during the passage. It could be considered, that achievements are just a freebie…

Complete a stage in any multiplayer mode

Nothing complicated, if you have friends. If they are not, then alas, you are missing this achievement. If serious – just complete the level not solo, and with someone.

Stop the broadcast of the scoundrel on the Channel 6 in story mode

Will be given after passing the 1st chapter, unless of course you turned off the game due to the lack of Russian language in it. Can be obtained as a solo, so in coop.

Infiltrate the Royal Sewers of New York and defeat the Rat King in Story Mode

Well I guess, this long title needs no introduction. 5I am the head. Kick the Rat King with 3 fingers and get achievement.

Put an end to Bebop and Rocksteady's run in Story Mode

Biba and Boba, as they say, the two best men… Bosses of the 7th chapter. Killed very easily.

Run the Triceratons Empire in Story Mode

No extra words or jokes – you get after killing the boss in chapter 11.

Stop Crom At Home, before he can restore the old Technodrome in Story Mode

You will receive after defeating “Zhelezyachkin” in chapter 13

Complete story mode

Total 16 chapters. Not a very long story. +-the hours of 3-4.

See all the different endings in story mode

As for me – this achievement is not related to the story, because you will still quit the game after one or two playthroughs… But seriously – just go through the 16th chapter of each of the characters. Seems easy? But yeah… To do this, you need to upgrade at least to 4-5 the level of this Persian, not to feel problems at the last level. Well, either if you break in a pack, so then – I am silent, handsome men.

“Gameplay Achievements”
Section dedicated to achievements, which are performed during the passage of the storyline and which can be skipped. So don't miss, what are you really…

Cheer on the same teammate 3 times during one stage

You might think, that you have someone to cheer. Just at the beginning of the episode, you click Crtl in front of a friend several times and you get.

Finish off the boss, using Super Attack

There is absolutely nothing complicated, if your friend is not a rat and will allow you to make this achievement. You take the HP of the boss to a minimum and finish him off., by pressing just one button – A (no damn B) no damn C

Revive a teammate in multiplayer

As already discussed, if you don't have friends, you won't get the achievement. Ha-ha, funny, funny. Approaching a wounded comrade, feed him pizza (Ctrl) and get a physical achievement.

Execute 10 team attacks in multiplayer mode

I, probably, I will stop talking about it, what, to get at least half of the achievement – you will need a friend. Achievement get in the initial episodes.

Get hit while taunting

Che, vykabenivalsya? And here you will know, how to tease foot celikov. Press shift and wait, until someone hits you on the back of the head.

Drop it 16 enemies towards the camera

If this class has fans – now the bird is flying. If you do it by accident – it's going to be a good jumper. Approaching the enemy, holding back “down” (the character misses him) and press normal attack.

Eat it 20 pizza

Did you come here to play or eat?? At least share with a friend (if he is of course). You will find pizzas during the passage of the story..

Win a Coney Island minigame

9th episode. Income to places, where are the inflatables (not, not that, what did you think) shells. Hit the pumps, burst them. One will drop pizza, when you pick it up – will give an achievement.

Find 5 various collectibles in story mode

You stick your nose everywhere? Get it in chapter 11, when you find the hidden crystal, if before that you found cassettes, newspapers and more.

The reflections 10 shells

You leave one poor fellow, который кидает в тебя копья\кунаи\вантузы, makes no difference and beats back with a normal punch.

Win Super Shredder, without getting a single blow

To her… Good luck… Your Ring of Omnipotence will blaze with the flames of Aradruin for a very long time..

Play as Casey Jones

for farming, we have two goals and the choice depends entirely on – this poor fellow can't be chosen, when you start playing, and all because it opens after passing all 16 episodes.

Cheer Rafael, I play for Casey Jones

Well, how small are you… You always need to scatter everything on the shelves. Okay, Listen. Your homie takes Rafael, and you poor old Jones. And that's all. Complicated? I don't think… (just don't forget to help a friend with the same achievement)

Find all cameos in story mode

If you break everything in a row looking for cassettes and stuff, then they probably found characters. In my opinion the most hidden character – this is the one, which is on the screen. First half of mission 13, located in the left capsule. Thank you? Thank you. It turns out for health.

Complete all special requests in story mode

Will open after, how do you find all the collectibles and give them to the characters, who you found as a cameo. If you didn't do it – I do not care, go do it. What are you here for?? Right, to get platinum in the game. So go ahead…

Destroy 200 broken objects

Well, yes, break it, break it… We are millionaires…

Defeat the Rat King, using Splinter

HAHAHAHA understood the irony? Ahahahayvazshivpfzshchyaa… I'm hysterical. Rat to rat. La kringe. Well you got it, What do we have to do? Aeoveadp

Run a chain of 250 blows

I think, it's hard. It's complicated? Probably. Take that, who is depicted on the achievement and go set fire to your hearth… Because there will be oh so many failures…

Bring all characters to the maximum power level in story mode

Longest Achievement. The highest level – 10. +-2000 character points. What can I say? Maybe her? Fuck this platinum, what do you have, lots of free time?

“Arcade Achievements”
This section will present “arcade” achievements… Right now, I would devote a whole section to them, already gone…
What is arcade mode? It's just a game from start to finish, nonstop. you're dying – you start from the beginning. Available in stock 5 lives. Pizzas are present, so it will be easier.

Complete arcade mode in multiplayer mode

Get everything done before launch. Try it, smoke, go to the toilet. You are here for a long time.

Complete arcade mode on the hardest difficulty

Do the same, what I suggested above, just bring another fire extinguisher.

Complete arcade mode, not using continuation

16 episodes fly by, I tell you the truth, honestly, answer, boy's word… Okay, not.

By Zapredelnick and Bee

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