Raft: A short guide to the passage of the winter raft biome

Arrival and follow-up
It's better to enter from this side: Upon arrival you will see many houses on your left, so far, don't run to them., you can only come and pick up a snowmobile, you will return to these houses after you collect the wires from the towers of everything like 6 towers after you collect the wires you can return to the buildings, your next goal will be to run the wires along “generators” It's not hard enough. If everything worked out for you and you are in the main house, then go up to the second floor and find there “Welding machine”. After it has been collected, you will need to find such a house on the island. – When you try to approach, you will inevitably fall into a cave from which it is quite easy to find the entrance to this building itself., the building has three floors, not counting the cave, on the third there will be a safe code from the safe 5964 we take everything from the safe and go to two large green tanks on the mountain, using a burner, we kindle the place where to insert the key and actually insert the key itself. Upon entering you will see a panel and many doors, find an open (Here I'm just too lazy to screen everything), before entering the door, be sure to put on a chemical suit, there will be more at the bottom of the door 2 small, and one large one, you must alternately enter two small doors and enter the code there for a certain period of time, the code will also need to be entered before the big. Codes for all terminals 61 / 17 / 37If everything is done correctly, the door will open and you will have to enter it., inside there will be a couple of rooms in which you just have to pick up the parts to start the main mechanism from above, further there will be rooms with lasers, the first one is pretty easy., the second one is a little more difficult. How should they be in the second room –  , after passing through all the lower rooms you will rise back to the mechanism in which you will have to insert what you have collected from below, after which it will give an error and send you to do everything manually, giving you the key, descending into the compartment you will have to scroll 3 valves around the reactor. When you scroll through all three valves, the reactor will stop and the radiation will subside., you will have to go to the last room where you will take the blueprint and unlock a new character UPD: Not a short and mediocre guide, however, I succeeded, well, at least you can steal codes from here

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  1. how did you get into this biome? I killed this megalodon, and as if everything, no notes Toko the key is not clear from what and that's it

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