Raft: The fastest way to get the Expert Anglerfish Hunter achievement

The guide provides information on completing the achievement
Expert Anglerfish Hunter!
Kill 50 Anglerfish.


Step 1
We will get this achievement at the location Varuna Point
(1 in the screenshot of the entrance )

Step 2
Then we swim to two rooms (on the screens 2 and 3) in the room 2 Angler right in it,room 3, there's an angler in the back room

Step 3
The room in which the main process will take place (arrow 3 from previous step)arrow number 4 the place where i stayed,arrow number 5 the same room with the Angler from Step 2

Step 4
Now you need to collect these two Anglers in one room (Step 2 arrow 3) and hit them both 4 strike so that they have one hit health left with a metal spear (again this is for complexity) the same room into which you need to drive Anglers with only HP(hp=health) for one hit (screenshot from another angle )

Step 5
Now it's time


I'll tell you how I did,it means that there are two Anglers with us in the room who are with hp for one hit, we climb into the room on the screen arrow 6 (location doesn't matter)
press ESC save yourself once (Anglers must be alive with one HP ) after saving go and kill them, after the kill, exit to the main menu without a new save and save on exit (required without saving on exit) now we go back to the same world and again kill the Anglers and so on until we get the Achievement

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