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steal, kill, **** geese! Oh, not that.

Greetings. No matter how strange it may seem, but I will start the guide with hidden (final) achievements. It is important, so that you do not have to replay half the game later (least).

To search for the desired achievement by name, use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl F.


I explain right away, how to do two achievements in one playthrough:

Into the sunset

Get a good ending

No promotion

Get a bad ending

The system is weird. Endings depend on the final rank, based on the fulfillment of three points: number of purchased cars; and number of purchased houses; number of completed tasks.
The final ranks S and A give a good ending, the rest – bad. Ie. if you have done almost all the tasks, eg 33 from the 35th, knocking out rank S, bought all cars (6/6 – rank S) and bought one house out of three (rank B), then the result will be rank A, this is a good ending.

You will have to go through the game aiming for a bad ending. Make a story and don't get distracted, and if you get distracted, then only to earn money for the plot. Don't buy any cars, except those, that you need to buy according to the plot. Don't buy any houses at all. If you bought one, that's all right, but no more. Try not to order. For example, you can close all orders for a bar 66 and get an achievement “The regular”, but forget about Raymond and his son.

How to pass the game to a bad ending, you can start looting (or sell pre-stolen loot from the buffer of the car and take orders), and then buy houses, cars, and complete the remaining achievements.

And by the way, 3 you will own cars in any case, this is rank A, but 1 home ownership is rank B, if anything.

money is money
Money is money 1

Earn 700 dollars

Money is money 2

Earn 5000 dollars

Money is money 3

Earn 15000 dollars

Money is money 4

Earn 80000 dollars

Achievement at 80k is not hard to get in the mid game, just clearing objects on the map.

Delivery man 1

Complete 5 orders

Delivery man 2

Complete 10 orders

Delivery man 3

Complete 15 orders

Delivery man 4

Complete 20 orders

Delivery man 5

Complete 25 orders

Orders include requests from a buyer from a black van, Raymond and Hunter.

Car guy 1

Buy Ram Transporter


Car guy 2

Buy Benton Kidd


Car guy 3

Buy Time Traveler

Car guy 4

Buy Viper 81

Car guy 5

Buy Luxardo Beretti

There is no place like home
No place like home 1

Buy a shack

No place like home 2

Buy an average house

No place like home 3

Buy a big house

The regular

Get the maximum level of reputation (darling) at the bar 66

At the beginning of the game, you can hurry up and bring all the required things to the buyer in the black van behind the pawnshop before leaving for Shady Woods. The buyer will be later in the story and with new assignments, on the right at the entrance to the industrial street, if anything.
Everyone at the bar, in addition to the barmaid and Stacks, you can take on assignment, and they give a reputation for the bar. Same, check motel manager “Sunset”, he also has a job.

Like a second son

Get the maximum level of reputation (darling) with Raymond and son

We'll have to do a lot of tasks for this couple. Fortunately, do not have to do everything.

Raymond will need to steal 4 cars:

  • Chepo sedan. IN 502
  • Chepo station wagon. At the hotel “Double”
  • Chepo taxi. In the garage, behind Hunter Biden's store
  • Conveyor van. At the bar 66

Same, near Raymond, a man sits in a guardhouse, he has a reputation quest.

Hunter will have to wear special cassettes. Their location is written in the game.

Later, near the end of the story, open new orders, which will be common to both. The location of data and photos is also indicated in the game (though not entirely clear, in Russian version)

Knock knock

Open up 30 windows with crowbar

I advise you to stupidly run around the starting location and break windows for everyone.
Can be combined with achievement “Like a champion”

Like a champion

Win 20 fights

I advise you to combine with the achievement “Knock knock”
The easiest way to visit Thomas is 701, break his window, and then get into a fight with him and leave for the motel. If everything is done quickly and not climb into his house, the police won't come, and the search will be only from Thomas. How the search will subside, repeat the above over and over and over. In this guide, you will learn, pick a time, when will thomas be home, preferably in the bedroom.
Poor Thomas…

Like a thief in the night

Achieve an S rank for theft 30 time

Avoid being seen by anyone and try to carry a full backpack. If there is a lot of prey, you can endure everything for several times, the main thing, move away from the building, which you are robbing, to start scoring.
The contents of the backpack can be unloaded into your car, choosing an item “clipboard” on objects, in inventory tab
Heavy items can be picked up and dropped or carried closer to the exit, and pick them up at the last sortie. Experience for them is accrued immediately upon climbing., and, it can be charged again, if you have already left the robbery zone, but the items are not.
By the way, S rank of thefts grants a bonus to the next S or A rank theft. If you need skill points to expand your backpack and reduce the chance of lockpicks breaking, you can pump so seriously. If you get noticed, then load the last autosave, so that the bonus does not disappear.

Secret Shots
Here’s Johnny

Take a photo of a unique ax

They are alive

Take a photo of unique glasses

It can’t be bargained with

Take a photo of the unique cyborg hand

You’re not expendable

Take a photo of a unique knife

Like tears in the rain

Take a picture of a unique origami unicorn

I will not repeat, all shown in another guide (English version)

Out but gold

Collect 15 golden videocassettes in sandbox mode

Sandbox mode is not yet available

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