Generation Zero®: Making armor-piercing cartridges or how I mine copper

It's no secret, that in Generation Zero shell cartridges are weaker than their armor-piercing counterparts, which "solve" the task of destroying robots much better and faster. You can find them all over the map in various boxes., bags, corpses of people and the wreckage of robots. But, In most cases, there are very few of them, and wiping out iron giants sometimes requires having quite a few of them around..
In my humble opinion, two types of weapons do an excellent job with this task: machine gun Kvm 59 and sniper rifle Pvg 90 (even better if you have experimental samples). And if a machine gun is, in principle, taste, then, I'm sure, armor-piercing sniper rifle (yes, and with a good body kit) will not leave anyone indifferent, because it is one of the most powerful weapons or in the gaming common people - "imboy".


Let's get started
To start creating armor-piercing cartridges, we need, naturally, their drawings, which are located at these coordinates:

drawing for armor-piercing cartridges 7.62 AP for machine gun 1376, -3740

(two ever-burning cars at the crossroads)

drawing for armor-piercing cartridges .50 BMG AP for rifle 221, -3376

(in one of the rooms on the lower living floors of the bunker)

Having received these drawings, you can go to any of our shelters where there is a processing station and a consumables workshop, and start crafting ammo. These cartridges have copper in their composition - not such a common material in the game. Occasionally, it may come across already "ready to eat". But in most cases, it must be “extracted” from various objects.. And for our happiness, objects, containing copper, occur more frequently and in greater numbers. We will collect them.
However, copper is not obtained in the ratio of one item is equal to one piece of copper. The following is a list of "copper-containing" items, and in brackets is the minimum number of pieces of one type of item to obtain one or two pieces of copper:
– automotive EMP (10)
– middle block EMP (10)
– large EMP block (10)
– paramedic emergency kit (5)
– ammo box (5)
– fireworks (20)
– cumulative fragmentation projectile (4)
– electromagnetic pulse projectile (4)
– cumulative projectile LG-7V (4), (if the Soviet Weapons Pack is purchased).
other items, containing copper, did not meet, but if I find it, I'll add it.
Also some items and components (including sometimes copper) can also be obtained for completing special assignments, which must be taken at FMtel stations. Stations are located, usually in large bunkers.

You can also get copper from armor-piercing cartridges, but we are them, on the contrary, we create, right?

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