In this guide, I will cover, how to unlock the new DLC secret boss in our favorite cup game!


Upon arrival at new island, we will have to go to the cemetery in any way available to us (you can even use the secret passage, you can also get a coin, see below) and talk to that ghost. Listening to his bullshit, he will tell us, in what things do we find secret sequence, which we will later need to enter, interacting with tombstones

secret passage
We can get into the secret passage, going behind the store and poking around in the corner. Walking along this aisle you lose a coin, and of course go to the cemetery!

broken artifact
so, this mustachioed spirit told us, that we need some broken artifact, we will find it in Pig libraries. We buy this trinket and equip.

Skill test
Skill test? What does this mean? Can, I need to skillfully complete all the levels on the island? Maybe you need to go through a boss rush with the chess king? NOT! We need to get to the top three in the rock climbing competition.. They all say some phrase, and everyone is different, different even on different save files. Approaching the Bottle, she tells us a phrase, where we need to find any designation of the sides (left, straight, up, down,to Magadan, etc.) in my case it says “RIGHTS”, which somehow means, that the first tombstone, which we need to activate – right of center.

Spade is next, by the same principle we calculate, that the second plate, which we need to activate – left of center.
Well, the last individual, 3rd place: Pickaxe. She talks about her problems, but we need to find directions. Here we are told two directions at once: right and up
You can talk all you want, what's the word “entitled”, can't give direction. Localizers, no kidding, tried, I didn't get it right away.

Having received the sequence (remind, everyone has it different), we go back to the cemetery with the equipped trinket from the store. I got the following sequence:Interact with gravestones, taking advantage of the sequence you found, If you pressed, then ghosts will crawl out of the graves. And so, we entered our sequence – the central stone shone. This is your passage to the secret boss.

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