PlateUp!: Help for newbies

WARNING POSSIBLE SPOILER. I decided to make this guide, for newbies, what would they watch, what is in the game where initially there is no condition or how much dishes cost for one piece. I will update this guide as I play Plate Up..

How much are the meals.

1. Steak- 5 coins.
2. Salad- 5 coins.
3.Pizza- 10 coins.

4. pies- 8 coins.
5. Burger- 3 coins.

How much are the desserts.

1. Cheese plate- 3 coins. Features of this plate, that you can feed three visitors at once.

The photo shows two plates., but i put one.

2. Ice cream- 2 coins. There are three flavors in ice cream dessert(colors). And customers can order all or one by one.

Interior styles.

°1. Tie- this view is fully open.
1 stage: 0/3 visitors leave less dirt.
2 stage: 3/6 visitors increase their patience when they receive food.
3 stage: 6/9 Tables don't leave dirt.

°2. House- this view is fully open.
1 stage: 0/3 Increased customer patience.(Bell)
2 stage: 3/6 Patience of customers decreases more slowly, when the player is near the table.
3 stage: 6/9 Customers will be seated at tables before, how will they be removed.

°3. Diamond- this view is fully open.
1 stage: 0/3 Increased queue patience.
2 stage: 3/6 Additional coins for delivered goods.
3 stage: 6/9 Queues stop the decrease in patience at the table.

°4. Burger- this view is not completely open.
1 stage: 0/3 reduced food intake and time to think about which dish to order.
2 stage: 3/6 I didn't understand the translation. Table consumables can be reused.
3 stage: 6/9

Item Upgrade.

Items are upgraded through “Research table”.
1. Plate —> Dangerous stove.
2. Oven —> Microwave. (Microwave).
3. Sink —> soaking sink(Auto. Washing 1 a vessel) or kitchen sink(Takes in immediately 4 crockery).
Kitchen sink —> Dishwasher(Auto. sink with a place under 4 crockery).
4. Kitchen table —> Freezer(Leaves a trail. day ready meal).
5. How strange it is, the research table can also be improved —> Copy machine or drawing table.
6. Conveyor —> Invader(Grabs objects around him).

Invader —> Intelligent Invader.

7. Food Rack —> Frozen Food Station.

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