All Victoria achievements 3 and their implementation

The guide contains all the vanilla achievements of Victoria 3, will soon be supplemented by their implementation.


victorian ageplay the full campaign with 1836 by 1936

poor crowdone of your areas should be the target of cultural migration

Stronger than a swordforce the opponent to retreat in a diplomatic game

Treasuryany of your institutions should receive the maximum level of investment

Educationcomplete the task "Game learning

Revolutionariesgo to the side of the rebels in the civil war and win

We are not having funstart the game as Great Britain and send diplomats of a great power, relations with which are not less than cordial

PeckaviStart as the British India Company and gain full control of Sindh and Punjab

Perkeletankistart the game as Finland and produce at least 100 tank divisions per week

Anarchy in Britainstart the game as Great Britain and set the government to "Anarchist"

Westwards, young manstart playing as USA, establish dominion over California, Oregon and Washington and achieve, for the population of each state to exceed 250 thous

Parisian Communestart the game as France, establish a "Soviet Republic" form of government and a command economy

Barbary rearstart the game as the state of Algeria, take back the city of Algiers and become a major power

Children are not minersstart the game as Lanfang, include all areas of Borneo and pass a law for compulsory primary education

Broken promisesplaying for Italy, enter into a diplomatic game against 2 or more allies

Berlin conferencestart the game as Prussia, create Germany. No less 10 areas of Africa should be under your complete control

beautiful erastart as France and become the world leader in innovation points and GDP per capita

Actions instead of wordspass a women's suffrage law

The first flightbecome the first people in the world, who launched the airplane

emancipationstart the game as a state with serfdom and pass a law to protect the labor rights of workers

Risorgimentocreate the state of Italy

Three times "Hurrah"Create the State of Germany

Solomon's explorationscreate the state of Ethiopia

I am from Scandinaviacreate the state of Scandinavia

Enlightened Despotplaying as an autocratic state, install electric street lights in all areas

Reader Campaignstart the game as a nation with less than literacy 20% and lift it up 100%

TycoonComplete the "Economic Dominance" mission

Hegemoncomplete the "Hegemon" mission

caretakerComplete the Equal Society mission

Billionaireachieve a national GDP of at least 1 billion pounds

Luxembourg luxury classStart playing as Luxembourg and become the world's leading manufacturer of luxury clothing, luxury furniture and porcelain

Muhammad Ali's ambitionsstart the game as Egypt, create Arabia and gain dominion over Thrace

Pedro is not my candidatestart the game as Brazil, establish "Republic" form of government and introduce universal suffrage

Western protectoratestart the game as Great Qing, build treaty ports in France, Germany, on the British islands, in Iberia and Italy

Healthy man of Europestart playing as the Ottoman Empire and become the biggest great power, maintaining the maximum level of state health insurance

Habsburg New Wavestart the game as Austria, gain control of Silesia. Prussia should become a minor power or be ranked lower

Big gamestart the game as Russia and achieve dominance over all of Central Asia

Bourbon to all!start playing as Spain, achieve an average standard of living of at least 20, maintaining the monarchy

mexican manifestostart the game as Mexico, establish dominion over the Pacific Coast and the Great Plains and reach a higher rank, than the USA

quarrelsome dockyou must own port at least 5 level and export at least 1000 units of opium to foreign markets

More Greater Colombiacreate the state of Gran Colombia and achieve complete control over the strategic regions of Gran Colombia, Andes and La Plata

ingeniouslylearn all technologies in all three categories

Very Starry Bannerplaying for the United States, Imagine 100 states (regions) on your flag

Very difficult
imperial punStart as the Sikh Empire and conquer Great Britain

American territorystart the game as Indian Territory and make the USA your subject, having no more than three regions

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