Titanfall 2: Detailed guide to “Frontier Defense”

In this guide I will try to talk about the game mode in as much detail as possible. “Defense of the Frontier”



greetings to all! This is a guide to “Frontier Defense” (marvelous). I will try to tell you as much as possible about this game mode.

What “Defense of the Frontier”?

“Defense of the Frontier” – mode, in which 4 player reflected 5 enemy waves. Enemy – infantry, drones, reapers, titans, etc.. AI controlled. The main task of the players – protect the Harvester from destruction. Accordingly, the enemy’s task – destroy the Harvester
it – Harvester


Harvester has 2 scales – frame strength (dark blue) and shield strength (blue)

When you receive damage, the following happens::

  1. If the shield strength scale is not completely used up, then the damage goes along it
  2. If the shield's strength bar is completely depleted, then the damage goes to the strength of the frame
  3. If both scales are used up, then the harvester is destroyed

When, if the shield strength scale is not full 100%, then the timer starts (approximately at 5 seconds), after which the shield will begin to gradually recover. If the harvester receives damage, then the timer starts again.


As written above, in this mode 5 waves. In the first, unlike the others, Titans are not available for players
With each next wave, usually, stronger enemies appear, and there are more of them
The composition of the waves itself depends entirely on the map.. for example, on the map “Sunrise” Mortar Titans never spawn (I’ll tell you about them and other enemies later)

Game mode currency
Awarded for enemies, as well as:
1. For completing a wave
2. For impeccable defense (The harvester received no damage to its main strength)
3. Best player of the wave
4. For no deaths (if you die at least once, there will be no bonus (Allied deaths have no effect – the bonus is not awarded only to them))

Accrual of currency for enemies:

  • Mite – 0
  • Infantryman – 5
  • Mortar spectrum, hunter, plasma drone, camouflage drone – 10
  • Reaper – 20


During breaks between waves, players have access to an arsenal, in which you can spend the received game currency
Soon I will add information about all the purchasable items in the arsenal

Mode selection

Difficulty level selection

  • Light and normal are always available
  • Complex – after receiving titanium 5 Sowed to rank (2 improvement)
  • Master – after receiving titanium 11 Sowed to rank (4 improvement)

Selecting titanium in this menu essentially has no effect on anything, since you can choose it right before the start of the battle

Titanium selection

After selecting a titan, a timer will appear until the battle begins:


I warn you right away, what will I describe for “normal” difficulties, так как данная сложность является оптимальной для 4 рандомных игроков со средними знаниями об игре



Самые обычные пехотинцы. Ходят по 4, вооружены обычно штурмовыми винтовками. Ничего не могут сделать титанам, Харвестеру наносят очень мало урона. При этом если они скопятся в большом количестве, Харвестер может получать уже существенный урон.
Просто убивайте их с эффективной дистанции вашего основного оружия (но не подходите вплотную, могут хорошо ударить). Если в титанедавите, либо бейте в рукопашном бою.
Уязвимая зона – head. However, almost all weapons kill infantry even in the body with only 2-3 hits, It makes sense to shoot in the head only if the weapon does very little damage.

On higher difficulties they are armed with a secondary weapon – energy rifle. Let the infantrymen shoot inaccurately, but this way they cause more significant damage to the Harvester, Yes, and titanium can do a little harm.


Very durable robots, slightly larger infantrymen. Unarmed, walk in groups of 4. Slowly walking towards the Harvester, at a short distance they run up and explode their power supply, causing quite a lot of damage. They also run when receiving damage..
Vulnerable areas:
1. Power supply on the back. Just one hit from any weapon – the block will start to explode. First a series of small explosions, then a powerful explosion, уничтожающий ловца. During explosions, the catcher becomes invulnerable to any damage. Personally, I do not recommend bypassing the catchers in order to destroy the power supply – there is an easier method.
2. Head. It seems like it takes more damage… It's just almost unnoticeable, in most cases you need to fire the same number of shots, how much in the torso. I don't recommend this method either..
3. Legs. Usually enough 1-3 hits, and the hunter's leg falls off, after that he can't run, just crawl slowly. If a catcher crawls without a leg 30 seconds (about) and won't have time to get to the Harvester, then he will switch off. Perhaps, the best way to destroy a hunter, since there is no need to spend a huge number of bullets to destroy. Moreover, the power supply of the catcher crawling on the ground is clearly visible, if you want to finish him off. Without legs, catchers lose the ability to jump high.
Just shoot in the legs and enjoy the sight of helpless robots :)
When playing as a titan, kill in melee combat, but never push them, because they explode and cause damage.

On higher difficulties, catchers are armed with EPU and shoot from them until, until they either start running, or they won't lose their leg

The catchers walk at a slow pace

Catchers without legs

Mortar spectra

Spectra, moving to a certain point and starting from there firing at the Harvester from “Streltsov”. They always go in groups 4. Can jump on tall buildings. The shelling of the Harvester does not begin immediately, only after somewhere 10 seconds. When receiving damage from at least one of the spectra, the entire group will stop firing at the Harvester and will try to fight off the player with their main weapon. Unlike the usual ranges from PvP modes and single player campaign, these cannot be reprogrammed to your side.
Уязвимая зона – head.


Appear either from capsules (like infantry, specters and catchers), either from the reapers. Go to Harvester, but if they are close to the players they will try to explode near them.
1. If it's a pilot, then the ticks will stop first, then they will start to glow, and only after that later 2 seconds will explode
2. If it's titanium, then the pincers just jump and instantly explode

I couldn’t take screenshots of the ticks., I'm not a kamikaze :)


Quite large robots, move quickly. Some people just run to the Harvester and destroy it, others jump onto rooftops and stay there until, until they are destroyed. Being on the roof periodically creates mites.

The Reaper runs towards the Harvester

Reaper vulnerable areas glow red (like the titans).

Plasma drones

Appear in groups of 4, flying to the Harvester, firing from their weapons. Are in constant motion, after reaching the Harvester, they fly next to it and circle around the entire map. There are no vulnerable areas.

Cloaking drones

Have no weapons, instead they fly over titanium (or over a group of small enemies) and disguise. Targets under the influence of camouflage become translucent.
Cloaking drones have a special designation on the minimap.
По сравнению с плазменными дронами имеют much more health.

Nuclear Titans

Titan class “Legion” with an important difference – as soon as the doomed state sets in, nuclear catapult launched. Just like normal “Legion”, can use abilities, however, they never use hand-to-hand combat. Somewhat similar to catchers: trying to get to the Harvester and explode.

A nuclear titan fires at a holographic copy of the pilot.

Nuclear Titans always spawn with a shield, equal in strength 1 health bar.
For those, who doesn't know, how does a titan shield work: as long as there is a shield, titanium does not take damage to its main health. Moreover, shooting at vulnerable areas deals standard damage (without a shield, damage to vulnerable areas is increased). Unlike basic strength, The shield can be destroyed with any weapon, shooting at absolutely any part of titanium.

Nuclear titan prepares to explode

Mortar Titans

Titan class “Ton”, with modified weapons. Uses Quad Rocket Launcher “Gross” from the single player campaign. Of the abilities he can only use “Force barrier”. This titan won't go to Harvester, he goes to the shooting position and puts the rocket launcher in mortar mode, after which it fires. You can interrupt the shooting either by causing sufficiently large damage, or by starting a rodeo.

Mortar Titan has landed

Mortar Titan fires at Harvester

Titan Sniper

It could be either “Ton” (occurs most often), or “Nordstar” (extremely rare).
Doesn't go too close to the Harvester, and fires at him from a long distance.
Extremely important note: этот титан обстреливает Харвестер only in that case, when there are no pilots or their titans in sight. Also this titan (and only him) может начать chasing the pilot, if he took the battery out of it.

Regular titans

Regular titans of different classes, who periodically use their abilities. They will try to get close to the Harvester and constantly shoot at it.

—–Titanium Assembly—–

—General kits for titanium—

All of them 6:

  1. Combat chip
  2. Stealth autocatapult
  3. Turbocharger
  4. Kernel overload
  5. Nuclear catapult
  6. Countermeasures

Let's look at each in more detail..

Combat chip

Good choice on easy and normal difficulties, since the auto titan begins to shoot much more accurately, and also uses all abilities, except the kernel (for example, Legion can switch shooting modes (but it is not exactly)).
On high difficulties, enemies will simply overwhelm the auto titan with the number of (he doesn't cope well with large numbers of enemy titans)
If you want to put the auto titan in security mode, then press the titan call key (default V), so that he stops accompanying you.

Stealth autocatapult

In fact, this set is only needed for PvP modes, because the terminators are playing there 1000 accumulated years, which can kill you after ejection. In this mode, even on maximum difficulty there are no such annihilators, so the benefit of this set is completely lost.


Good choice if you lack mobility. More jerks (or a more frequent dash for heavy titans) will help you avoid damage from enemy titans, and just getting to the Harvester at a critical moment won’t hurt.

Kernel overload

С этим набором ядро титана will always be charged for at least 20%, below 20% the meaning cannot be. If you use the kernel often – take, very good choice

Nuclear catapult

A good choice if you plan to often take risks and lose strength points of your titanium. Just keep in mind – Enemy titans can dash and avoid damage (but, nuclear titans will not dodge – This set is incredibly effective against them).
But be careful – always make sure there is free space above you, otherwise you will hit the ceiling and die from the explosion (Only a timely used phase shift can save)


Smoke on all titans except Monarch is used approximately… never. It only makes sense to take this set for the Monarch in a certain build., and that is very doubtful

—Drop off kits—

All of them 2:

  1. Shield-dome
  2. Warp landing

The landing of titanium occurs in 5 seconds, after landing, the titanium is protected by a dome on 15 seconds. This dome deals damage over time to all enemies, and also does not allow bullets/shells/missiles/grenades to pass through it. A useful choice for blocking the passage of enemy titans for as long as possible. 15 seconds.

Warp landing

Disembarkation takes place in 2,5 seconds, after landing the dome is missing. Choose either if you have good skill in landing your titan on enemies, or if you don’t mind losing strength when landing in titanium, when you're under fire.

If you were killed and the titanometer scale was filled to 100%, you can be reborn not on a plane, and make a warp landing in your titan and immediately enter the battle (Instead of Space, press Enter). Set selection has no effect – there will always be a warp landing.

—Ion Kits—

Total sets 5:

  1. Energy Absorption
  2. Null stretch
  3. Strengthening the vortex
  4. Big gun
  5. Refractive Lens

Energy Absorption

Not a bad choice, allows you to restore energy by dealing damage to vulnerable areas of enemy titans. However, these areas are often covered with shields. If when playing Ion you have a severe lack of energy for abilities, and you know how to hit vulnerable areas – take, this set is for you.

Null stretch

With this set, you can constantly use laser stretch marks and not worry about wasting energy on them.. Stretch marks don't do much damage, but they distract enemies, thanks to which fewer shells will fly at you.

Strengthening the vortex

35% – not so much, but still not bad. Really useful set if you know how to collect Legion bullets

Big gun

Slightly increases laser core duration. With kernel overload, it makes sense to take, otherwise – not

Refractive Lens

Does not increase damage from secondary firing mode, only increases the affected area. Only useful against large groups of targets, useless against titans

—Sets for Scorch—

5 sets:
1. Fire
2. Hardened coating
3. Hell Shield
4. Feeding the fire
5. Scorched earth


After that, How did the ball hit the target?, he throws out an incendiary mixture. With this kit the mixture will cover a much larger area. All titans try not to be in it. An exception: nuclear titans. This set is very effective against them.

Hardened coating

Allows you to walk on your own fire and turns vulnerable areas into normal ones. The set is more for convenience, than to cause damage

Hell Shield

Without a set, the shield is removed for full use 1.5 health bars, with a set – 4.5. Turns shield into a really powerful ability

Feeding the fire

Simply reduces the cooldown time of the ability “Wall of fire”. If consider, that this ability is more likely to set fire to traps, than for combat, then the meaning of the set disappears

Scorched earth

With this set, after using the flamethrower core, a trail of fire will simply be added, which won't last long. It won't do much damage, so – not worth taking

—Northstar Kits—
5 sets:
1. Through shot
2. Improved warhead
3. Double trap
4. Engines “Gyurzy”
5. Enemy Selection

Through shot

Allows you to pierce through many enemies at once, and also completely ignores allied titans on the way, allowing you to shoot right through them

Improved warhead

Significantly increases both damage, and the area affected by cluster rocket explosions

Double trap

I think, description is unnecessary

Engines “Gyurzy”

On 50% increases mobility during flight. This set makes it much easier to dodge while using the Flight Core.

Enemy Selection

Useful on waves with smoke, otherwise – not

—Ronin Kits—

5 sets:
1. Bullets with ricochet
2. Storm
3. Temporal anomaly
4. Highlander
5. Phase reflex

Bullets with ricochet

Makes it easier to kill infantry and other small items in fewer salvos. However, the same infantry can be killed in just 1 blow of the sword…


If consider, that the arc wave is more likely to stun, than to cause damage, 1 the charge is enough

Temporal anomaly

Significantly increases mobility due to more frequent use of phase dash. Don't forget the combination “normal jerk” + “phase rush”, to make very long jerks at once


При убийстве титана/жнеца ядро восполняется FULLY, which actually allows absolutely the entire wave to be with the core of the sword

Phase reflex

Upon reaching the doomed state, titanium goes into a phase shift. Really useful with a nuclear catapult

—Sets for Tone—

5 sets:
1. Improved guidance
2. Powerful force barrier
3. Echo pulse
4. Rocket salvo
5. Queue Loader

Improved guidance

Powerful force barrier

Titans rarely destroy the barrier even without this set

Echo pulse

Approximately a second after the first pulse, the second occurs, thanks to which everything needs to be done according to goals 1 shot for full capture

Rocket salvo

Increases damage from a full salvo by… 0.3 health bars

Queue Loader

When aiming occurs “filling”, thanks to which you can do it right away 3 shot and get target lock

—Legion Packs—

5 sets:
1. Expanded Ammo
2. Sensor group
3. Bastion
4. Light alloys
5. Hidden compartment

Expanded Ammo

Increases the amount of ammo from 100 to 140

Sensor group


Light alloys

Significantly increases movement speed when spinning the gun. Consider, that the auto titan constantly spins the gun, therefore, when playing with a combat chip, this set is the best

Hidden compartment


I have no desire to write again about kits for titanium and core upgrades, so just here: Гайд на Монарха
Yes, this guide is primarily for PvP, but information about kits and upgrades will also be useful for Defense

Plans to improve management

Add information about:
1. arsenal
2. Aegis ranks of each titan
3. every card, all opponents for each wave
4. pilot tactics
5. pilot's weapon (including anti-titanium and pistols)
6. grenades
7. pilot kits

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