Super Toy Cars: Achievements 100%

This guide describes how to obtain all achievements in the game..



Scholar – Take training

Winner – Take first place in a single race.

Fully Upgraded – Upgrade completely 1 automobile.

Steady Driver – Win the race, not drifting.
I recommend playing a quick game on easy difficulty..

Ramping up – Unlock Episode 3

Fun with friends – Play a local or online multiplayer game. (You can write in the comments I will help you pass the achievement)

Pacifist – Win the race, without using bonuses.

This is War! – Use 250 enhancements.

Minesweeper – Perform on 10 or more mines in the dodge event and win.

A Class! – Unlock Episode 5.

Long Drift – Drift more 500 meters..
I advise you to make a map for yourself or find it in a workshop.

Classy – Unlock Episode 7.

Marathon Drifter – The prodrefts 42 km.

Millionaire – Earn in total 500000 credits.

Gold Digger – Collect 100 coins.

Win like a Boss – Complete the race, drift and use nitro before the finish line.

Photographer – Take one replay screenshot.
When you win the race there will be a photo opportunity there.

Booster / Fly Like a Bird – Total 10 minutes use nitro and hold air.
Make a map for yourself where the springboards will be or find it in a workshop.

Champion! – Complete the game in Career Mode.

New Horizons – Make your own map and play on it.

Completist – Complete all races in Career Mode, taking 1 a place.

Collector – Buy all cars in career mode.

Obsessive Collector – Upgrade all cars.

Dodger – Finish first in the Evasion event, without stepping on mines.

500 Miles Away – You will pass in total 500 miles.

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