Torn Away: All achievements 35/35

Here they will tell you, how to get all achievements in this game with detailed explanation.


Summary after going through my achievements guide.

P.S. Achievements are not shown on screenshots, but they are there :)

1. Torn away from home.
Complete the first episode. After the first, the episode in the winter forest will begin, after which you will be awarded this achievement.
2. There's no turning back.
Walk to the end of the roof. Walk straight forward on the snow roof after, how do you go up the stairs in episode 2. Like this:
3. Smart girl.
Translated diary, found in the gatehouse.
4. Almost Alice.
Collect beets for the hare. In the house where you end up in the plot there will be a shelf with bread and beets, which needs to be picked up. There are no beets on the screen, since I already picked it, but she will be on top.
5. Kind soul.
Feed the mouse. There will be a choice moment in the house in one episode. ” Feed the mouse” or “Don't feed the mouse”. Achievements are given for both choices, you can choose one first, reach the end of the episode and replay this episode with another choice. In this achievement we choose “feed”.
6. In war as in war.
How we make a choice in a past achievement, only already “don't feed the mouse”.
7. First aid.
Bandage the pilot's wound. (Subject).
8. Daddy's pride.
Fold a paper boat. It can be done in the German woman’s house at her table..
9. Nice to meet you.
It's simple. Watch the credits until the end or when entering the game, where is the creators button. Or we go through the game and watch the ending of the story with credits, it's whatever you want.
10. Mother and child
Read the diary of a Jewish woman. Located in the basement of the house, where did they feed the mouse? (I hope you are a good person and sincerely chose to feed the mouse).
11. Only one left.
Peel all the potatoes. There is an opportunity to peel potatoes in the kitchen of the German woman Frau.
12. Igor's victim.
Escape from your pursuers. (Subject).
13. Mikhail's heroism.
Read the prisoner's letter. Reading the note in the carriage, Where*
14. In three pines.
Confused in the trenches. On location, where you run through the trenches you need to stand for minutes 5.
15. Kindness Frau.
Find a new home. The German woman takes us in. (Subject)
16. News from dad.
Read the first letter. It will be on the table in the first chapter like (I could be wrong).
17. Sveta's care.
Get out of the battlefield. Complete the chapter, where at the end you are taken away from the carnage of the trenches and the burning building.
18. Born in a shirt.
Cross the front in one piece. Complete the chapter with trenches and a burning building without damage, if you get hit by bullets, the fire, a stone and you are thrown back in time, then exit and start the chapter again.
19. Old Man's Hopes.
Listen to grandpa (Subject, only if you manage the horse well. Head after interrogation of an NKVD officer).
20. By her own.
21. In safety.
Find the hat a second time
22. Memory in your pocket.
Collect all diary entries. See all the notes are in the houses, in those where we serve according to the plot.
23. The past is in the past.
Rip Your Badge OST (Subject)
24. A book is the best friend.
Study all the books in Frau's house. In the German woman's house there will be a moment with the search for the key. He will be in book 3. But to achieve, open it and see everything (5) books.
25. Such, like you.
Get to know German children better. (Subject)
26. Dear friend.
Patch the mitten without flaws. When you darn a mitten in the house of the German woman Frau, you need to do it carefully.
27. Somehow sad.
Try jumping on the bed. Jump on the bed in Frau's house.
28. No dinner today.
Never get caught by the wolves. At the location with the wolves, you have to go through more than once without getting caught.
29. Below the grass.
Don't get caught by a soldier with a lantern.
30. Nothing to hide.
During interrogation, answer only the truth..
31. Blinded Enemy.
Have time to run in the shadows. Escaping from Frau's house, don't get caught in the light of the tower.
32. Uninvited guests.
Escape from the gatehouse for the first time. (Subject)
33. Flew off again.
Scare away the butterflies.
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