Space Station 14 Playtest: How to be a better Scientific Supervisor

So, this is my review on the topic “How to be the best Scientific Manager at the station”. The station crew will hate you, even more your staff, but you will get +10 reputation points with your Captain and Central Committee. Hopefully, this reviewer will be useful, and you will adopt a couple of techniques.



GSB – Head of Security Service
NR – Scientific adviser
GP – Head of Staff
KM – Quartermaster
NIO – Research Department
Central Committee – Central Command
II – Artificial intelligence
EI – Natural Intelligence
Sat – Security Service

You are a scientific supervisor!

You are a Scientific Director! What are your tasks?? Monitor your staff, so that These are your tasks. You are the head of an entire station division, you are a member of the Command crew. Well, Isn't your mental faculties f*cked up?? The smartest person at the station - stupidly watches how others work. Exactly, for this NRA is considered lazy, and in addition, your “colleagues” think, that they don't need you, that you should work and not interfere with their work. Today, I'll tell you how"doggystyle» NIO, cling to the Captain and the Central Committee, а также сделаться важной шишкой – то есть собственно одним из глав отделов.

Начнем с ваших прав и обязанностей, так как это основные инструменты для работы, из которых создаются методики. Методики в свою очередь выполняют определенные задачи (решают проблемы). В SS14 имеются несколько документов, которые регламентируют поведение экипажа: Корпоративный закон (Космический закон), Стандартные Рабочие Процедуры, Основные Права Разумных Существ.

Кратко о ОПРС

ОПРС устанавливает базовые права сотрудников НТ, that is, violation of these rights is a serious violation. In this list we have:

  • 1. The right to live. The life of every employee must be protected, if a, sure, he does not pose a threat to others.
  • 2. Right to dignity. A sort of right to refuse any type of activity.
  • 3. Right to liberty and security. Your freedom is limited by the freedom of others.
  • 4. Right to privacy. Right to secrets.
  • 5. Right to health care and honey. help. The right to your safety.
  • 6. Right to own property. The right to enrich yourself without compromising the freedoms of others.
  • 7. Presumption of innocence. The accused is innocent until, until the court proves otherwise in a fair and just manner.
  • 8. Right to freedom of religion. Right to religion.
  • 9. Right to execute PSA. It’s clear here.

These are the main ones. There are also Prisoners' Rights, but we won’t consider them. We don't plan to go to jail. If we do not violate the GPRS by our actions, then we passed the first barrier.

Briefly about CC

Corporate law or LC (or Cosmic law here and there) this is the main document, which limits our freedom. On different servers - different short circuits, but there are general points: Resistance to power, Insult and Assault, Drug trafficking, Humiliation, Vandalism, Weapon trafficking, Theft, Penetration, Negligence. Based on these points, we can restrict people's freedom (not directly, but mediocre).

Description of SRP

Standard Operating Procedures or SOPs – document, which they give a shit about. The reason is simple: it is advisory in nature. It doesn't limit (even if it prohibits), but gives rights (because it is advisory - you can refer to the PSA, to prove the right). The PSA is divided by departments and roles. The PSA cannot be attributed to one role (or someone else's department) to another, since responsibility for the implementation of this PSA falls on the specified role (or department).
In the NIO PSA we will mainly find the following:

  • 1. Compliance with safety regulations.
  • 2. The right to create and wear items in NIO (taking into account the prohibitions of NRA or KEP)
  • 3. The right to create and store substances in R&D (taking into account the prohibitions of NRA or KEP)
  • 4. The right to experiment in R&D (taking into account NRA permission)
  • 5. Prohibition on the creation and distribution of hazardous objects outside the department without the permission of the NRA
  • 6. Ban on changing Borg laws
  • 7. Prohibition on creating anomalies during an emergency

And in the NRA PSA we will mainly find the following:

  • 1. Management of the activities of research institutes and the work of department employees
  • 2. Debt control
  • 3. Follow research at an acceptable pace
  • 4. Monitor the location of dangerous research and development facilities
  • 5. Organize training for research assistants
  • 6. The right to perform the duties of a scientist during an emergency
  • 7. The right to assign personal equipment to another NIO employee
  • 8. Prohibition on creating portals in other departments
  • 9. Prohibition on the use of equipment without obvious reasons
  • 10. Ensure the safety of artifact storage
  • 11. Monitor the safety of anomaly containment
  • 12. Be responsible for the work of your department, storage of materials and equipment
  • 13. Monitor the operation of the NIO server
  • 14. Be responsible for damage from artifact research

Priority of documents

KZ and OPRS are the main documents of NT. Their violation is punishable. But the PSA is one step lower, since you may be held accountable for non-compliance with the PSA, but not necessarily. The thing is, what can you prove, that non-compliance with the PSA was justified in a particular situation, since the advisory document simply indicates, what to do to achieve maximum benefit. If you prove, that your actions contributed to a greater benefit, what is prescribed by the PSA, then you will not receive any sanctions. But you need to understand, that you can still get a complaint, a Captain or GDI (or other legal representative) you may be convicted of violating. And here you also have to understand, that you can condemn the condemnation (complicated yes?) through court or a complaint against the Central Committee.

Reasons for entering documentation

Now, after long explanations about NT documents, you can start writing your own. You are the head of the Scientific Department, you head the department. According to SRP, you manage a department, bear responsibility for its work and for its employees. Вы можете организовывать свой отдел as you wish until, as long as you can prove it, what your order приносит максимальную пользу и не нарушает КЗ и ОПРС (the final conclusion of all of the above). Of course, that you can’t build an empire just by talking. Documentation required. What does it give?:

  • 1. Standardization. Any activity will be standardized, which simplifies personnel control, equipment, research.
  • 2. Evidence. Any written document is evidence, which you can refer to (or its absence). for example, if an employee conducts research, but does not submit the research document, then you have every right to fire him (Negligence, Failure to execute an order).
  • 3. Personnel control. Each department employee will submit a document confirming the conduct of some activity.. If the document was not submitted, then you can calculate that, who doesn't work, and even have a reason for his dismissal (how to drain traitors with paper).
  • 4. Reporting to command. The documentation provides a lot of data for the Captain and the Central Committee, what can you get a bonus for?.

Types of documents

Main types of documents:

  • 1. Request – вопрос о решении проблемы
  • 2. Report – структурированный доклад о чем-либо
  • 3. Order – обязательство, for violation of which sanctions apply
  • 4. Guidelines/Regulations – инструкция (without obligations)
  • 5. Permit/License – одобрение по поводу какого решения проблемы
  • 6. Notification – простое информирование о чем-либо

Of all these documents, liability for violation comes only, if this is an order. The order of the Scientific Supervisor is an obligation for his subordinates, Violation of which may result in a demotion, fire, imprison or even kill. An order can only be canceled by the highest command - the Captain or the Central Committee. But if you are operating, aimed at making work easier for the Captain or the Central Committee - no one can stop you (if it contributes to the mission of the station - here you are already in the kings). Remember, that the order may not be banal “Do this!», and for example, the order “On the introduction of regulations for the issuance of experimental equipment to research and development institutions”. You combine 2 documents: one is an instruction, the other orders to follow this instruction.

Now after such a long explanation, we are ready to become a powerful bureaucratic machine (second after GP), which will mercilessly punish our employees, through their efforts promoting the entire station to success. Let's get started with the methods of organizing the work of scientific research institutes using orders, regulations and other documents.

NIO problems

But before that, let's study the question: problem. What problems do we need to solve?, and then let's get to it, how to solve. Here is a list of problems, which I noticed during my work experience at HP:

  • 1. Working with a large volume of personnel
  • 2. Monitoring the activities of scientists
  • 3. Damage to the station from studying anomalies and artifacts
  • 4. "Permissiveness"
  • 5. Production of hazardous technologies and substances
  • 6. Low demand for orders

Method 1: Specialization

NIO has several types of activities: artifact research, anomaly research, robotics, technology production, accepting orders. There is a good benefit from each of these activities., and at the briefing you can assign the scientist to a specific job. But if you have many scientists, it is very difficult to monitor all their activities, so in such situations I enter a couple of documents, aimed at establishing a specialty. Firstly, we introduce the order “On specialties”, which points out to scientists, that they cannot engage in activities in an NIO, until they get their specialty, and also warns, that in cases of violation of the order they will be prosecuted for Negligence. Secondly, introducing regulations for Security Service employees, which must be agreed upon with the State Security Service. Since there is no article in the Code regarding violation of this order, then we are writing regulations for the Security Council, to coordinate the actions of security officers in the situation, when NIO employees violate an order. We may not write regulations, but then the State Security Service must itself decide on actions in case of violation. In a situation, when the State Security Service does not consider violation of an order a crime, should contact the Captain, since such an action by the GDI puts the station at risk. And thirdly, applications for the appointment of a position for the GP, which indicate the purpose of the specialty, responsibilities and rights. In this way, we will coordinate the order with the State Security Service and the State Police, which gives us more control over personnel, and limits them in their activities. And don't forget to notify your staff about the order..

Method 2: Reporting

Any activity of an NIO is dangerous, therefore it should be controlled. Run after scientists on an ongoing basis and ask them questions, what they do is not profitable. Therefore, we turn to the documentation, namely to reports. Firstly, writing instructions for filling out a report on something. Secondly, we write an order “On reporting”, in which we order the preparation of written reports based on the instructions. We must mention what items should be in the reports (what forms of reports).
I stop at the following (in addition to basic):

  • 1. Artifacts – Стоимость в очках; Number of nodes studied; Interesting nodes with id indication, reactions, stimulant and passive properties in free form; Value; Status (Final result: lost, sold, in storage or studied)
  • 2. Abnormalities – Средний пассивный доход; Type of anomaly; Anomaly class (overall rating in categories, combining risk assessment, places, difficulties of containment); Particles (two letter entry about particles and their effects); Value; Status (Final result: well studied, poorly studied, destroyed, blown up)
  • 3. Robots – Модель борга; Interface type (II or EI); Modules; Reason for production
  • 4. Orders – Список технологий; Reason for production
  • 5. Research – Прогресс веток (in levels and %); Main branch (or alleged)

It's important to understand, what is the rigor of reporting and what activities will you keep records of?, depends only on you. But this will allow you to have written evidence of the staff's work., will not allow smuggling so easily, appoint someone responsible for the work and teach scientists to be responsible.

Method 3: Briefing

To reduce harm caused by incompetent employees, you can write instructions for each activity (supposedly local PSA). And if you want, so that the instructions are binding, then write an order with a link to the instructions. For instance, a good guideline of a recommendatory nature would be instructions for choosing an activity in a research and development organization or instructions for choosing a storage location for working materials and components. A mandatory instruction may be an instruction on the procedure for containing an anomaly, preparation for studying the artifact, order acceptance procedure, procedure for making a borg. Instructions are helpful, because they establish order, reduce damage to the station and crew, bring a little management to the staff.

Method 4: Coordination

Ваша власть через документы ограничивается вашим отделом. Если хотите получить больше влияния – согласовывайте. Вы глава научного отдела – у вас HIGHLY хорошие козыри, вы можете предложить HIGHLY много услуг. Другие главы отделов могут помочь вам, если вы убедите их, And if not, то попробуйте договориться. Здорово ведь иметь в друзьях ГСБ, чтобы он мог послать СБешника для нейтрализации буйного ученого, Yes? Или иметь в друзьях ГП, который может более снисходительнее захотеть уволить человека? Или КМа, который может управлять потоком ресурсов для НИО? Remember, that it is better to write any contracts or agreements on paper with stamps, so that the law doesn't fuck you later. Scientists will value your authority and your orders more highly, and they won’t go AWOL as an illegal immigrant. Here's how to influence: carrot or stick, it's up to you to decide.

Method 5: mail

Last method, the one that came to mind was the delivery system. There are often mailboxes on maps. I haven't watched much, so that they approach the research and development institution and order directly (with paper). Use document printers, and postal boxes for sending orders. Personal orders are better, sure, check out at the counter. This will speed up work on orders.

Document advice

More like advice, not a method. Use books, folders, bags and filing cabinets for sorting and storing documents. This will make it easier for you to work with documents. Also write the document forms, this saves time on writing for staff.

the end

This completes your transformation into an NIO bureaucrat. Congratulations! Instead of a useless department head, you became the head of the department of hellish suffering and monstrous success. Don't forget your imagination, it is this that allows you to create methods, and practical experience tests them.
If there is a demand for my version of the documents, I’ll send it to you.

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