PAYDAY 3: Let's Rock the Cradle Walkthrough

В данном руководстве я расскажу как скрытно пройти ограбление Let's rock the cradle



Difficulty modifiers

The following difficulty modifiers await us in this heist::
1. Titanium cameras that can't be broken.
2. The head of the security with endless radio calls in case of his murder.


Carry a weapon with a silencer and motion sensors if available.


The minimum set of perks with which I recommend passing.

Walkthrough of the full walkthrough of the game – Club

Appearing near the entrance to the club, approaches these NPCs to get a boost.
Next we approach the front door., We stand behind the back of the left guard and, due to acceleration, instantly break open the door without completely filling the guard's attention indicator.

We enter the club and immediately go up the stairs on the right to the second floor, heading to the left wing of the club, we break the door and walk along this corridor towards the DJ

We break open the door to the manager’s office and find a clean VIP pass.

Next we need to hack the club manager's phone to open the grille. I advise you to stay in the office and wait until she comes to you., it's much safer and faster than trying to do it in front of everyone in the club.

Next, open the grate and get a clean VIP pass. Now you need to do it yourself, To do this you need to find a computer to work with passes. It may be located in the following places:
The second floor of the club where you walked to the corridor

On the ground floor in the accounting department not far from the bar counter

The easiest way to detect it is through hacking cameras. Go to the computer and give yourself a VIP pass. Once you receive it, you can safely walk around the private area. Now you can approach the guards and have them open the door to the basement for you.. Don't rush to run straight to the basement, you need to do two important things – take the blue key card from the guard at the door and attach a motion sensor to the head of the guard ( he will head to the basement as soon as the door is opened for you).

We go to the right and take a shovel from the ground – Club basement

So you got to the club. You now have two ways to complete the heist. – easy and difficult.
Lung – crypto wallet theft, but complex – crypto wallet and storage.

Easy way

You need to find a manager of an underground club, it will be located on the first floor near the gamblers.
We approach him and wait for the dialogue to begin., at the end of it he will leave his business card

Now you need to go to the other side of the club. When you cross to the other side you will see a bouncer on the right side near the second to last door. We are interested in the latter. We break it open and find a staircase that leads to the accounting department., she doesn't interest us, I'm interested in ventilation in the storage room with a wallet. Remove the cover, we make our way into the storage room and open the door from the inside. After leaving the storage facility, you will find yourself in a corridor in which there will be a telephone where you can call the manager at the storage facility..

We make a call and return to the storage facility to wait for the manager. As soon as he arrives, we take him hostage and bring him to the scanner.

The wallet is in your pocket. To deliver it, I advise you to climb out through the ventilation and go up to the accounting department. Go out to the balcony and jump from it to the right onto the ventilation.

We move along it to the other side and reach a room that can be opened with a blue key card., open the ventilation in it and jump to the load drop point. Having stolen the wallet, we turn our backs to the drop point and see a bar counter on the left, we climb behind it and wait for the right moment to climb the stairs to the second floor and escape

The hard way

If you decide to rob the vault, then first of all find out what numbers from the code you need to know.

Next, we carry out all the steps from the easy way until we get to the accounting department. Having stolen a wallet and ended up in the accounting department, you need to find the code from the vault with the appropriate numbers, it may be in the safe or in the utility room.

Having received the code, we continue to follow the easy path until the wallet is reset.
Having reset your wallet, you now need to go not to the left, and to the right, towards the storage facility, (don't forget about the security guard). Having reached the vault and opened it, we have a guard on the way who will get in the way. To remove it – run around in the protected area you are in so that the guard comes to the noise. We kill him and carry the bags to the drop point. Then we run away the same way.


I hope this guide helped you complete the robbery stealthily. Thank you for your attention and time.
From Hiron

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