Katana ZERO: How to get all achievements

Как получить все достижения в Katana Zero


Feline Persuasion

Погладьте кота 5+ times on level “Factory”.

To be continued

talking to mom.

Don’t hang up!

At the level “Factory” когда вам звонит психиатр бросьте трубку 5+ time.

The End

At the level “Чайнатаунв конце уровня нужно выбрать вариант умереть.

Prism key
Призмовый ключ есть в самом начале уровня “Factory”

Master key

Ключ Мастера можно получить на уровне “Hotel” для этого нужно убить Джоша Роуза статуей чтобы он не спрыгнул с крыши

Phoenix key

At the level “Mansion” есть комната с грабителем. Нужно зачистить уровень и дождаться, пока тот не уйдёт. После этого зайти в комнату и подобрать ключ.

Savant key

There are three events to avoid in the Slaughter level:

1.In the first room with the screen you either need to cut the wire, or jerk through the motion sensor on the ceiling. Also, the enemy or his corpse should not fall under it. If done correctly, the room won't close, and Leon will not appear on the screen and will not speak to the player.
2.In the second and third rooms with the screen you need to jerk through the motion sensors.
3.The third room has a warehouse. Entering it, you can find a container with a key, take the key, ready!

Prototype key

Need to pass the level “Prison” without committing murders.
After this, a suitcase with a key will appear at home, which you need to take.

Secret hunter

The achievement is unlocked by finding all the keys..


At the level “Studio 51”, when there is a boss fight attack V in the back.

No love for robots

At the level “Studio 51” need to climb 2 floor, then go through it, without touching the robot. On the way back you need to stop and listen to all the robot's lines, until it self destructs.

Coffin Head

At the level “Studio” need to climb 3 floor, then go through it. On the way back, a robot with the head of a coffee machine will appear, who needs to be hacked to death with a katana.

Refused Medication

To get this achievement, at the end of the Club mission, talk to Elektronik, until he gets shot (select any option, other than "kill him"). Then, during your next visit to the psychiatrist, you tell the psychiatrist that you spoke with Elektronik, talk to a psychiatrist about medications, and then stop taking the drug, until they tell you to leave.

Party Animal

Before the level “Studio 51” I need to give V the katana, when he asks her. He'll end up throwing you out of the limousine without it., and in the studio you will need to dodge and use available means to fight. As soon as you approach the room with the elevator, V will leave her.

Funny prank

At the level “Bunker” take a molotov cocktail and detonate it in the elevator.

What a bad idea

At the level “Hotel” when Josh Rose jumps off the balcony, jump after him.


To get this achievement, complete a bossfight with a psychiatrist..
For, to fight him, certain actions must be followed:

At the Factory level: 5 hang up once, then continue the conversation.
At the Hotel level: interrupt the Psychiatrist, thus skipping the discussion of the nightmare, kill two policemen at the end of the level (for this either at the beginning 3 interrupt the administrator once or confess at the end, that they killed everyone).
At the Club level: interrupt the Psychiatrist, once again skipping the discussion of the nightmare, talk to DJ Electronic until the end, until V kills him.
At the Prison level: admit, what do we know about Chronos and refuse the injection, on the level kill everyone.
At the Chinatown level: after the injection, send him to hell.
At the Bunker level: if everything is done correctly, then after Zero sits down, The psychiatrist will tell: "I speak honestly, I'm even upset, that you are alive".
After the save icon appears, go to the level “Bunker” and talk to a psychiatrist.

Forbidden Ultimate Danger Tempest-Eyed MAJORDOMO Imperial Barrage Crab, Evixion
At the level “Hotel” you need to tell the administrator that we are a cosplayer and select an answer option “This is Shinju Sakamura, Ex VS X – Sakura reDux 2”. Next you need to choose, what is she talking about “OYASHEY, maps and a dark cyberpunk dystopia.” and pass the level, without killing anyone in the end.

Having reached the level “Bunker” you will meet her again, she needs to be interrupted, after which she will ask for a pass. Answer “Which card? I only have trump cards in my hands, if you want I'll show you?”, then we talk “O yes.” and defeat her in a card duel.


Пройдите игру на сложном уровне сложности.

Gold Medal

Пройти все уровни в режиме на скорость на золото.

The Dragon’s tape

Пройдите уровень за Змея.
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