Human Fall Flat: All sleep achievements “Depths”

How to complete each of 3 achievements on the map “Depths” в Human Fall Flat!


Attainment “Subpar parking job” ( The translation was not delivered 🙁 )

How quickly time flies! A new level is right here and achievements along with it! We formalize!

The first is performed on this piece of the level:

This map has a type of reduced gravity., that's why your jumps are double, or even in 3 higher than usual. Take advantage of this and get here:

Now climb down and then climb even lower, until you see the boat, which you will need to stand on, so that… yes you already know:


Attainment “Improvised Exploration Device”

Second achievement = circus performance with action elements.

First, move from the secret boat to this location ( green shells – trampoline ):

You need to use this shell and underwater mine, to cross the thorns of stones. How to perform the trick, then you can brag to your friends.

But I will do it in front of you:


Attainment “Explorer of the Deep”

As always, all that remains is to complete the level.

This is where the end is located:

Reach it and knock down the columns:

Then jump into the hole:


All achievements should already be in your pocket, if you did everything like this, as written in the guide.
If you couldn't understand something, then write about it!

From Caiman

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