Encased: Army Tokens

2021-12-02 RUSgameAH 0

I'll tell, where the bodies of the squad members rest “ARES”   Firework, Guys! Sure, even before meeting the quest giver in the City, settling under the Dome, you stumble upon a nameless skeleton, more often […]

Encased: Ability Books

2021-10-16 RUSgameAH 0

Explore the locations in this epic guide, where the ability books are hidden.   Firework, Guys! Encased has magazines and books in addition to pulp fiction, which add […]

Encased: Warehouse Bunker “Sonora”

2021-09-08 RUSgameAH 0

Come in and find out the order of closing the valves.   Firework, Guys! Into the storage bin “Sonora” Martin Kingsley sends us on a quest “Magellan is in touch”. You can find a character on -6 floor “Administration […]