Encased: Army Tokens

I'll tell, where the bodies of the squad members rest “ARES”


Firework, Guys!
Sure, even before meeting with the quest giver in City, settling under Dome, you stumble upon a nameless skeleton, most often write “Black Wing Officer“.
You will find various belongings and, of course, an army token..
Scan will show, that the remains belong to a special unit soldier “Ares”. After speaking with the master sergeant Atom Peyton near the monument to the First Settler you will be asked to find tokens of all 18 fighters.

  1. Daniel Guericke
    To get the first token you will have to fight with Mobios.
    Or slip by)
    Abnormal Swamp Cave. You can get there through the Neutral Zone “Picnic”.
    By the way, Aeron Melville sends to kill Old Al and take the leg!
    Quest “Most Expensive”.

  2. Newman Waffle
    A skeleton behind electrical anomalies at a damaged generator in the parking lot of Facility C12. – “Nashville”. Sends us here John Keppler from the garrison of Magellan on a quest “Back to Nashville”

  3. Georgy Semenenko
    Location “Crossroads”. On the way from Nashville to the suburbs. In the rocks behind the hut.
  4. Marco Ruiz
    Waits for you on the Desert Highway opposite the camp.

  5. Mike Frady – Verhulst II
    Tristan Langlua from the administrative floor of Magellan gives a quest “Shine, Camera, Jack“, which will lead to an abandoned film set.
    By the way, sought jack – potential partner.
    The skeleton freezes next to the frost anomaly to the right of the entrance to the location, behind the fence.
  6. Winston "Sinner" Seth
    Location “Kaleidoscope project”.
    Here we can be on assignment “Magellan is in touch” Martina Kingsley from the administrative floor.
    The skeleton rests in the sands at the entrance to the bunker. Not inside! Closer to ventilation, through which we get inside.

  7. Roman "Rashka" Vasiliev
    Location “Radioactive cemetery“. We can come here on a black quest from a picnic Paris LangleyAmong the dead and the living“.
    Behind the graves of famous developers)

  8. Joshua Stone
    This black wing employee will lie on the highest hill, near the terminal building, sought after quest “Following the WhirlwindKarma Istvane, project staff “Emulator“.

  9. Alex Stepper
    Location “Settlers' Camp“. You can come here on a quest Audrey MelvilleWe are a family“. For anomalies, armor painting scheme. And next to the tent is our skeleton.

  10. Raiden “Skybaid” Palmer
    Phalanx Base. Many roads and tasks lead here. The skeleton will be at the farthest end of the map., at the cliff behind the rocks after the wooden bridge.

  11. Source “Mort” Raven
    The most muddy and the same type of location “Ash Forest“. Damn it will break my leg!
    Focus on mobios, guarding the skeleton.

  12. Juris Storm
    Quest “Knights in the trash heap” from Queen of the Whips will lead us to the arena. Entry through the Scourge Camp, behind the barrier. At the edge of the cliff, behind the fence after the 3rd gang.

  13. Andre Sense
    The main plot will lead you to the location “Death Labyrinth“. Do not rush to enter. Search the skeleton to the right of the doors.

  14. Dmitriy “Dharma” Lezhinsky
    This skeleton is basking on the beach location “Desert lake shore“. To the left of the entrance behind the stones.
    Don't forget to go fishing)

  15. Tyrone “Hawk” Greddy
    Very interesting, original location “Secret Polygon“.
    The Black we need goes out on the right near the fence behind the stones. Surrounded by a couple of mines. Right at the entrance, the guys in the servo armor.

  16. Victor Bowman
    I was looking for this guy for a long time. Even after googling its location, I still stupid)
    Location “New Committee Outpost“, what's north of Phalanx Base. On the map, go beyond the post itself. There will be hills on the left behind mines and anomalies. Need a jetpack or teleport.

  17. Petr Kochubinsky
    Final II Act. Location “Camp of the First Settlers”. The skeleton rests under the spruce near the tent. The necessary camp is guarded 4 assorted necroid. Do not forget to grab the implant of the church, otherwise the Whirlwind will destroy you.

  18. Koch Carnage
    Location “Destination”.
    It's too crowded here, so without further hints)

    With the same Kochom, but already alive, I crossed paths while moving around the dome at a chance meeting. And then I met a couple of these guys with different names…damn anomalies!

In order not to spread scribble and not to introduce you to topographic cretinism, did not begin to paint where the locks themselves are. Below is just a map Domes.

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