Encased: Decoding statuses, obtained from food

In the food game (and not only) some statuses are indicated, which can be obtained by using it. But what's behind them – not decrypted. Here I will write down all the statuses, who met in the game.
Spicy food: -2 charisma +5 biochemical protection
Hot food: +1 initiative +5 cryoprotection
Fatty food: +1 force
Cheerfulness: +2 initiative +1 saved ODs
Flatulence: -2 charisma -2 dexterity
Heartburn: -1 force -1 body
The smell of food: -2 charisma +10 determination
Poor food: +2 Attention -15 learnability
Disgusting food: -2 mind +1 psycho +5 psi protection
Lucky cookie: +2 fortune +15 tenacity
Candies “handles”: +3 initiative
Very salty food: +10 cryoprotection
Nausea: -25 tenacity – 25 determination
Under the fly: +1 force -1 Attention +1 charisma – mind +10 tenacity +10 determination
On the eyebrows: +2 force -2 Attention -2 mind -1 dexterity +2 psycho +10 tenacity +10 determination
Soda: -125 fatigue
Coffee: -200 fatigue

Not food
Antiseptic: +15 biochemical protection
Harm from cigarettes: 1 pure damage

Notes (edit)
  • Statuses, giving bonuses to psycho are NOT psychoactive and do NOT trigger the perk “Psychonaut”.
  • Some negative statuses when eating food (flatulence, heartburn, nasty food, nausea) may not be received.
  • If a similar status previously existed, then getting a new one will start the timer, equal to the duration of the new status. That is, if there was 2 o'clock, then the timer may start at 15 minutes.
  • Stronger intoxication cancels out weaker.

From Ujiv_Sandy(rus)

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