How to play Coop Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City in 2021

In this guide, I will cover, how to run Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City in co-op without annoying GFWL


The simplest instruction to start
1. Uninstall any GFWL programs you have under “Applications” в Windows 10
2. Download the archive from this link files from here:
3. Install everything 4 programs from the archive to the computer. (Select 64-bit for wllogin file, because. 32-bit you don't need).
4. Sign in to your XBOX / Microsoft account in a browser.
5. Now start the game through Steam. Press the HOME button on your keyboard.
6. Click on, to log in, but uncheck all the boxes, write your email address, remove the autocomplete password and write yours, and then check the boxes.
7. Now wait until 10 minutes. Your profile should start loading the required information.
8. Then the game will ask for a digital steam key, we enter it and wait another minutes 10.
9. We enjoy the game after successfully entering the key. Now the game is saved and you can play it over the network. Have a good game.

Personally tested on Windows, everything works without gags and crashes.

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