Neverwinter Nights Enhanced Edition: Mercenary Quests

Finding Friends' Things, in all chapters


Tommy is half-grown:
1 chapter – ” Repair of Wheelerwright's wagons ” in the Beggar's Nest area, looking for fake documents there.
2 chapter – South road / Weiniva Tower / Challenge Hall, looking for a gem ” The star of Kalimshan “.
3 chapter – Fort Ilcard / Elk Tribe Fortress, looking for the ashes of the Running Wolf.

Daelan Red Tiger:
1 chapter – In the port area, on the ship of bloody pirates, looking for a chest with a brooch.
2 chapter – In the tavern ” Green Griffin ” Mutamin's quest, we participate in competitions and kill the Dwarf and take the ax from him.
3 chapter – Fort Ilcard / Elk Tribe Fortress: We are looking for Utgart's Ceremonial Spear at the Warchief.

Sharvin girl bard:
1 chapter – Tanglebrook Manor / Peninsula area looking for Heavenly Elixir.
2 chapter – Neverwinter Forest / House of the Nymph looking for a lock of hair.
3 chapter – Fort / Creator Race Ruins, looking for the last quest item.
Linu the elf:
1 chapter – At Meldanen's Estate / Black Lake area, looking for the Cup.
2 chapter – East road / Troll caves, looking for a corpse with a diary.
3 chapter – Ford Ilcard / Ruins looking for volcanic oak seeds.
Boddinok is a gnome:
1 chapter – ” Cyril's Bakery ” in the Beggars area, looking for a recipe.
2 chapter – East road / Ruins of the Creators ( archaeologists' quest ), looking for prismflower seeds.
3 chapter – Lunar forest / Dragon cave, looking for scales under the stone.
Grimgnow dwarf:
1 chapter – On the way to the Black Lake District, looking for a house at the gate and there is a silver ring.
2 chapter – North Road in the Crypt Dead Man's Hand.
3 chapter – cold forest, we are looking for a dagger from the orc Vaat.

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