Location of all SCA.B circuits in Grounded

We greet you, dear readers. Today we want to tell you about the location of all the circuits for your SCA device., keeping track of your vital signs in Grounded, and also allows you to browse the map and create items. These schemes will allow you to slightly change the design of your device and change its color "filling". But there are a lot of such schemes in the game., and looking for them randomly is a rather difficult and long business. For this we are doing our article, in which we will show you the location of all schemes, and as on the map, and directly point, how they look in the game. And one more thing, screenshots are not mine and I hope the author does not file a complaint.


If you can't get past the mobs, you can try to find a passage in white stones, located on the left side of the cave. The road will lead you directly to the circuit, but only in this case you will not need to resist the mobs.

You will find this diagram in the Southwest, under the laser, where you have to explore the caves. Everything, what you need is to go down, using the power cable and walk the cave to the end. The circuit itself will be located near one of the walls., covered in mucus.

3.Hot Dog Horror
This scheme has a really big name.. The fear of the hot dog you will find in the Calvo bank, which, in turn, will be in the water. Everything, what you need to do is jump into it and go to its back. The device itself will be located under water..

If you go north from the oak tree, you will find a small body of water, from which a piece of vine will stick out. The device will be on this vine. Everything, what you need is swim up to him and pick up.

You can find this diagram on the Tropicop Punch-O juice box.. The box itself will be located in the Northeast of the strange car., which you will surely remember, if you come across. Well, if not, you can look at the point on the map., shown by us below.

The circuit itself will be on the top of the box., so you have to get there. Use either nearby grass, or craft some stairs and a roof, in order to climb onto the juice and pick up the scheme.

And you will find this diagram at the most eastern point of the map., behind the last laser. The circuit itself will be located at the field station., in one of the underwater caves. You can get there as follows:

1. Find the ravine, where is the big sheet.

2. Break through the entrance to the cave, using a shovel.

3. Go down to the cave and reach the first field station.

4. Sail on the water and reach the second station.

5. Pick up the scheme, which will be located near the computer monitor.

To get this scheme, you will have to go through an anthill., which is located slightly west of the baseball field. In this place you will (or have already been) at the very beginning of the game, so we recommend picking up this circuit one of the first.

Exploring the anthill, always keep to the left wall, and at the forks - always turn left, no matter how many of them there are. So you need to get to the water. You will need to swim it and climb up the tunnels of the anthill., to get to the cave with the fighting ants.

Again, there will be another fork (after that, how you dive into the hole in the floor). At this fork, turn left again. You will find the diagram right on the floor. Among other things, in the same anthill you will find bee armor and BURG.L chip.

In this case, you will need to find an oak laboratory., not far from which the abandoned anthill is located. You will need to research it, only then always turn right at the forks. This will take you to a room with a high ledge., which is impossible to climb. But this is not necessary, because the device will be on the left side of the room.

Also, to get this scheme, it is recommended to wear ant armor, so that local "soldiers" do not touch you.

You can get this scheme, reaching the lamp, or rather, climbing on it. The lamp itself will be located not far from the oak tree.. You only need to climb on it with the help of crafting stairs..

You will find this diagram near the base of one of the bolts of the northernmost laser.. You also have to craft a lot here.. We recommend that you build roofs, because. this will take you the least resources (by 1 the weed stalk and 4 clover leaves). Actually, you will need to get to the first round platform.

As in the previous case, you will need to find a laser, only in this case - the most eastern. And you will not have to climb onto a round platform with bolts, and at the very top of the laser (use craft). From the top platform, you will need to run a copper wire, to get to the panel, on which the Hyperblaster circuit will be located.

You will find this diagram in the cave behind the sewers.. It is best for you to start looking for your way from the yard.. There, in its western part, you will see a bunch of logs, lying near the water. There will also be a stone wall nearby.. You need to walk along it, until you hit a stone. Be careful here, because. there will be a spider under this stone. From this stone you must turn south. This way you get to the water. Swim a little, to find the sewer grate, and when you find it, swim through it. So you can get to the cave, in the end (by the far wall) which will be the scheme you need.

14.SCA.B v3.09
Find the given scheme, perhaps, hardest of all. You will need to get to the paving stones in the west, however, you need to look for a scheme before, how do you bump into a picnic table. Look for the stone, which will be tilted (there may still be a spider under it). The very same scheme will be located between the stones., located not far from here. Look for a place, where will the little branch lie.

15.Sad Stab
You can immediately pick up this scheme., only now you need to target the picnic table. You will see a stone wall next to it. Go west from the wall, to find audio cassette, standing at an angle. The diagram will be right below it..

You will surely bump into your head, in his travels around the world of Grounded. There is a cave entrance under this head.. In it you will find the scheme you need..

17.Chubbs Series
In the eastern part of the courtyard, you will stumble upon an underwater cave. You will need to get through it, to get to the clover, which opens mutation. You also need to rummage a little along the coast, to find the dead leaf. Below it, you will stumble upon another underwater cave.. Swim through it, just not stopping. You should have enough breath. As soon as you reach the end, turn around and you will directly run into the scheme., which will be highlighted.

This diagram is in the south of the map., near which the rake will be. The circuit is located directly on it. Use nearby grass or craft, to climb on it.

This diagram will hang in the air between a felled paint can and a platform.. The point itself is located almost in the southernmost part of the map..

20.SCA.B v1.02
Well, this scheme is easy to find.. Walk south along the wooden wall of the house. You will have to find a small mushroom among the grass (it stands out there quite strongly for its small size). The scheme will lie under this mushroom..

To pick up this scheme, you will need to run and climb a lot. Exploring the northern part of the courtyard, you stumble upon an electrical outlet. The scheme will be very close. If you get lost, be guided by the berry bush. Use a cable, to get down, and then go up to the outlet. There you will have to jump from the cable to the valve, where will you climb up, and turning around, see the diagram.

You will find this diagram in a duck tub., which the, in turn, is in the hedge. You will need to climb the tub, in the corner of which you will find the diagram.

Here you will need to find a tub for ducks, on which the sheet lies. The diagram will be at the top of this sheet., where will you have to get, using surrounding plants or craft. The location on the map is the same, as is the case with the Textbook schema.

In the case of this scheme, you will again need to focus on the hedge. Look for the frisbee in it. It is located before the duck tub. For convenience, you can climb over to the right side of the fence and move towards the tub. On the way, you will see frisbee, as well as the boss spider, who will need to fight. Well, the diagram will lie near one of the inner sides of the smooth edges., following immediately after the blue circle. The location on the map is the same, as in both cases above.

25.SCA.B v2.11
And again a hedge, or rather an observation station, located in it. Only now you will need to climb even higher and look carefully for her in the branches.. If you are too lazy to look, collect a large amount of resources and craft the road to the station yourself. It is better to lay the road from the garden., because. this is where the windows of the station go.

Well, the diagram will lie on the table in the station itself. Well, on the map, this station is located in the same place., where and 3 previous, just a little further north.

As you can see, SCA.B schemes in Grouded - quite a lot and they are all well hidden. However, we did everything, what could, to make it easier for you to find them. We can only wish you good luck., looking for schemes and say goodbye. Until next time.
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