Perfect Gold Visual Novel: all achievements

as they say, amateurs and lovers of light vlv (women loving women) content hello, the rest of my condolences


story achievements

(obtained automatically as the story progresses)

The best of Lefey… Truants Get sweet freedom!
Healer on call Heal the wounded mage.
Young healer Meet Audrey.
Young Elemental Mage Meet Merion.
High Dramatic Society Visit the ball of alchemists.
Duel Master Arrange a magic duel.
Back to the past Learn more about the past of the famous alchemist.
Happy Sunflower! Celebrate the holiday.

dialogue achievements

(obtained after choosing a certain answer option)

chapter 3: first day

I don't need her pity ->

I am strong, independent magician! Defend your independence!

lunch together sounds cool ->

Castlecoast is the friendliest Make friends with the best Alchemist.

chapter 6: times change

to tell, for her to bring a soft drink ->

Cold heart When you're cold, could you call ...

chapter 8: general pain

I have as time to kill ->

Not that i like you! Seriously, in fact you don't really care that much.

chapter 9: clarity

take her hand ->

True love Reach out your hand of love.

chapter 10: castlecoast's creation

I'm looking at audrey ->

Intimate portrait Sketch during an intimate moment.

chapter 16: Growing pain

take a bottle ->

Big Man Offer to help the young magician

chapter 18: in prime

audrey ->

Second chance for a gift Buy a gift for someone special.

chapter 19: coagulation

hug her ->

Golden heart Accept your longing ...

keep yourself in control ->

Worthy or Tsundere? Hold back your affection.

good ending and epilogue

not sure, what choices affect getting a good ending, so I will list all those, which I did:

we were doomed to fail (?) -> lunch together sounds cool -> ask more about her plans -> create a cool breeze -> I'm worried about you -> take her hand -> I'm looking at audrey -> goes with us -> distract and flatter -> It was scary -> take a bottle -> protect her -> audrey -> hug her ->

Golden Day Get a good ending.

a bad ending differs from a good one only in that, that there is no epilogue after it

obtained in the epilogue after a good ending:

Alchemist's Happiness Get a romantic ending to your date.

Congratulations, You are gorgeous

(I sacrificed my sleep, to make the layout of the manual bearable, but it was worth it)

Composer Unlock all achievements.
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