MORDHAU: How to make a parody of Victor Salpire

In this tutorial I will try to create Victor Salzpire from the Warhammer games.: Verminide and Warhammer: Verminide 2


Face and physique

Eye color # 10
Hair color No. 17
Try to make your face look like this, as in the screenshot

Skin color # 1


Hat: 24;11
Hood: 9
Armor: 11;8
Cape: 8;8
Sleeves: 8;8
Mittens: 1;11
Belt: 10;10
Legs: 8
Feet: 1; 1
Choice of emblem, but I liked these skulls with flowers # 2 and # 44


Legendary weapon of the legendary witch hunter… Other options are possible, if you have enough money

There are no flintlock pistols in this game, so you have to improvise

Option with a crossbow is also possible, but this strong will reduce the practical use of the class.


To choose, but always evasion *

* Not a fact

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