Apex Legends: Where to find all holosprints (We get access to the Arena ES)

Thanks to this guide, you will be able to get your pass to the ESH Arena in just a few easy steps.


Arena ES

There will be new events very soon “Arena ES” in which you will fight 3 on 3, I hope at the time of the release of the event this guide is still relevant

1 stage. Damaged card
First, we need to get a damaged card.,which drops out from the soup when it is opened.
After that, in the lobby of the main menu, we will have this “map” by clicking on which you will receive an invitation

2 stage. Golosprei
Now we have access to missions for collecting holosperes with access codes. Need to collect 3 holospray on the map “Kings Canyon” and 3 holospray on the map “Olympus”.
There are more points on the map than the sprays themselves. You can fly to one of any points and pick up a banner there.,but the same spray, even in different matches, cannot be scanned. On the map, I marked the points where the holosprints are in yellow

On the map “Kings Canyon”
On the map “Olympus”
The holosprints themselves look like this:

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