Sea of Thieves: Guide for beginners, or how to become a storm of the seas

A guide for beginners how to become a thunderstorm of the seas, some tips on how to start the game. Enjoy your reading, dear friends!


begining. Sailing on a ship…

You can only fly a huge ship in Sea of ​​Thieves with the right crew at your side. Beginners must understand, that on the ship everyone has their own role. One lowers the sails and adjusts their angle, the other is raising the anchor, someone else is sitting at the steering wheel. Moreover, still need a man, who will sit with the map and guide the ship, and also that, who will keep an eye on rocks and other pirate ships. Starting your journey to Sea of ​​Thieves, need to understand, that only teamwork will make you a thunderstorm of the seas.

Pirate set.
At the very beginning of the game, your inventory is full and it is far from immediately clear why all these things are. Let's go in order:
Boards are needed to repair the ship after other pirates attack the ship or an unsuccessful maneuver on the waves;

Bananas will help restore health after a skirmish with enemies;
Bucket used, to collect water;
The compass will always show you the right path;
The lantern is a universal light source;
A shovel will be needed when excavating treasures;
The telescope will make it possible to see enemies from afar;
Cannonballs, naturally, for cannon shots.

Where are all the supplies?!

We go down into the hold of our ship and see a bunch of barrels. It is in them that all supplies are stored.: from food to cartridges for firearms. If the provisions run out, then you can find it on the islands or buy it from merchants. Almost every island has the same barrels with different supplies.. You can easily buy specific items from merchants, but each seller specializes in a specific type of goods. In an extreme game, it is difficult to spend absolutely all resources and be left with nothing.

Travel assignments
Having dealt with the controls of the ship, personal belongings and supplies, you can safely go sailing. Sure, there is an opportunity to score on any tasks and just explore the ocean, but a real pirate must have a goal.
You can take the first mission from one of the three Sea of ​​Thieves factions:
Gold chests. They give treasure maps and ask to solve various riddles;
Order of the Shower. Mainly tasked with killing pirate ship captains and bringing back their skulls;
Trade Alliance. All tasks are related to trade, with a wide variety of goods, be it chickens or cannonballs.

Completing missions from factions is the main source of gold in the game, therefore, for effective earnings, in any case, you will have to do.

Voting for the task
In Sea of ​​Thieves, you can't just pick up a mission and hit the road. At the first stage, the player marks the destination on the map, which lies in his cabin. Next, he needs to go to the next table with a piece of paper and vote for his task. If all other crew members do the same, then you can go sailing. This will have to be done, even if you play solo. In such a situation, one voice is enough to start the journey., but the voting procedure is mandatory.

Treasure protection
To some extent, Sea of ​​Thieves boils down to, to travel the ocean, search for treasures and increase the amount of loot. If you spend a lot of time on the road with precious chests, then sooner or later other pirates will hunt you. Also, the ship can sink, and then all the treasures will go to the bottom. To avoid such serious losses, worth constantly selling treasures. This can be done at any outpost at the Gold Chest merchant..
If you are a kleptomaniac and do not want to part with the loot, then learn to hide it correctly. for example, on the "Crow's Nest" you can find a secluded place under the steering wheel behind the barrels or drag the chest onto the crossbeams of the sail. Then you are definitely not afraid of the raids of other pirates..

Battles with players
The game tried to naturally convey the pirate life, therefore, boarding other players' ships is as common as weekdays. Any ship can be attacked, kill the entire crew and steal everything, what is bad. Unfortunately, this is where the realism of the game ends, because you can't take someone else's ship.
The dead pirates are sent to the Ferry of the Damned for a while.. This is a kind of respawn point., after which they reappear on their ship. That is, it is quite possible to be surrounded by enemies., if you did not have time to quickly carry the loot from someone else's ship and leave it.

If the water is black – RUN!!!
Red waters signal that, that the ship is approaching the edge of the map, but black is a harbinger of more serious problems. Kraken! Actually, the monster can be fought, if you are a daredevil, you have full ammunition and, what is most important, there is nothing of value on the ship. If your ship is filled to the top with treasures, then it is better to turn around and swim away immediately. The likelihood of killing a giant octopus is extremely low and, most likely, you just go to the next world with your wealth.

Quite logical, that it is very difficult to get into the walking pile of bones with a pistol or rifle. Sea of ​​Thieves understands this too, therefore skeletons receive negligible damage from firearms. You must fight them exclusively with a saber., but it is worth remembering about weak points:
Overgrown skeleton (branches grow between the ribs). Can only be killed on land, when standing in water starts to restore health;
Golden skeleton. On the contrary, vulnerable to water, therefore it is difficult to deal with it on land;
Black skeleton. Doesn't like light, in battle, you must use a flashlight between blows with a saber.

A little about animals…
In the vastness of the game, you can find a lot of animal habitats. You can take them for yourself, but for the animals to live as long as possible, they will have to look after. for example, chicks cannot be placed in the water or their cages on the ship below the water level, otherwise they drown. Pigs have to be constantly fed with bananas., because they can die. And the snakes must be tamed right away with the help of a melody., which you can play on your musical instruments, otherwise they will just bite you and poison you.

Completion of the journey
If you are tired of Sea of ​​Thieves or just tired after completing another mission and decide to quit, then do not rush. Treasure chests or skulls of pirate captains must be delivered to the outpost.
Despite the fact that after receiving them, the game will inform, that the journey is complete - it is not. The item received on the quest will be stored in the hold of the ship, but if you quit the game, then after re-entering it will disappear, and you have to do it all over again. Be sure to visit the outpost and exchange the item from the quest for experience and gold. Only after that you can safely leave the game..

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