Firestone Idle RPG: Combat vehicles and how to download them from KACT

How to start developing war machines and keep up with other players.


begining, mechanic and your first tank


I do not claim to be 100% correct in this manual and do not guarantee that, that this is the only way to properly swing cars. I share my experience and explain, how I myself got on the path of progress in this game mechanics. Quite possibly, that many experienced players will disagree with my methods and YOU decide, how do you want to develop.

For convenience and simplicity, I will call all combat vehicles tanks, and the numbering of tanks will depend on their place in the formation: tank, first place will be first, tank, second – will be the second, etc.. As the, tanks will have to be rearranged, it means, what's the name of the tanks, which I will use in the guide, will change too.

Expedition Tokens

Since this is currency, which is already used in the game, there was a need to prioritize – what is more important, private tree in the guild, or combat vehicles.
At my stage (tree level 61, branch levels with 30 to 35), the choice remains unambiguously in favor of machines. For more “young” players, possibly, it will be more profitable to swing a tree, but in any case, I recommend getting at least two cars and typing at least 20 stars in the campaign, to receive chests daily. Probably, in future, there will be new mechanics for getting tokens, maybe we can get them in the arena because, that at the moment this not yet introduced mechanic is already directly related to this currency. but this is all just my speculation and attempts to calm myself. In no case should you take this as a common truth., because. the developers of the game did not give any information about this.


First of all, you need to go into the city and click on the building “Mechanic”, to get the first tank. Regardless of whether, how is it drawn, he will be a fighter (dd).
The mechanic will gain experience every time, when your tanks will raise the level. For mechanic levels, the strength of your tanks will grow, in addition, over time, slots for new tanks will open.


The development of combat in the campaign will greatly depend on your formation.: places determine that, in what sequence the enemy will attack your tanks. The tank in the first place will be attacked first, after its destruction, the enemy will switch to the second tank and so on in turn until the end of the battle.

Tank crew

Hero specialization bonus affects bonuses, which the tank will receive: with the same leveling of items, a hero with a fighter's specialization will give more damage, healer specialization – more health, and a hero from tank specializations – more armor.
At the expense of the usefulness of the armor, I still have very controversial impressions. – at the very start she helped a lot, but to 20 the level of the campaign, its bonus began to feel much weaker. At the moment, in terms of survival, I focus on health, and while the guide will be focused on this direction.. Further, possibly, I will rewrite it.

Since. you will get the second tank fast enough, in the first, it makes sense to focus entirely on damage, adding survivability only when necessary.
While the heroes have quite a few items, it makes sense to plant any, regardless of the specialization of the hero – if only they gave more damage.
Small life hack, until you have pumped items for war machines, how to understand, which heroes will give more stats:
1. We put a full crew of any heroes into the tank.
2. We land one hero, look at the damage parameters, we put the hero back in the tank. We repeat with each of the four heroes.
3. Removing the hero, which gave the least gain (ie. you need to remove the hero, without which, at the previous stage, there was MOST of all damage)
4. In turn, we put all inactive heroes in the place of the removed hero and look at the damage parameters.
5. We leave the hero, with which the tank has the most damage.
6. We repeat this for each of the slots..
The same principle can be used to determine the best composition for a tank., playing the role of a tank (well that one, what will take damage).

For the drawings, while we are downloading all three branches (damage, health, armor).

Second tank, distribution of roles

Second tank, which you get, will be a fighter too. it means, that the game at this stage offers us to use only attacking units. Personally, I didn't like it and I decided, that one of the proposed tanks will still be a tank.

Immediately after receiving the second tank, it makes sense to focus on pumping it – if you have any expedition tokens left, but there are still no details for pumping a new tank – wait until then, until the details appear. Now the main task – level up both tanks, wherein, download the drawings from the second tank only damage

New build at the moment will look like this: the crew of the first tank remains the same, in the second we drive the heroes, giving as much damage increase as possible.

After alignment (about 6 level for both tanks), evenly pump them to 10 level. The first tank for blueprints is only pumped health, the second – only damage. If you have a surplus of blueprints – pumping damage to the first tank. If the excess is too strong – we also add armor to him.

Tenth level tanks becomes a turning point. At this stage, we completely stop pumping the first tank., focusing on the second. Wherein, now it is important to rebuild the crew.
We drive heroes into the first tank, giving as much health and armor as possible.
We drive the heroes into the second tank, giving as much damage as possible.

Thus, we swing the second tank to about 19 level, the first tank remains on 10 level.

Intermediate goal at this stage, which must be reached as quickly as possible – dial it 20 stars in the campaign, this will allow you to receive daily 5 wooden chests and 4 iron chest.

Third tank, finally becoming a tank
Third tank, which we get, has a tank specialization. While he is poorly pumped, we do not change crews, but we drive heroes with maximum survivability into the tank and put it in first place in the formation. Wherein, the first tank is shifted to second place, and second – on the third. Now it is important to bring the pumping of tanks to match their roles:
first tank – tank, completely pump out health, if drawings remain – finishing off the armor
second tank – fighter / tank, focusing entirely on damage, stop pumping armor, health only if there are a lot of blueprints
third tank – fighter, only download damage, health only if there are a LOT of blueprints.

To the moment, when the first tank reaches the fifth level, you can start to consider it as a combat unit on a par with the rest. we transfer crews according to roles:
first tank – crew with maximum health / armor
the third tank – crew with maximum damage
second tank – crew remnants with maximum damage

When the first tank reaches the tenth level, back to the third tank, to raise it from 19 level at 20 (this will give an additional nice bonus to damage), after which we evenly pump the first and second tanks to 20 level.

Hero equipment, emblems of valor and completion

Since. items drop randomly on heroes, I came to a conclusion, what is better to allocate a separate section for this, and not mention in scraps throughout the guide.

As written at the beginning, the main bonus to tank damage is given by soldiers. It means, that in the final version the tanks, damage-oriented, must be filled by the crew, composed of fighters.
You won't come to this right away (I still haven't come, but already close to it). For the redistribution of heroes, I have allocated a specific moment for myself: when at least 8 heroes fighters will receive a full set of items (jewelry) for damage (First, Mascot, Necklace) and at least 4 the hero from the number of tanks and healers will receive a full set of items for health (Rune, Mascot, Bauble). From now on, all crews are aligned with roles, items must be pumped like this, so that the price for pumping is distributed evenly between all items of all active heroes.
And don't forget, what at this stage, heroes fighters do not make sense to download items, non-damaging, and it makes no sense for tank heroes and healers to download items, unhealthy, or armor.

Beyond the drawings, you will receive emblems of valor. Players' opinions on the topic, spend them right away, or leave for later, or not, divided, therefore, you yourself must decide for yourself.
I immediately spent 15k emblems, having bought a total of, 15 gold chests (buying cheaper chests definitely doesn't make sense), it gave me a good boost at the start. I put the rest of the emblems aside until then., until you can buy more valuable chests.

Purchase of diamond chests will be available when you earn 100 campaign stars.
Pumping chests in the alchemist's shop will be available when you earn 70 campaign stars.
Resources for pumping chests also make no sense to spend on cheap chests. the best option would be to use them to upgrade diamond chests to opal.

At the moment, this is all the information I have collected. The guide will be supplemented and changed by me as I progress through the mechanics.


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