The Life and Suffering of Sir Brante: The Perfect End of a Nobleman

The Life and Suffering of Sir Brante is an incredibly soulful game, she causes a mountain of emotions, despite the outcome of the passage, be it a sad end or an incredibly kind and sincere outcome of the life of Monsieur Brante. But not every person can complete the game with the most favorable variant of events., although I would very much like to see the ideal fate of the Brante family. This guide presents one of the best options for roleplaying a noble's inheritance. I do not advise you to play this option., without completing the game on your own at least once!!!
In this variant of the passage by the end of the game we reach: Nobility of sword and peace with the governor, Mother stays alive, Nathan becomes a prophet, Stephen and Father enter high government posts, Prefect El Born remains alive and is not overshadowed in the pages of history, Gloria is happily married, Tommas is alive and well married, order reigns in the empire, and in the provinces there is plenty of magra, Otto knew true death, well, we become a prefect and a fair trial



This version of the passage was invented by one a very smart person, therefore all the honor and gratitude is to him, I just wrote a manual for his honed scheme)

Chapter 1: Childhood

1118 year:


– smile shadows (reserve of strength +10)

1119 year:

Hide and seek:

– look for a house (determination +1)

1120 year:


– distort the string (determination +1)

1121 year:

Lot – to suffer:

– come to terms with punishment (reserve of strength -5, Lydia Brante: thanks, Stefan Brante +1)

Gloria's Poems:

– console sister (reserve of strength -5, Gloria: thanks, Gloria +1)

1122 year:

Crying baby:

– hug mother (unity +1, Lydia Brante +1)

1123 year:

Toy soldiers:

– tell the truth (determination +1)

1124 year:


– hit grandfather (determination +1, sensitivity +1, +1 death, Gregor Brante -1)

*Father's sword (Conditions: determination >= 4):

– ask my father to teach the basics of fencing (Event: fencing lesson, determination +1, reserve of strength -10)

Distinguished guest:

– to kindly greet the baroness (reputation +1, unity -1, Lydia Brante -1, Robert Brante +1, Gregor Brante +1)

1125 year:


– look further into the kaleidoscope (reserve of strength +10)

Temptation by sweetness:

– teasing grandfather with sister (determination +1, Gloria +1, Gregor Brante -1)

– head up (reserve of strength +5)

Chapter 2: Adolescence

1126 year:

Neighbor down the street:

– find a brother guilty (resourcefulness +1, Thomas Guerro +1)

1127 year:

Dashing horses:

– shield Sophia from the horses (Event: saving Sophia, nobility +1, resourcefulness +1, spirituality +1, reserve of strength -5, +1 death, Sophia +1)

1128 year:

Stefan's arrival:

– keep the conversation going (nobility +1, Gregor Brante +1)

1129 year:

Shawl on the pavement:

– leave a handkerchief as a keepsake (reserve of strength +10)

1130 year:

A storm of expectations:

– study theology (spirituality +1, Lydia Brante +1)

Noble children:

– shake Diederik's hand (reputation +1, Robert Brante +1, Thomas Guerro -1)

1131 year:

White Tree:

– go to the tree (reserve of strength +10)

A shadow of the past:

– recognize Gloria as a sister (Gloria +1, Lydia Brante +1)

Nobleman's Lot:
– follow brother's orders (nobility +1, reserve of strength -5, Stefan Brante +2)

The trial of the offenders:

– to convince the father (reputation -1, unity +1, nobility +1, spirituality +1, reserve of strength -5, Gregor Brante -1)

*Forbidden love (Conditions: nobility >=4):

– help Stefan (Event: Stefan's attention, spirituality +1, resourcefulness +1)

*Not a childish question (Conditions: spirituality >=4):

– confirm Nathan's fears (Event: Nathan's instruction, nobility +1, resourcefulness +1)

*Poets (Conditions: resourcefulness >=4):

– convince Gloria to leave society (Event: Gloria's secret, nobility +1, spirituality +1)

1132 year:


– prevent grandfather (nobility +1, resourcefulness +1, reserve of strength -5, Gregor Brante: true death, Gregor Brante -1)

Last honors:

– ask for blessings (Event: river of blood, Robert Brante +1, Stefan Brante +1)

(one of two to choose from, with the first option, we get an achievement “matters of the heart”)
– prevent Otto (Event: matters of the heart, Sophia: trust, Sophia +1)
– hide (reserve of strength +5, Sophia: angry, Sophia -1)

1133 year:

Last night:

– go to Gloria (resourcefulness +2, Gloria +1)

Chapter 3: Youth

1134 year:

Arrival in the capital:

– meet young nobles (diplomacy +1, manipulation +1, reserve of strength -5)

Luke's Sermon:

– confront (diplomacy +1)

The city does not sleep:
– go to the duel club (valor +1)


Guest from the past:

– refuse (valor +1, diplomacy +1, Sophia -1)

Three Shares:

– break into university (Event: nobleman's way)

The bonds of friendship:

– take an oath (Event: bonds of friendship, Thomas Guerro: bonds of friendship)


– resolve the quarrel (manipulation +1, Dori Otton +1)

1136 year:

El Croix's lesson:

– decisive assault (valor +1, eloquence +1)

First thing:

– find a nobleman (Event: saving Ailees, diplomacy +1)


A holiday for everyone:

– execute an order (power -1, order +1, diplomacy +1)

Path of the sword:

– dedicate to the fighter father (Event: winning tournaments, valor +1, Octavia Milanid: intrigued)

Chapter 4: Peace

1138 year:


– ask Nathan (Nathan Brante +1)

First day of service:

– get ready for the first business (reserve of strength +5, Augustin El Born +1)

Reception at the Brante House:

– tell about winning the tournament (reputation +2, diplomacy +1, eloquence +1, Stefan Brante +1)

Between the devil and the deep sea:

– send Gloria to Valona (wealth -1, manipulation +1, eloquence +1)

Land dispute:

– legalize termination (Magra's wealth -1, order +1, career +1, justice -1, reputation +1, reserve of strength -5)

1139 year:

A gift to the family:

– distribute to the nobility (reputation +2, diplomacy +1, secret plans +1)

Rule of law:

– side with El Born (Augustin El Born: Promise, Augustin El Born +2)

old friend:

– have dinner with Tommas (reputation -1, reserve of strength +10, Thomas Guerro +1)

The Newspaper Case:

– legalize a newspaper (Event: defender of the people, career +1, justice +1, wealth -1, reserve of strength -5)

Call of the ancestors:

– go ahead yourself (reserve of strength -5, valor +3, Stefan Brante -2, Robert Brante -2, Gregor Brante +2)

1140 year:

Vassal and suzerain:

– settle a dispute (reserve of strength -5, Augustin El Born +1)


– submit (reputation +1, Octavia Milanid: patronage, Octavia Milanid +1)

Brothers in misfortune:

– use the power (justice -1, eloquence +1, Stefan Brante +1, Nathan Brante +1, Augustin El Born -1)

Father Mark's case:

– let go (church +1, career -1, wealth +2, secret plans +1)

*Way up (career >= 5, stigma):

– agree (Event: patronage of the authorities, career +3, justice +1, Remy El Verman: deal, Augustin El Born: betrayed)

1141 year:

Friend in need:

– prevent a duel (Thomas Guerro: in shelter, Dory Otto -1);

Case against Otto:

– convince Tommas to leave the Legion (wealth -1, Thomas Guerro: saved)

Feast of the White Tree:

– turn to mother (unity +1, manipulation +1, Gloria -1)

*Date with Octavia (Octavia Milanid: patronage or closeness):

– indulge in pleasures (reserve of strength +10);

1142 year:

The hunt for evidence:

– ask the governor for help (Event: evidence against Otto, Augustin El Born: betrayed, Guy Tempest +1)

*Stephen's plan (Stefan Brante >= 1):

– agree (Stefan Brante: collusion, Stefan Brante +1)

*Audience deputy (career >= 8, stigma):

– take an envelope (Event: patronage of the authorities, career +2, diplomacy +1, Augustin El Born: betrayed, Guy Tempest +2)

Alien world:

– legitimize the circle (wealth +1, diplomacy +1, theology +1, reserve of strength -5, Octavia Milanid +1)

1143 year:

Threats and promises:

– calm Otto (manipulation +1, Dori Otton +1);

Noble honor:

– sentence El Corvio to execution (career -1, justice +1, wealth +1)

El Ferro list:

– harbor suspects (justice -1, unity +1, wealth +1, Gloria +1)

*Rebel (Conditions: Stefan Brante: collusion):

– convince Gloria to come to terms (theology +1, manipulation +1, Gloria: engaged, Gloria +1)

1144 year:

Justice for all:

– take the help of Octavia (career +1, justice -1, Guy Tempest +1)

In the scaffold:

– give mother strength (Event: mother recovered, unity +1, reserve of strength -10)


– demand to return to the family ( reputation +1, Octavia Milanid: betrayed by you, Duke of Milan +1, Octavia Milanid -2)

*Glorious family

*Golden cage (Conditions: Gloria: engaged):

– keep in touch with Gloria (unity +1, reputation -1, eloquence +1, Stefan Brante: in the House, Gloria: marriage, Stefan Brante -1)

Tommas's wedding

-Become a wedding witness(reserve of strength +10, Tommas's new life)


– call mother (unity +1, reserve of strength +5, manipulation +1, eloquence +1, Nathan Brante: hope)

1145 year:

Family council:

– become a close associate of the governor (Event: sword nobility, Event: viceroy's associates, reserve of strength +5, Gregor Brante +3)

*Noble blood (Conditions: sword nobility):

– accompany Stefan (diplomacy +1, reserve of strength +10, Stefan El Brante +2, Robert El Brante +2)

Empty armchair

*Twilight over Anisotti (Conditions: career >= 8, Remy El Verman: deal, the family broke up):
– warn El Born (career -3, reserve of strength -10, +1 death)

Final preparations:

– spread a rumor among the nobility (career +1, reserve of strength -10)

The hour has come:

– bring Otto to justice

Chapter 5: Insurrection


*The fate of the family (Conditions: the family broke up):

– the family will oppose the uprising (event: defender of the empire, event: family in the city, nobles +1, Robert El Brante : defender of the empire)

*By the will of the gods (Conditions: the family broke up):

– let him ask Elder (theology +1, eloquence +1, Nathan Brante: prophet)

Gathering forces:

-rally the nobility (Event: defender of the empire, nobles +1, troops +1)

*Dying light (Conditions: The path of the nobleman):

– hand over to the inquisition (clergy +1, Octavia Milanid: in captivity)

*Mr. El Born's choice (Conditions: nobleman's way):

– protect El Born (insurrection -1, nobles -1, commoners +1)


Siege of the Prefecture:

– challenge Otto to fight (Event: defender of the empire, Dori Otton: duel)

*Duel with Otto (Condition: Dori Otton: duel):

– invoke an ancestor (power -1, insurrection -1, troops +1, nobles +1, commoners +1, Dori Otton: killed in a duel, Augustin El Born: defender of the empire)

Procession of the New Faith:

– fight back with the defenders of the faith (Event: defender of the empire, order -1, insurrection -1, troops +1, clergy +1, commoners -1, Father Lennart: true death, Jeanne: defeat)


Leader of the rebellion:

– disperse the crowd (order +1, power -1, insurrection -2, troops -1, nobles +1, clergy +1, reserve of strength -5)


*Last hour (Conditions: defender of the empire);

– go to El Born (insurrection -3, commoners +1);

*Battle of Anisotti (Conditions: uprising = 0):
(your preference, but surrendering the city is better)
– smash the forces of insurrection (Event: defeat of the uprising, power -2, church -2, order +4);
– achieve the surrender of the city (Event: mutiny surrendered, Magra's wealth +3, church -1, order +5)

Morning after the uprising:

-grant forgiveness

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  1. At the end of chapter 2, if you choose to help her and not save +5 willpower, you will not have enough willpower at the end of the game and screw up your whole playthrough! Make sure to choose, hide alone, Sophia doesn’t matter anyway in a noble run. Had to do the whole thing again because i was lacking 5 willpower… You will not be able to help mother recover later, and then you will not get some willpower because of that and you can’t defuse the revolt at the temple at the very end, resulting in a bad outcome.

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