Spec Ops The Line: Location of all intelligence 2021

A guide for finding all intelligence and getting achievements to find them.



This guide is designed to find all the intelligence in the game Spec Ops: The Line and three achievements, related (Keen eye, Scout, Archivist)

In the game Spec Ops: The Line is pretty easy to find intelligence, all of them 23. You can collect them all in the first playthrough, regardless of your decisions.

You can see the progress of found items in the Intel Database tab in the main menu. All items look different. Sometimes intelligence can be a bag of some kind., and sometimes a doll or a flag. But they will always shine with a golden tint.

If you picked up an item, then it will be saved in statistics even if there is no checkpoint nearby. If you have already found the item – it will disappear and you no longer need to search for it.

Chapter 1. Evacuation

Intelligence # 1. After a little training at the very beginning, before engaging in the fray, you will find a lighthouse. There will be a small area to the left of it.. Look at the large map opposite the jeep.

Intelligence # 2. When it comes to fighting enemies on an airplane, before going up to climb to the upper tier, look down a little to the left and find a red bag.

Chapter 2. Dune

Intelligence # 3. Right at the very beginning, go left. Before you jump down and kill two fighters, look under the umbrella. The item will lie on the box.

Intelligence # 4. After the first firefight, go down the stairs and meet another group of enemies. In the room, hung with cameras, you will find a round table with computers. In front of the panel, you will see a small cassette.

Chapter 3. Down below

Intelligence # 5. Right after the first shootout, soldiers will throw C4 charges into your room and you will have to run away. Get to the door, which cannot be entered, Turn left. You will see a pile of jewelry. Lift them up. Try to do it faster, before the cut-scene starts, after which you cannot go back.

Chapter 4. Refugees

Intelligence # 6. At the very beginning of the chapter, try to stick to the left side of the path.. There will be a doll in front of the door.

Intelligence # 7. Soon you will reach the point, where to go down on the rope. Immediately after landing on the ground, look to the left. The item will lie on the table.

Chapter 5. Edge

Intelligence # 8. After the first major battle, come down, killing enemies along the way. After everyone is dead, a small pointer will appear. Go to him, and when will remain 17 meters, look to the left. Documents lie behind double doors.

Intelligence # 9. When you fall through the ceiling and defeat the enemies in the room, go to that place, where is the rope for descending. When you walk through a small structure, climb the stairs to the top floor. There are documents on the floor near the bed.

Chapter 6. Pit

Intelligence # 10. Reunited with his squad, you will get to the machine gun, with which you need to cover your partners. After the door opens, go on and jump down. Dead men with green bags on their heads will sit around in armchairs. To the right of them you will see a small table, on which the documents lie.

Chapter 7. Battle

Intelligence # 11. After the first battle in the desert, go further and kill enemies. Before you go to your goal, look at the stop sign with lots of holes in it. The documents are glued to the sign.

Intelligence # 12. Near the first item, you will see mountains of burnt corpses. Fighting two enemies and a juggernaut, go to the goal, but BEFORE you walk in the door, look to the left.

Chapter 8. Door

There is no intelligence on the level!

Chapter 9. Road

Intelligence # 13. At the very beginning of the chapter instead of, to get down, turn around and go to the wall. There you will see a flag.

Chapter 10. Riggs

Intelligence # 14. At the beginning of the level, fish forward and enter the tent. When you enter the second tent, look to the right at the table.

Intelligence # 15. Go ahead and engage in a firefight. One of the soldiers, whom you helped, will open the door and let you in. After a short cut-scene, look at the table.

Chapter 11. Loner

There is no intelligence on the level!

Chapter 12. Roofs

Intelligence # 16. After the first major firefight, approach the rope, on which you need to move to the roof of another building. Pull out and look to the right of the stairs. There are documents on the box.

Intelligence number 17. Enter the room and clear the area from enemies, then get down the tightrope. In a dark lit room with neon prints. Walk up the steps, go around them and move to the corner of the room, an intelligence item will be located in the bathroom.

Chapter 13. Adams

Intelligence # 18. After rescuing the first partner, breaking the battle, you will advance to another zone. There you will see a yellow tent, behind it there will be an object on the left.

Intelligence # 19. After the cut-scene, in which you find a second partner, go to the goal and when will it stay 18 meters, look left. There is an intelligence item on the table with candles..

Chapter 14. Bridge

Intelligence # 20. After the firefight, climb higher. There is intelligence on the chair.

Intelligence # 21. After fighting with some character, enter the building and clear the room. Intelligence pinned to the American flag, which is located on the left side of the room.

Chapter 15. Welcome

Intelligence # 22. Taking the elevator, go forward and after the first turn to the left you will see a small ladder up. The item you are looking for is on the table on the second floor..

Intelligence # 23. In the same location as the previous item, but on the first floor. Walk past the stairs and turn left. At the back of the room, intelligence is on the table..
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