Russification of the game Planetarian the reverie of a little planet

This guide provides a translation and description of the installation in the game.


About translation

Despite, that by the time this translation was released, there were already two translations from Honyaku-subs and WinKiller Studio, it didn’t prevent 2019 year to release a translation from the dsp2003 and co team.
Translation suitable for versions:
Package Edition
Memorial Edition
Steam Edition

I will note, what's with this translation, as with others, reading will not trigger achievements. Also, there is no voice acting for characters.

Install translation
Follow the link below, download the .exe file, which is the translation installer.

Poke right here[]

After downloading, run the file, read the user agreement, in the components for installation, remove / add checkmarks for yourself and pave the path to the folder with the game.
The path should look something like this:

Due to the fact that the game is quite old, please pay attention to Readme * where everything related to fonts is described, settings of the game itself and control.

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