Terraria: How to defeat Moonlord

Moonlord (English. Moon Lord, orig. rus. Moon lord) - the final boss of Terraria. Called upon, when all four celestial towers are defeated during the Lunar Event, or when using the Celestial Seal. Unlike the rest of the bosses, The Moon Lord does not appear immediately, and a minute after killing towers / using the seal.

The Moonlord is similar in structure to the Golem(there is a head and two arms, to be destroyed) . After the destruction of his hands and head, his heart is opened. There is a weak spot on each hand and on the forehead - eyes, which periodically close or open. They can only be damaged when open.. Once all eyes and core are shattered, Moonlord defeated.

During the battle, Lunar Lord places his arms at a distance from the player. Its mouth periodically attaches a tentacle to the player., which sucks some "essence" out of him. If the tentacle is not destroyed before, how it reaches the mouth, one of his living body parts will receive additional 1000 health. This tentacle will also inflict the Moonbite debuff, which will prevent the player from being healed with Ghost Armor or Vampire Knives.


Notes (edit)

After killing the eyes on the hands and forehead, the True Eye of Cthulhu will appear, which will shoot a laser at the player. Also, in place of the killed eye, an opening will appear, which will do damage, if the player stands opposite him.
As soon as the eye on his forehead opens, he will shoot the Phantom Death Ray, which can do a lot of damage and instantly go through the entire map (Doesn't go through blocks). True Eyes Cthulhu also has this ability., but they do less damage.
If players get too far from the Moon Lord (via Teleport or Magic Mirror), he instantly teleports to them.
If the Moon Lord dies / disappears, have to wait for the morning, return to the entrance to the Dungeon, kill the Lunatic Cultist and all four Heavenly Towers again to summon him again, or you can simply use the Heavenly Seal.
Bonfires will not work while fighting him.
His arms can also shoot ice shards.



Its tentacles can be avoided, if you get out of range quickly enough. Sufficient speed for this can be developed using Asphalt or Mechanical minecar. (if you defeated mechanical bosses in Expert Mode).
Most of his attacks, including the laser from his head, cannot pass through walls. Keep this in mind, when you build an arena to fight him.
It is also possible to avoid the lasers from his head with the Key to the Rocket Maker or the Rod of Discord..
Accessories, jerking (eg, Master Ninja Equipment or Shield of Cthulhu), help you keep your distance when fighting the Overlord and dodge his lasers.
Keep a Nurse by your side, to be treated in case of severe loss of health. This way you will greatly increase your chances of survival..
Vampire Knives or Ghost Hood are not recommended, as the "Lunar Bite" debuff is applied quite often, so healing from your attacks won't work.

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