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Detailed Guide to Spec Ops Achievements : The Line in Russian.



Greetings, friends! I present to you my guide, which contains tips and tricks for completing Spec Ops achievements : The Line. The guide will be updated as new tips and tricks become available.

With a guide, I, sure, late, but it will still be useful to many. There will be discounts on the game, new players. anyway, let's start.
Number of achievements – 50
Offline achievements – 50
Online achievements – 0
Minimum number of passes for 100% – 2 passing
Difficulty of achievements – 5-7 / 10 (depends on skill)
Estimated pick-up time 100% – 12 – 15 hours (depends on skill)
Achievements with difficulty levels : Present
Achievements, easy to miss – Absent. Levels can be replayed.
Glitchy achievements – absent
Cheats disable achievements? – no cheats

Those wishing to receive 100%

This section is made for those, who is going to knock out 100% from the very beginning of the game. If you are only interested in tips for some specific achievements, then you can skip this section and move on to the next.

STEP 1. – Starting the game on difficulty “Certain death”. After completing the game, you will 100% likely to get at least 17 achievements. You don't have to think about them.

8 story achievements :

They are alive
Lost Battalion
Desert storm
Three Kings
The Great Escape
The bridge is too far

6 achievements, associated with the choice :

Man of action
Hurry – make people laugh

Nur soldiers
My own head

Shooting at friendly
Every cartridge counts

Beyond, nowhere else
At the edge of the abyss, stop in time

goodbye, weapon
No time for heroes

Way home
The path to glory

The remaining 6 can be finished off on an easier level of difficulty or during the passage in the Grinder. In the second case, it is better to choose those, which does not require you to fight, and on “Certain death” execute exactly combat.

AND 3 achievements for difficulty levels :

We were soldiers
Devil's disciple

The next achievements require certain actions from us.. Completing all of the below achievements. It is better to complete them immediately during the passage on “Certain death”, so as not to think about them on “Meat grinder” and focus on passing. And the implementation of some of them can be problematic on the last difficulty..

Shooter : rifle
Shooter : gun and PP
Shooter : shotgun
Shooter : sniper
Shooter : grenade
Shooter : heavy weapons (can “finish off” on “Meat grinder”)
High aim
Blind shooting
Good preparation
Lone wolf
Melee Master
Keen eye
Human factor
Two steps away
Preventive measures
Deer hunter
Air defense
Brute force
Use the setting
It is for you
Adaptation for survival

STEP 2. – Passage on difficulty “Meat grinder”
After that, how will you pass the game on difficulty “Certain death”, a new one will open – “Meat grinder”. We will only earn one achievement here. :

Army General

For tips on passing the game on this difficulty, see the section “Difficulty levels”.

STEP 3. – Finishing the remaining achievements on Easy difficulty

And you are weak?
Without “two hundredth”

And also achievements, related to choice, if left.

Further tips and tricks for each achievement.

Story achievements

No need to worry about these achievements, they cannot be missed, as they are given as you progress through the game. All of these 8 pieces :

They are alive – find survivors.

Quicksand – look under your feet.

Lost Battalion – detect the enemy.

Desert storm – think over an exit strategy.

Horror – face the horrors of war.

Three Kings – Be together.

The Great Escape – away from it all!

The bridge is too far – this is the end.

Difficulty levels

Cadet – complete the game on difficulty “stroll”. Can also be obtained by completing the game on higher difficulty levels.

We were soldiers – complete the game on difficulty “Combat operation”. Can also be obtained by completing the game on higher difficulty levels.

Devil's disciple – complete the game on difficulty “Certain death”. Better to start the game right away on this difficulty. You'll get 2 previous achievements and unlock the next difficulty level.

Army General – complete the game on difficulty “Meat grinder”. Difficulty level is unlocked by passing the game on difficulty level “Certain death”.

A few tips for passing on “Meat grinder” :
Do not hurry, stay in cover all the time. Enemies in the game do not respawn. Get out of hiding only after making sure, that everything is clean nearby.
Try to shoot in short bursts and in the head.
Do not look out of cover for long periods.. Kill 1-2 enemies, hide, repeat again.
Don't look out of cover, being wounded. Opponents on this difficulty are strong, so it's better to catch your breath first.
Use blindfold shooting. This way you can kill an enemy who is close to you or avoid unnecessary injuries..
Don't forget to issue orders to the squad. They can save you in a critical situation or kill an enemy., which you cannot kill due to critical health..
Use all kinds of pomegranates. Frag Grenades and Sticky Grenades help you deal with large groups of enemies, help smoke them out of hiding. One flashbang can temporarily blind multiple enemies at once.
Finish off lying enemies. This way you will get ammo for both your barrels and grenades., which will be very useful on this difficulty.
Do not try to revive a buddy or send a buddy to do it., as long as there are enough enemies on the battlefield.

Achievements, related to choice

Most of the following achievements contain spoilers, revealing the plot. To read the description, hover over black lines.

Man of action – go ahead
Seventh chapter. When Lugo and Adams argue over who to save, open fire on soldiers, asking Gould. After that, how to defeat all enemies and reach the next checkpoint, the achievement will be unlocked

Hurry – make people laugh – act wisely
Seventh chapter. Alternative Achievement Man of Action. Residents need to be saved, without raising an alarm. When Lugo and Adams argue over who to save, turn towards Adams and follow him. Don't forget to put on a muffler. We do everything, what does the partner say. It won't be difficult.

Nur soldiers – follow all orders
9 chapter. We carry out the order and kill one of the suspended. The achievement will open at the next checkpoint.

My own head – break the chain of command
9 chapter. Alternative achievement for Nur Zoldat. We disobey the order and shoot at the soldiers from above. Do not shoot at the suspended! The achievement will open at the next checkpoint.

Shooting at friendly – show mercy
Chapter 11. Pinned down by the tank, Riggs will ask you to put a bullet in his forehead. We fulfill the request and go to the next checkpoint.

Every cartridge counts – spare the cartridges
Chapter 11. Alternative achievement for Friendly Shooting.

Beyond, nowhere else – take revenge
In the end 13 heads open fire on civilians, surrounding you.

At the edge of the abyss, stop in time – show composure
the end 13 chapters. Alternate achievement Beyond the Boundary, nowhere else. We shoot in the air or in the ground, to disperse civilians.

goodbye, weapon – at will, private
15 chapter. Let the imaginary Konrad count to three and fire. Titles, Main menu.

No time for heroes – keep it up, fighter!
Alternative achievement for Goodbye, weapon. Shooting an imaginary Konrad, followed by an Epilogue, in which you will need to make one more choice.

Way home – You live by yourself – let others live!
Epilogue (cm. Achievement No Time for Heroes). We lower the weapon by pressing the Space bar.

The path to glory – Live yourself and let others die.
Epilogue (cm. Achievement No Time for Heroes). We do not lower our weapons and start shooting at our saviors.
Here are possible 2 endings. The first one you can see, killing everyone, second – if they kill you

Assassination with various types of weapons

All achievements from this section are cumulative. That is, their counter is not reset after death or loading a checkpoint.. Try to shoot in the head, to earn the achievement High Goal, and because it is effective.

Shooter : Rifle – kill 350 opponents from any rifle
Rifles are quite common in the game. To make 350 kills in one playthrough will not be difficult. Automatic rifles include :

– M4A1 Carbine
– TAR-21
– Steyr AUG A1
– IF 47

Shooter : Pistol and PP – kill 100 opponents from any pistol or PP


– Beretta M9
– Desert Eagle
– Colt Python


– Heckler & Chef UMP45
– Micro Uzi
– TDI Vector
– P90

Shooter : Shotgun – kill 75 opponents from any shotgun

– M1014
– Mossberg 590
– W1300

AA-12 refers to heavy weapons!

Shooter : Sniper – kill 50 opponents from any sniper rifle

– M-99
– Scout Tactical
– Steyr Elite
– Heckler & Koch 417

Shooter : Heavy weapons – kill 150 opponents from any heavy weapons

Machine guns:

– FN M249E2 SAW
– General Dynamics GAU-17/A
– M134 Minigun

Grenade launchers:

– FN MK 13 (underground grenade launcher)
– Milkor MGL Mk 1L (rechargeable drum grenade launcher)
– RPG-7

as well as:

– AA-12

Shooter : Grenade – kill 50 opponents with grenades
Achievement is not difficult, since the density of enemies in the game is high. Also don't forget, that the trophy is cumulative.

– Frag grenade
– Sticky grenade

High aim – kill 250 opponents with headshots

Other murders

Blind shooting – kill 5 enemies with indirect fire

Need to kill 5 opponents, without looking out of cover. Just press the left mouse button, while in cover.

Lone wolf – kill 3 enemies with one grenade

Achievement is not difficult, since the density of enemies in the game is large, and grenades are not so rare.

Melee Master – kill 4 enemy with a shotgun for 10 or less seconds

Easy to do in the beginning 6 chapters. You will be in cover with a pistol. We pass a little, we select a shotgun and kill four enemies.

Commander – kill 50 opponents, using only order ”Attack”.

Holding down the mouse wheel, hover the mouse over the desired enemy and wait, until his partner kills him. Just give orders to your teammates more often..

Human factor – kill the enemy, sticking a sticky grenade to it.

For the first time, Velcro can be found in 6 chapter. Just looking for a stationary enemy and throwing a grenade.

Two steps away – kill a melee specialist at a distance of less than 5 meters.

Melee specialists run around with knives. Usually partners report their approach.. If you hear the notification and see the enemy rushing towards you, wait, until he gets close enough and shoot. It will be quite effective to use a shotgun.

Preventive measures – kill the enemy at that moment, when he throws a grenade

Watch out for the enemy, who prepares a grenade. In this case, he waves his hand up before, how to throw it. In general, the achievement is earned purely by chance.. Lucky in time.

Brute force – hit 10 opponents in melee.

You need to approach the enemy at a close distance and knock to the ground by pressing Shift, then press Shift again, to complete the finishing move. We repeat again 9 time.

Use the setting – stun or kill an enemy with a sand trap.
10 chapter. There will be a moment, when you need to fight in an abandoned car park. There are hatches on the ceilings, from which sand is poured. We throw a grenade there, where is the enemy nearby with this hatch.

It is for you – kill the enemy, jumping over cover.

If you can't complete the achievement, going through the campaign, then in 11 the moment will be right for the chapter. You will need to save Lugo, and behind cover the enemy will stand motionless with his back. Jump over the cover and get the achievement.

Air defense – kill 10 opponents, as long as they use rope or wire.

the end 5 chapters. After that, how we fall through the glass floor, disguised by sand. In a few meters there will be several enemies, going down the ropes. We shoot how much we managed, load the checkpoint and repeat again.

Adaptation for survival – blow up 10 items, killing at least one enemy with each explosion.

Various explosives will be constantly encountered in the game : containers, fire extinguishers. It is precisely 10 exploded objects, not enemies. That is, if you kill 4 enemies in one blast, only one will be counted. Killing an enemy or multiple enemies with explosives, load the checkpoint and do it again.

Deer hunter – kill the antelope.

there is 2 places, where to complete the achievement :
The first – Chapter 1. Before going down the zipline, look down, then right. You will see a flock of antelopes. Shoot one of them.
Second – Chapter 11. Save the bullet, not fulfilling a friend's request. After that, how do you go some distance, see the antelope. Shoot right away, as you will see, she's rather shy 🙂

Other achievements

Good preparation – 10 jump for cover on the run, under fire.

Under fire, run for cover in front of the shooters. Walker will jump for cover himself, when there is very little left before him.

And you are weak? – complete any chapter with at least accuracy 60%, never dying or loading the game from the checkpoint.

Choosing the first chapter, difficulty level “stroll”, take a pistol and carefully shoot enemies. Don't forget to tell your teammates to shoot targets.

Without “two hundredth” – complete three chapters in a row, never dying or loading the game from the checkpoint.

You need to pass in one sitting. Leaving the game is also considered a checkpoint restart. Choosing the first chapter, difficulty level “stroll”. Complete the first 3 chapters won't be difficult, the main thing is not to use especially easy difficulty, enemies can take the number.

Vigilant – get the first piece of intelligence.

Scout – get 12 fragments of intelligence.

Archivist – get all the pieces of intelligence.

Unfortunately, I have not compiled the intelligence-gathering manual yet. You can look at other user's guides or google it a bit..

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